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How to Change United Airlines Flight Same Day | 24 Hours

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After booking a United Airlines flight a week ago, I needed to change my flight date. However, I did not know how to change my united flight. To solve this problem, I searched online and contacted United’s customer service team, and after doing some research, I was able to change my United flight within a few minutes.

Throughout this post, I’ve compiled information to help you change your united airlines flight. You’ll also learn about the fees and policies of united airlines.

How Can I Change My United Flight?

There are two ways to change your united airlines’ booking. The first way is to visit and from their, you can change your united flight or date. You can also change your united booking using the united mobile app. The second way is to contact united airlines through their customer service number. You can contact united to change your flight or date. Below we’ve explained how you can change your united flight using these two channels.

How to Change United Flight Online?

You can easily change your united airlines booking using the mobile app or by visiting Follow the steps below to change your united flight from the united official site.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “”.
  3. Now enter your confirmation number.
  4. Click on search button.
  5. Now click on “change flight” button below your booking. 
  6. Click on edit button.
  7. Now you can change Date of Travel or Destination.

So this is how we can easily change the travel date or destination of our united airlines reservation.

What is Phone Number to Change United Flight?

When traveling on United Airlines, you can change the date or destination of your flight by contacting the United team. Just call their customer service number and then ask them to make changes to your United booking. When you contact United, make sure to give them clear details of all your travel plans.

How to Change United Flight Within 24 Hours of Booking

United airlines have a flexible booking policy that allows users to change or cancel their flights 24 hours after booking for any reason. You must book your flight at least one week after you place your reservation if you wish to use this policy. offers you the ability to make changes to your tickets within 24 hours of booking your flight. You can get information about your itinerary and make any necessary changes by logging in to your account. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact United.

How to Change United Flight Booked With Miles?

Occasionally, users book flights using United Airlines miles or e-travel certificates. Don’t worry you can still change your flight if you’ve booked with miles. Follow the same steps as above.

You can also contact the united customer service for changing united flight bought with miles. There is no change fee for domestic and international flight originating from usa. 

United Airlines Same Day Flight Change

It is important to know about the united change flight policy if you are planning to change. For same day flight change you must follow the steps below.

  1. You can change your united booking from from the app or by using kiosk at airport. You can also call the united local customer service or talk with live rep at airport for changing your united flight.
  2. In case you are planning other flight on then go to my trip option select change flight then select your new flight. 
  3. The following requirement must met for same day flight change
  • The flight must have same origin and destination.
  • The flight departs within 24 hours of your original departure time.
  • Make sure that the flight is operated by united express or united and ticket number begins with 016.
  1. With United Premier, you have extra flexibility for same-day flight changes. Within 24 hours of your original flight date, you can confirm a seat on another flight with no charge. If your original class isn’t available on the other flight, you’ll have to pay the difference in fare.
  2. Other costumer or mileageplus customers can select a seat on other flight within 24 hour of original flight departure. You need to pay a fee for making same day flight change.
  3. Basic economy flyer cannot confirm seat on other plane, they will have to wait in the stand by for next flight.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy

United airlines doesn’t charge change fees for most fare types within USA, until you are travelling with united basic economy ticket. Below we’ve shared the change policy of united airlines.

  • There is no change fee on economy, first, business, economy plus and united premium classes.
  • There are no charge for international flight originating from United states. 
  • This policy is only applicable on traveling within united states (including U.S virgin islands and peurto rico) or when traveling between US and Caribbean and Mexico.
Change Policy for Basic Economy
  • Basic economy tickets are not changeable and refundable.
  • If the ticket is issued after 31 july 2021, then you can change it without any fee.

How can I change my united flight?

Go to and click on my trip. Now select your flight and click on change from here you can change your united flight. You can also change your united booking by contacting united customer service.

Can I change my united basic economy ticket?

No, you can’t change your united basic economy ticket. This facility is only available on premium united tickets.

Can I change my united flight booked through third party?

Yes, you can change your flight if you’ve booked though third party. But you need to pay a change fee for making changes to your booking.

Can I make same-day flight change?

Yes, you can change your united flight with another flight flying within 24 hours of your departure. In some case you need to pay a change fee for same-day flight change.

How can I change my flight without paying a fee?

United airlines provide 24 hours flexible booking. Under this policy you can change your united flight within 24 hours of booking without any fee.

What number do I call to change my United flight?

You can contact united airlines customer service to change your united airlines booking. The united airlines flight change phone number is – 800-864-8331. 

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