How to Contact Saudia Airlines

How to Contact Saudia Airlines: Phone, E-mail & Others

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Traveling on flights has become so convenient nowadays that the passenger usually decides to plan their trip via plane. When the number of travelers is continuously increasing, the complaints and demand also increase. People want to book their flights, change flights, and modify their seats and meals just from their homes. Not only this, they demand to connect with the executive to find the answer to their queries. When Saudia Airlines serves a large number of flyers, it tries its best to solve almost all the queries of its passengers. That is why they provide different ways to connect with Saudia  Airlines’ customer services.  If you are thinking about how to contact Saudia Airlines, here we have discussed ways to contact saudia Airlines. Flyers can choose as per their comfort.    

Ways to Contact the Saudia Airlines Representative

If you are flying on Saudia Airlines and want to make any modifications or need any help, you can connect with Saudia Airlines using different methods. Here are multiple ways to contact the airline, talk to an agent, and find the solution instantly. Here are the ways you can contact the Saudia Airlines service center. 

Contact Saudia  Airlines Via Phone Number  

Travelers want a quick solution because it’s 2024. Saudia    Airlines understands the demand for their flyers. Calling is the most convenient way to connect with the airlines as you do not need to go anywhere. Along with that, you can dial a number any time from any where and get a quick response. If you are stuck with the question about how to contact Saudia  Airlines customer service in the USA  along in other countries, take a look at the list given below. Find your country and dial the phone number to solve your query. 

Country Phone number 
Saudi Arabia920022222
United Arab Emirates042485777
UK+44 (0) 1217900430+44 (0) 1613940567+44 (0) 2079931238
France33187651866 / 33187651055

How do I get the phone numbers? 

If you are worried about where and how you will get the customer care phone numbers on the Saudia Airlines website, here is the step-by-step guide.

  • Visit the Saudia Airlines’ official website.
  • Scroll down and check out at the end of the page.
  • There, in the help section, you need to click on the “Contact Us” option.
  • You will reach the page where you will get all the phone numbers.
  • Select as per your need, such as Sales, AIfursan, and Cargo.  
  • Once you select, all the phone numbers will display on the screen. 
  • You can also check the worldwide phone number.

Following this guidance, you can get access to all the Saudia airline’s customer care numbers. Pick one as per your country and talk to the agent about your query. 

Write an Email to Saudia Airlines 

If you are not satisfied with these methods or did not find the answer to your queries, here is another way you can use to find the solution. You can write your issue and send it as an email to [email protected]. This is the Saudia Airlines email address by which you can connect with the airline’s representative and share your problem. They will reply back with the answers to your questions as soon as possible. Along with that, if you are facing any problem with the kiosk self-service, you can write an email to Saudia Airlines.   

Use Social Media to Contact 

A large audience is on social media, and if you are also active on social media platforms, you can connect with Saudia Airlines. Yes, Saudia Airlines is available on different social media platforms, including WhatsApp. Dial +966 920022222 to connect with the airlines on WhatsApp. Besides this, you can connect and talk to the agent using these platforms. 

Connect the Customer Service through the Kiosk Service 

The kiosk is Saudia Airlines’s self-service tool. You can do most of the modifications in your reservation just by yourself using the kiosk. You do not need to call the airline for simple actions. You can self-check-in, book your ticket, as well as check the live update of your ticket and others just from your phone using this self-service tool, which is available 24/7.

Is There Any Other Way to Connect with the Saudia Airline?

The official page also gives a physical office address under the worldwide offices section. Once you click on “worldwide offices,” you will get access to the office addresses for both domestic and international locations. Just select one option and click on your country name. The physical address will show on the screen, from where you can connect with the Saudia airline’s customer service.

Additionally, in case of any complaints or feedback, you will need to fill out a form. The airline will look into the matter and find you a solution as soon as possible. If you still do not want to contact directly to the airlines directly but have some basic questions, you can read Saudia Airlines’ frequently asked questions, where airlines have already provided some mostly asked questions to sort the issue easily. You will find the FAQ section at the bottom of the airline’s official website. So, if you are still thinking about how to contact Saudia Airlines, pick any one of the given before and grab the instant solution.   

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  

How to contact the Saudia airlines customer services center?

You can contact saudia airlines using different methods. You can call the airlines, connect on the social media platforms or write an email to the airlin’s executive.

Can I connect with Saudia airlines via email?

Yes, if you are willing to connect with the saudia airlines via email, then you can. Write your issue and send it on Saudia Airlines E-mail address [email protected].

How do I find the phone number on the Saudia Airlines website?

Simply go to the Saudia airlines official website, and scroll down. On the right side, at the bottom of the page, you will see a “Help” option. Click on “Contact us,” and you will reach the page of phone numbers of the countries. 

Is Saudia Airlines available on social media platforms?

Yes, Saudia Airlines is available on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, youtube. If you want to ask any questions, you can message to the airlines official social media platform.      

What is the Whatsup number of Saudia Airlines’ customer care?

If you are unable to find the answers of your questions, you can simply WhatsApp to the airlines. The Saudia Airlines WhatsApp number is +966 920022222

Can I contact Saudia Airlines 24/7?

You are tackling with uncertain situation or stuck with a query related to your journey, you can call the airlines phone number 24/7. You can also whats app on +966 920022222

What is the Saudia Airlines customer care number for the USA?

Saudia Airlines’ customer care number for the USA is 1-800-472-8342. If you want to contact the Saudia Airlines customer care service center, dial a toll-free number.   

What is the UK number at which to contact Saudia Airlines?

Saudia Airlines’ UK phone number is +44 (0) 1217900430. If you are facing any issues with your Saudia reservation, call the airline to find a quick solution.

How can I complain to Saudia Airlines?

There are multiple ways to report a complaint on Saudia airlines, such as you can call the Saudia Airlines phone number and tell the agent about your concern. Along with that, you can also fill out a complaint form given on the official website in the help section.  

What is the deadline for filing a complaint on Saudia Airlines?

If you are tackling with any issue or stuck with any query, you can file a complaint to saudia airlines within 3 business days. This will help you to find quick solution.

Does Saudia Airlines have a live chat option?

You can chat with the Saudia Airlines representative via the WhatsApp chat option. Add the Saudia Whatsup number +966 920022222 to your contacts and then send a message. The airline will message you back as soon as possible.

How many days does Saudia Airlines take to respond to the complaint?

When you file a complaint and fill out the Saudia Airlines complaint form on the website, you will get a response within 60 business days of receiving the written complaint. 

What is Saudia Airlines’ postal address?

Saudia Airlines has its postal address, which is another way to connect with its agents. You can write your issue and post it on Saudia, PO Box 24724, Jeddah 21446, 

Does Saudia Airlines have a fax number?

Saudia airlines also provide the fax number which is +966148479480. You can contact with the saudia airlines using any of the way as per your choice. 

What is the Saudia Airlines customer care number for Canada?

If you live in Canada and want to contact Suadi Airlines customer care for help, you can dial 1-855-588-0999 and ask for assistance.


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