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The Top 10 Best Cape Cod Towns to Visit This Summer

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Cape Cod is one of Massachusetts’ most famous scenic spots in the southeastern provinces and juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Boasting a rich sea identity and history, many visit its attractive towns and pristine beaches, especially during summer. In addition to the extraordinary nature and landscape, the peninsula is known for its antique shops and art galleries scattered throughout its villages & towns. Here, read the list of the top 10 best Cape Cod Towns to visit this summer and add to your itinerary to have an unforgettable trip. 

Eastham one of the top 10 best Cape Cod towns

Home to stunning hikes and historical attractions, Eastham is the gateway to the breathtaking landscape of the Cape Cod National Coastline. Just below the wilderness of the incredible outer Cape with beautiful bays and Atlantic beaches on either side. 

Relaxing, swimming, and surfing is a popular time pass, but there are some beautiful things to do, like walks and cycling around the swamps and coasts. In addition, Fort Hill offers panoramic views of Eastham Harbor and its beautiful surroundings. 

Moreover, beyond soaking in nature, there are several historic lighthouses for visitors to visit, fun old windmills, and several museums dedicated to the history of Eastham. 


Located on the shores of Cape Cod Bay, Brewster is the perfect scenic spot for a  quiet vacation. Near Nickerson State Park, there is plenty of sacred natural beauty to explore, including hiking trails, bike trails, and campgrounds. The town is dotted with quaint fishers’ huts and is home to many great restaurants, antique shops, and art galleries. 

Also, in the Cape Cod, Natural History Museum is an outstanding attraction. After visiting Brewster’s extensive art collection, visitors can head to one of the nearby beaches. Many people visit State Park, but many are based in this town, biking along the fascinating Cape Cod Trail or hiking the Sweetwater Forest. 


Located at the tip of Cape Cod, the small, remote resort town of Provincetown is home to many beautiful beaches and coastlines. Its scenic nature has long attracted artists to its shores. But its welcoming and forgiving attitude has made it the most popular LGBT travel destination in the northeast for decades. Not only will the visitors enjoy the stunning beauty, but they will also be able to browse the rich art galleries and eclectic shops of Provincetown. And they can watch the show at one of the state-of-the-art theaters. In addition, there are some great festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Finally, the city’s vibrant nightlife is not to be missed due to its fun and festive nature. 

 Additionally, Provincetown has many beautiful beaches, dunes, and boat and whale-watching tours. The nearby area of Cape Cod National Seashore is also popular. 

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Woods Hole 

 Woods Hole lies in the southwest corner of Cape Cod,  just steps away from the famous Martha’s Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands. It is defined and dominated by the surrounding wild waters. This village is the residence of several beautiful beaches and crucial marine research institutes. 

 Once the center of shipping, fishing, and whaling, Woods Hole has many research and scientific facilities. The most reputable of these is arguably the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, with some beautiful exhibits & installations. 

 Moreover, except for the various shops & art galleries, most tourists come to Woods Hole to take a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard or relax on the beautiful beaches among the best of top 10 best Cape Cod towns


 Known for the bridge of the same name that carries people, cars, and bicycles across the Cape Cod Canal, Bourne has countless outdoor adventures. Adjacent to the canal is a 7-mile trail, where runners, pedestrians, cyclists, and meanders enjoy off-road time to observe the canal and everything in it. Rent a bike nearby or go for a walk. Whether a boat or a fish, the waterways that separate the Cape from the mainland are full of attractions. If you are fascinated by aquatic animals, visit the National Marine Biological Center, which has an education center and a veterinary clinic. 

Walkers can enjoy exploring the trails at one of several facilities managed by the Bourne Conservation Trust.  In addition, Bourne Sisters Woodland, Little Bay & Monks Park, and Red Brook Pond Reserve have some stunning hiking trails. 


Yarmouth, a town in the middle of the Cape, is the perfect place to spend an active vacation. It is quite easily one of the top 10 best Cape Cod towns to visit. The latest section of the Cape Cod Rail Trail is located in Yarmouth, connecting the town to other Cape communities and eastern amenities. This flat trail is ideal for cycling, hiking, jogging, and exploring. 

 The best place among top 10 best Cape Cod towns to enjoy the sunset is at the end of the 900-foot promenade on Glaze Beach in Yarmouth Port. It takes a long hike to get there, but the sensational views of Cape Cod Bay are worth it. Next, head to the Club Creek Reserve or along the Bass River for a glimpse of abundant crab fishing and coastal life. Finally, if you want to ride the water yourself, rent a kayak or paddle board. Try a bass river kayak, paddle board across the West Denis river, and paddle down the bass river.


Harwich is a friendly community full of festivals that show the importance of landscapes to local culture and society. The Harwich Cranberry Arts and Music Festival celebrates local music, crafts, and local flavors on weekends. And is held annually in September. The 

Harwich also has a Cape Cod Lavender Farm, which sells all types of lavender products. Entertain your senses by visiting a farm where you can enjoy 11 acres of idyllic land. 

For another treat, visit First Crush Winery. Here you can enjoy one of several tastings or serve it in a glass. The tasting room displays intriguing old and new winemaking tools. Located in Upper Cape near the Cape Cod Canal, this town illuminates the intersection of Native American culture and nature. But the list of top 10 best Cape Cod towns doesn’t end here

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Visit the Mashpee Wampanoag India Museum to learn about the traditions, history, and contemporary culture of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe. In addition, you can attend the Mashpee Pow Wow in August, a dance, crafts, food, and culture festival. Finally, admirers of art should not miss the Kahoon American Museum of  Art, which exhibits both historical and contemporary works and highlights the heritage of New England. 

 If you want to go outdoors, visit the Wakoit Bay National Estuary Reserve. This protected area of the Nantucket Sound is home to aquatic life and its habitat. Visitors can participate in community programs to enjoy outdoor amenities that suit various interests. It includes swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and bird watching and is one of the best locations in the top 10 best Cape Cod towns.


Truro is perfect for a simple and romantic vacation. Its countryside charm contrasts with some of Cape Cod’s busy, more developed cities, but the community still has healthy coastal magic.  No top 10 best Cape Cod towns list is complete without the inclusion of Truro.

 Visit Truro Vineyards to spend an elegant afternoon at this outer cape destination. A 19th-century farmer’s tasting room and gentle lawn will keep you alive and enjoy the day. Then, book a boat tour on the Pamet Tour and enjoy picturesque views of  Pamet Harbor and Cape Cod Bay. And what is more romantic than watching the sunset over the water?  

Dinner is a historic place with Blackfish (the building was once a blacksmith!), an excellent restaurant serving fine regional cuisine in a rustic atmosphere, and pub-style and seafood menu options. Also, try Whitman House Restaurant and Bass Tavern. 


Famous for its superb oysters, the Wellfleet is adjacent to the heart of the Cape Peninsula on the Cape Cod National Seashore. Its atmospheric city center, vast art galleries, & excellent surfing beaches make it a trendy town. 

 You can enjoy a walk in the charming center, which looks unchanged and untouched since the 1950s. In addition, numerous art galleries and restaurants are next to a lovely old drive-in cinema. At its stunning work harbor, tourists can take pictures of the fishing boats entering and exiting in the bay’s spectacular backdrop. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere, tourists can taste the delicious seafood, explore national coastal attractions, swim and surf on numerous beaches, and more. Also, you can sunbathe. 

So, these are the top 10 Best Cape Cod Towns to Visit This Summer that anyone wouldn’t have missed at any cost when visiting Cape Cod. 

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