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What is Frontier Airlines Go Wild All-You-Can-FlyPass?

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Want to have an unlimited number of air travel options? Know that it is all possible now, you can get confirmed bookings for domestic travel just a day before departure with  Frontier Airlines and also,  for international travel, you will get confirmed bookings 10 days before departure.

In this blog, we will tell you about how this all can happen? Frontier Airlines has introduced Frontier Go Wild Pass which has made it all possible. We are going to cover the benefits and disadvantages, and also whether it is worth it to avail of this Frontier Go Wild All-You-Can-Flypass or not.  

So when you are an eligible customer, board as many flights as you love to with Frontier GoWild All-You-Can-Flypass, and know all the complications that come with it. 

Highlights of Frontier Go Wild Pass

  • Flights for domestic travel can now be booked and confirmed a day before flight departure with Frontier Go Wild Pass. For international travel, flights can be booked and confirmed 10 days before flight departure. 
  • Flights must be booked from
  • At the time of booking, taxes, fees, and charges will apply. 
  • Make sure that flights will not consist of any add-on products like bags or seats. But you can always customize your travel. 
  • A payment of $0.01 will be charged for every segment that gets booked. 
  • Your Frontier miles expiration date will get extended if you travel, as it qualifies as an activity. 
  • Only when you are 18 year old and a United states resident as well, then you can purchase the GoWild!
  • This pass is non-transferable. 
  • The annual pass will renew itself automatically for another year until and unless you cancel 
  • The seasonal pass will renew itself automatically for seasonal pass period terms until and unless you cancel

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frontier Go Wild Pass

Before proceeding towards the advantages and disadvantages of Frontier go Wild pass it is very crucial to know why it is important to know them.

It does look like a great option when you have to travel a lot or you have business purposes for which you have to travel, event purposes, or can be anything.  However, there are many limitations as well which should be considered. 


Here are some of the advantages of Frontier GoWild All-You-Can-Flypass

Unlimited number of flights

You can enjoy an unlimited number of flights with reduced travel costs, and remember the more flights you will book from this pass, the more value you will get from it. 

Less Fare charged 

A fare of $0.01 will be charged for every segment booked. 


The limitations to availing of the Frontier GoWild All-You-Can-Flypass include:

You can hardly book your flights in advance. For domestic travel, book your flights and confirm them a day before flight departure. For international travel, flights book your flight and confirm them 10 days before flight departure. It is not possible to plan a vacation in a short period of time; you will have to think about the itinerary, budget, and everything that comes along with it. 

What is Frontier Go Wild Pass Fee?

The Frontier Go Wild Pass Fee may vary based on whether you’re paying for a summer pass, annual pass, or monthly pass

Types of passLimited time offer Automatically renews
Summer pass $399/yr May 1, 2024 – Sept 30, 2024$499/yr May 1, 2024 – Sept 30, 2024
Annual Pass$599/yr May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025$599/yr May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025 
Monthly PassFirst month $50 + $99 enrollment fee, Valid for 30 days after purchase$149 monthly  Valid for 30 days after purchase

How does a Frontier Go Wild pass work? 

Your pass will be valid only for the period mentioned for the specific type of Frontier go wild pass. Apart from $0.01, you will have to pay applicable taxes, charges, and fees at the booking time. 

You should know that Frontier is a low-cost airline; hence, you have to pay for seat selection, bags, and other ancillary products for each flight. 

Is Frontier Go Wild Pass worth it or not?

Well, it’s not, Frontier’s airfare costs already is less costly. Also, you cannot make such urgent arrangements to go on a trip it requires planning and a lot of time. Last-minute bookings are not easy and require time and effort. 

People who have availed themselves of Frontier Elite status may be able to make the most of Frontier Go Wild Pass, as they will get benefits carry-on bags, free seat selection, and much more. 

Frequently asked question (FAQ’s)

How to book a flight with Frontier go wild pass?

You must Log in using the Frontier Miles account number and with a Frontier Go Wild pass. Pass will be available at, not on the Frontier mobile app.

What is the time frame for booking flights through the Frontier Go Wild pass?

For domestic travel, flights should be booked and confirmed a day before departure of the flight, and for international flights, flights should be booked and confirmed 10 days before departure. 

Do other charges apply at the time of booking with the Frontier All-You-Can-Flypass?

Yes, taxes, fees, and charges will apply at the time of booking with Frontier All-You-Can-Flypass. 

Does the flight consist of any add-on products with the pass? 

No flights will not consist of any add-on products with the Frontier Go Wild pass. 

How much is the fare for every segment that will get booked? 

$0.01 is the fare for every segment that will get booked. 

How does your Frontier miles expiration date get extended?

When you travel, it will be regarded as an activity, so your frontier expiration date will get extended. 

What is the age limit when you can purchase the Frontier Pass?

18 years old and above is the age limit when you can purchase the Frontier Go Wild Pass.

Is the Frontier Go Wild pass transferable?

No, the Frontier go wild pass is non-transferable

Does the annual pass renew itself automatically for one more year? 

Yes, the annual pass renews itself automatically for one more year until you cancel. 

Does the seasonal pass renew itself for the seasonal pass period automatically? 

Yes, the seasonal pass renews itself for the seasonal pass period automatically until and unless you cancel.  

What are the advantages of Frontier Pass?

With Frontier Go Wild Pass, you can take advantage of the unlimited number of flights and reduced travel costs.

What are the disadvantages of Frontier Pass?

You can hardly book in advance. This is one of the biggest disadvantages for travelers, as they won’t have enough time off to plan a vacation. 

 If you are traveling domestically, confirm your flights a day before departure, and if you are traveling internationally, confirm your flights 10 days before departure. When planning a vacation, you need to consider the itinerary, budget and everything else that goes along with it. You cannot plan it in a short period of time.

Can various travelers book reservations together?

Yes, various travelers book reservation together, but make sure all travelers have a a valid GoWild! Pass during the time of booking and will be verified during the process of booking. 

Can we book international flights using the Frontier Go Wild Pass?

Yes, we can book international flights using the Go Wild Pass. 

At the special introductory pricing, how many Go Wild passes can be available? 

Only a finite number of passes will be offered for purchase. That too, it is on a first come, first served basis.


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