How to Contact Air India

How to Contact Air India Customer Service: Phone, Chat, & Email 

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Are you going to fly with Air India but stuck in any critical situation? Do you need a quick solution? Then don’t worry. Air India serves many passengers so the team tries to provide an instant solution and solve the query as soon as possible. It is so common to raise different questions in the mind. Flyers always expect quick and trustworthy answers. For this purpose, Air India offers multiple options to contact. If you are thinking about how to contact Air India customer services then check out the complete information here from multiple options to contact to process.

Different Ways to Connect with Air India 

As the number of flyers is increasing daily, airlines are also becoming more dedicated to their flyers. Air India tries to connect with their flyers in every possible way whether it is via phone number, chat, or email. You can also connect with the airline through social media. Take a look at the multiple methods of contacting Air India for your concerns or any type of queries and get quick solutions.      

Contact Air India Customer Service via Phone

If you have any query or question in your mind or need any help while traveling on Air India, you can directly call the Air India Hotline Number. Calling is the best method to connect with the airline to grab quick answers. Because there you talk to the agent directly which is more comfortable than any other method. If you are thinking of how to contact Air India via phone number, check out the list of numbers and pick one according to your place.          

If you are from India and looking for how to contact through a phone number, dial these numbers and find the answers any time 24/7.

  • 0 1169 329 333
  • 0 1169 329 999
  • 1 8602 331 407

Check out the Air India international customer care number here. Be aware that while dialing these numbers, the international call rates will apply. 

  • +91 116 932 9333
  • +91 1169 329 999

If you are traveling from another country and looking for how to contact Air India from different countries, then you must know that Air India offers different numbers for different countries to provide quick answers. 

How do I Get the Correct Contact Number?

While traveling on Air India, if you are struggling with any query and need any help, choose to directly call the customer care center to save time and effort. If you want to connect with the airline but do not know how to contact Air India customer care and where you will get the number according to your place, check out the following steps to grab the phone numbers.

  1. Go to the Air India official website.
  2. Look at the right-side second option at the top of the corner.
  3. Click on the “Support” button. 
  4. In that section, you will find the option to “Contact Us.”
  5. By clicking on that, you will get access to all the contact methods Air India provides. 
  6. For numbers, scroll down.
  7. You will find all the contact numbers.
    • Indian customer care. 
    • International customer care number.
    • Global contact center.
  8. Pick one according to you.
  9. You can dial these numbers anytime 24/7.

On the same page, you will get the WhatsApp number as well as all the chatbots. There is also the address of the Air India offices worldwide based on reign. This is another option to connect with them.        

Country Phone Number 
USA +1 888 634 1407 
Canada +1 888 634 1407 
UK+44 203 757 2760
France +3 318 740 6644
Germany +49 692 551 1337
Singapore +653 157 3780
Australia +6 137 019 8270 
The Phone Numbers of the Air India Global Contact Center 

Find the Solution through Live Chat

Although calling is the most comfortable method to connect with the airlines, Air India offers some other convenient options to contact them. You can connect with the airline via different chat options. Yes, on Air India, you can talk to the representative or AI agent using different chat options such as through WhatsApp or chatbot. The Air India WhatsApp number is  9667034444. Message them on this number and tell them your concerns, the Air India live person will resolve your query and find you a solution. 

Besides this, you can talk to the AI virtual agent, which is Ask AI.g and share your query with them. They will also find you a quick solution. The best thing about Air India live chat is that you can talk to the representative in a different language according to your choice.              

Message Customer Care Services 

Another option is contacting Air India Customer Care via messaging. if there are any questions or concerns, you can ask them at the customer care center just by sending a message. Write your question and send that. The team will get in touch with you with the answers within 24 hours. Make sure you have time to wait for the solution.  

Social Media to Stay in Touch  

Not only through the contact number or chat, Air India is also active on the different social media platforms. You can connect with Air India through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as LinkedIn. Air India is available on all these social media platforms. You can ask your queries, check out the review of other flyers, and share your experiences there. This helps other flyers also to get the real information. Click on the links and reach out to the platform directly.             

Does Air India have an Email Option?

If you are looking for how to contact Air India through an email address, let me inform you that Air India does not provide any email address. So if you want to connect with the airline then there are many other different ways to connect except email. 

Can I Connect through the App?

Yes, Air India also serves their flyers through the Air India App. download the app and connect with them just on your phone. You can utilize the app for multiple purposes such as you can make a booking and also can also manage them, checking the flight status, check in online at the airport at least 48 hours before the flight departs. Besides this, you can track your bags and can also explore India. So, this is another solution to how to contact Air India.     

People Also Ask

What is the WhatsApp number for Air India?

If you want to contact Air India to get the solution or sort your query, here is the option of whatsapp. Connect on the Air India WhatsApp number +91 9667 034 444 and talk to the agent.

How to contact Air India from the USA?

If you are stuck in any problem or have any query and looking for the Air India global contact number of the USA, the Air India Customer care number for the USA is +1 888 634 1407. Dial this number and talk to the agent to find the solution.

How can I raise my complaint with Air India?

To raise any complaint at Air India, you can go to the Air India Customer Care Portal. When you will reach the portal you will receive a unique case ID number. Submit your email address there so that the agent can inform you of the solution. They will contact you within 24 hours.

How do I contact Air India for flying returns?

There are multiple options to get in touch with Air India. If you are looking for how to contact Air India for flying returns, then calling the number 1 860 233 1407 is the best option.

What is the AI chatbot of Air India?

Air India offers their flyers to connect with them at their convenience. They provide the AI Chatbot whose name is “Maharaja.” You can share your query with the chatbot for around 4 languages.

What is the call Centre number of Air India UK?

Struggling with the question of how to contact Air India from the UK via phone call, do not worry. Just dial +44 203 757 2760 and share your problem with the customer care agent. They will guide you for your concerns. 

Does Air India have an APP?

To solve the query of the flyers and find them a quick solution, Air India has an App. through the app, you can check out the maximum details and most of the questions find the answer there. Still you want any help, you can connect with the Air India representative through the App.

How to contact the Air India customer care number?

If you want to connect with Air India, check out the India customer care number. There are 3 numbers you can call on anytime 24/7.

  • 0 1169 329 333
  • 0 1169 329 999
  • 1 8602 331 407

What is the international customer care number for Air India?

Air India also provides an international customer care number. Pick up the phone and dial +91 116 932 9333 to share any problems and inquiries. They will find you every possible solution.  

Can I call the Air India customer service anytime?

If there is a question in your mind about how to contact Air India or if is there any particular time to connect with them, let me tell you can contact the representative 24/7. The team will pick up the phone or will come back to you in case of not pick up the phone. 

Does Air India offer email addresses?

No, Air India does not have an email address to contact with them. You can call Air India customer service, chat with the live person or the AI agent, and find the solution.  

How do I contact Air India in Australia?

Air India offers different hotline numbers for different countries. If you need any help and want to call Air India customer service from Australia, just dial +6 137 019 8270. This number is available 24/7.

What is the phone number for Air India Toronto?

The Air India customer care number for Toronto is 1888 634 1407. You can dial this number and talk to the Air India representative. Tell them your issue and they will get you complete guidance and will try their best to solve them quickly.

How can I talk to Air India Express customer care?

You can get in touch with Air India Express customer care via chat channel messenger or through the WhatsApp number. You can also connect through the social media platform. 

Can I reschedule my Air India flight?

You can modify your flight schedule flight time, flight date, as well as flight destination via Air India Call Center, through the travel agent, or online through the ‘Manage Booking’ section.


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