Air Canada Seat Selection

Air Canada Seat Selection: Policy, Process, and Fees

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Let’s start with getting to know about Air Canada seat selection policy. Air Canada provides you with the option of seat selection while booking a flight. You are also provided with the option of a seat upgrade, in which you can pay an extra fee and get your seat upgraded as per your comfort.

  • Passengers get the facility to choose their Preferred seats before or after booking the flight tickets on Air Canada. Also, selecting the desired seats for free during check-in is possible, if there is the availability of the seats.
  • Air Canada charges for seat selection depending on the fare type, arrival destination, and other factors.
  • Travelers can select their seat up to 2 hours before departure through the Manage Booking option.
  • However, passengers cannot select seats on codeshare flights.
  • Flyers can request an advance seat selection refund if the airline changes the seat.

So, without delay let’s check out the types of seats, the process of Air Canada seat selection, and the fees charged.

How to Make Air Canada Seat Selection in Advance? – Quick Ways

Air Canada seat selection can be easily made in advance by going to the official website- or contacting a live representative of Air Canada. In this guide, we have provided all the possible ways to choose a seat on an Air Canada flight.

Via Visiting the Official website of Air Canada

Selecting a Seat During the Booking Process

  • Firstly, select the flight option after visiting the airline’s official website.
  • Next, enter the required details such as flight dates, the number of passengers, departure, etc.
  • The passengers will be notified of available flights if any. Here, they can book your desired flight.
  • Next, select the Air Canada Seat Selection option and reserve a seat.
  • Make the payment and wait for the confirmation mail from the airline.

Select a seat after flight booking

  • First of all, get through the Air Canada official website.
  • Afterward, choose the Manage My flight option and look for the seat selection option.
  • Next, select your preferred Seat and pay the fee for it.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation mail from the airline regarding Air Canada Seat Selection.

Dialing the Air Canada Phone Number

If the passengers need any help from an executive to select the desired Seat, they can dial the Air Canada contact number at any time.

Travelers can dial +1 800 667 4732 and speak to the staff. The executive will provide the details of available seats and passengers can choose the seat at their convenience.

How Much is the Air Canada Advance Seat Selection Fee?

The passengers can select and experience aisle or window seats when flying with Air Canada Airlines. However, an extra charge will be taken for making advance seat selections on Air Canada. Listed below is the complete fee structure for selecting a seat in advance on Air Canada.

Type of FareSeat Selection Fee
Basic FareWithin Canada, US to/from Canada – $14 to $ 60 Caribbean and Mexico – $30 to $ 60 International routes – $30 to $ 90
Standard FareWithin Canada, US to/from Canada – $14 to $ 60 International routes – $30 to $ 90 Complimentary on all other routes
Business Class/Premium Economy/Latitude/Comfort/FlexComplimentary

For any further assistance on the Air Canada Seat Selection fee, you can call one of the travel agents at the airline 24/7 or visit their official website at any time.

Types of Seats Available on Air Canada

Air Canada allows its passengers to select their seats by paying a specific fee. The fee will be different for different types of seats available on Air Canada.

Listed below are the types of seats offered by Air Canada Airlines.

Air Canada Economy Seats

If the passengers want to save money while making a seat selection on Air Canada, then they can book an economy seat as it is the best option for them. The passengers can avail lots of benefits by choosing economy seats within their budget.

Air Canada Premium Economy Seats

Premium economy seats are present just near the business cabin class. The passengers can select the premium economy class if they want to experience advanced features. It could be complementary to buy. The passengers are allowed to carry two checked bags after making an Air Canada seat selection in the premium economy.

Business Class or Signature Class Seats

If the passengers want to fly in first class and can pay a higher fee, the passengers can choose seats in business class. Business class is one of the most expensive Seats on Air Canada flights. The passengers can truly experience a deluxe air trip after selecting a seat in business class.

If the passengers face any issue while selecting a seat, they can freely connect with a travel agent at Air Canada Airlines or head over to the official website.

Air Canada Preferred Seats

  • If the passengers wish to experience extra legroom space when flying on Air Canada, they can go for the preferred seats.
  • The passengers can book these seats before or after the flight booking process. The preferred seats are near the front or at the aircraft’s exit.
  • Passengers can exit early after booking their preferred seat on Air Canada.
  • Prices for preferred seats start at $20 and go up to 199 CAD/USD. On some itineraries, Aeroplan Elite Members and passengers purchasing a Latitude or Comfort fare are eligible to get a Preferred Seat at no additional cost.

Air Canada Seat Dimensions

Economy Class18 inches31 inches
Premium Economy20 inches38 inches
Business Class21 inches70 inches

How to Change a Seat on Air Canada Flights?

how to change a seat on air canada flights

If the passengers have made any mistakes during the Air Canada seat selection procedure, then they can take a look at the complete process to change the Seat with Air Canada Airlines. Here, we have provided you with an online and offline method to change the seat.

Change Seat Online

  • First, click on the official website on your mobile to start the process.
  • Next, sign into your account by entering the login details.
  • Choose the Manage My Booking option and enter the required information.
  • Once you have selected your flight, click on the Edit option.
  • Select the Seat Selection map and look for your preferred Seat. Pick a new seat
  • At last, pay the additional charges.

Change Seat Offline

To get in touch with a live representative of Air Canada the passengers first need to have the phone number of the airline.

  • They can visit the official website to get their official phone number.
  • The passengers must follow the instructions and share their booking details to change their Seat.
  • Finally, pay the fee for changing the seat.

Air Canada Seat Selection Refund Policy

Only under a few circumstances, Air Canada will provide a refund for the advance seat selection fee.

  • Due to flight disruption or cancellation, you are not able to sit on your seat, then you can apply for a refund.
  • If you postpone your booking and do not cancel it, then the seat selection fee can be used for future flight booking.

If you voluntarily cancel your flight, then there will be no refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you pick your seats on Air Canada?

Yes. Travelers can pick their ideal seat at the time of booking or after the booking. The seat selection process on Air Canada is very straightforward and passengers can choose as per their availability.

How big are Economy seats on Air Canada?

Air Canada Economy seats are quite comfortable. The pitch of the Economy seat ranges from 31 to 33 inches. The width of the Economy seats ranges from 17 to 18 inches depending on the aircraft.

What is the difference between the preferred seat and the standard seat on Air Canada?

The pitch and width of the Air Canada seats are similar for preferred and standard seats. However, the difference comes in the legroom. Preferred seats have more legroom and are close to the front of the aircraft. Passengers with preferred seats can get off the plane quicker.

Which seat is best in Air Canada’s Economy?

Air Canada Economy seats are comfortable and have 18” width. The preferred seats in the Economy cabin class are popular among travelers. It provides more legroom space and is available near the exit gate.

Do you pay extra for preferred seats on Air Canada?

Preferred seats range in price from $20 to $199 CAD/USD. Aeroplan Elite Members and those booking a Latitude or Comfort price can receive a Preferred Seat at no extra cost on certain destinations.

Does Air Canada have bigger seats?

Yes, Air Canada has bigger seats. Economy seats have a width of 18 inches and 31 inches of pitch. Whereas Premium Economy seats are wider and have a width of 20 inches and a pitch of 38 inches. Business Class are most comfortable as they have 21 inches of width and 70 inches of pitch.

How to book a preferred seat on Air Canada?

One can buy or choose a preferred seating by selecting it online, or through the mobile app or you can even contact customer support which is available 24*7 through the toll-free number.

How to get free seat selection on Air Canada?

If the passenger does not select the standard seat, then Air Canada will assign a random seat at the time of check-in without incurring any additional cost. However, if you have elite status or booking in a higher cabin class, then seat selection is free on Air Canada.  

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