British Airways Seat Selection

British Airways Seat Selection: Policy, Process, and Fees

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When you board a flight, your first concern is always your seat. This is because you want to have a comfortable flight and a hassle-free journey. Often while booking tickets the airline company provides you with the option of seat selection. The rules can be slightly different on various airlines. In the following guide, we will be discussing the British Airways Seat Selection Policy.

If the passengers have booked flight tickets with British Airways, and they want to sit in their favorite seat while flying, then the passengers need to follow some rules that are made for seat selection by British Airways.

●     The seat selection and allocation solely depend on the availability of the seat. If seats are accessible to choose from, then the passengers can choose them. Moreover, the passengers can view the seat map to check seat availability.

●     Except, for the basic ticket (Economy, hand baggage only) issued by the airline, it can be modified or selected anytime.

●     In the same way, the passengers with the usual fee can book their seats during flight booking.

  • Travelers can select the seat after booking through the My Trips.

●     When a passenger fails to select the seat, British Airways assigns a random seat. Flyers will not be eligible to make any changes to their seats.

●     If the passengers change their seats, the fare difference will be less, and they might not receive a refund.

●     On the other hand, if the amount of fare difference is higher, the passengers need to pay British Airways seat selection fees to the airline company.

  • You are also provided with the option of a seat upgrade, in which you can pay an extra fee and get your seat upgraded as per your comfort.

British Airways Seat Selection Policy According to Tickets

Here are the seat selection criteria according to the cabin class on British Airways.


The Economy cabin class is available in two segments –  Euro Traveller and World Traveller. Euro Traveller is available on European routes whereas World Traveller is available on long-haul flights.

The seat selection opportunity varies according to the fare. In Euro Traveler

  • Economy Basic –  Travelers do not get to choose their seats on British Airways. The airlines assign seats at the time of check-in. It is available in Euro Traveller and World Traveller.
  • Economy Plus – Passengers can select the seat from 48 hours before departure until the check-in. Only available for Euro Traveller.
  • Economy Flex – With the British Airways Economy Flex fare, passengers have the privilege to make seat selections at the time of booking. Only available for Euro Traveller.
  • Economy Standard – Only available for the World Traveller. Flyers can make seat selection from 24 hours up to the departure of a British Airways flight.

Premium Economy

British Airways Premium Economy offers World Traveller Plus fare. Passengers have the privilege to choose a seat up until the check-in window starting 48 hours before departure.

Business Class

The British Airways Business Class is available on both international and domestic routes. On domestic routes it is available as Club Europe and on international routes, travelers will get Club World fares. Travelers can select their seats at the time of booking.

First Class

Passengers traveling in the First Class can select their seats for free. Travelers can select the seats at the time of booking and later.

British Airways Seat Selection Policy for Executive Club Members

Tier StatusSeat Selection Condition
Gold/Oneworld EmeraldMembers get to select the seat for free from the time of booking.
Silver/Oneworld SapphirePassengers can select seats on British Airways for free at the time of booking. They can select exit row seats for free from 24 hours before departure.
Bronze/Oneworld RubyTravelers have the privilege to select the seats from 7 days before departure without any extra charges. However, exit row seats can be selected only 24 hours before flight departure.
BluePassengers get free seat selection from 24 hours before flight departure.

British Airways Flight Seat Dimensions

Check out the dimensions of the various seats on British Airways.

CabinStandard Seat WidthPitch
Euro Traveller17″ to 18″/43cm to 45cm31”
World Traveller17″ to 18″/43cm to 45cm31”
World Traveller Plus18.5″/46cm38”
Club Europe18″/45cm72” to 73”
Club World19 to 20.5”/48cm to 52cm72” to 73”
First22″/55cm78” to 79”

How to Select Seats on British Airways?

How to Select Seats on British Airways

There are three popular ways to select a seat on British Airways. Let us understand each process.

Online Seat Selection

If the passengers want to make seat selection after booking, then they should prefer to use the British Airways Manage Booking tool. They can follow the given steps:

  • The passengers need to visit the British Airways official website.
  • After that, choose the “Manage” option, and enter some required details associated with your booking.
  • Now, the passengers will see the booking details page. Click on it.
  • Now, select the flight in which the passenger is traveling, and again select the “Seating” tab.
  • Next, choose the choose or view seat option to change your seat.
  • Lastly, the passengers will be able to choose their desired seat and choose the continue option. The passengers need to pay the charges to confirm the seat selection and click on the “Finish” tab.

Call British Airways Executive

Passengers can contact British Airways Phone Number +1 800 247-9297 to talk to a live person at British Airways. They will help the passengers in selecting the desired seat with ease.

Select a Seat on British Airways at the Airport

To select a seat on British Airways at the airport, follow the given steps below:

  • First, the passengers need to visit the nearest airport.
  • Secondly, the passengers need to meet with an airline representative at the ticket counter.
  • Request the executive to select a seat.
  • The executive will check the availability and select a seat according to the passenger’s requirements.
  • Confirm and pay the charges to book the seat at British Airways.
  • Lastly, the airline will confirm your seat selection and send you a confirmation email for the same.

British Airways Seat Selection Fee

The seat selection fee is not static at BA. The seat selection fee on British Airways depends on the type of seat and cabin class. Travelers can find the fee at the time of seat selection.

Passengers can pay the seat selection fee through a debit/credit card. They can also make full or partial payments through Avios. Remember that passengers do not earn Avios for advance seat purchases.

British Airways Seat Selection Refund

British Airways Seat Selection Refund

British Airways provides a fee for seat selection in most classes of travel, which even includes Premium Economy / World Traveller Plus and Club World / Business Class. First Class is the only class that is excluded from the seat selection fee.

British Airways provides a refund of the seat selection fee under a few circumstances.

  • When BA cancels your flight.
  • British Airways assigned you a new seat due to some reasons and you are unsatisfied with the new seat.
  • When you apply for a seat upgrade and choose not to pay for seat selection in the upgraded cabin.
  • You inform British Airways about the ineligibility to sit in the exit row seats 48 hours before departure.

Under the following scenarios, British Airways will not refund the seat selection fee.

  • Voluntary flight cancellation.
  • BA upgrades your seat.
  • When you change your flight and choose a low-priced seat.
  • If you get a future booking voucher containing a paid seating benefit.
  • When airlines consider you unfit to sit on a specific seat and do not assign any other seat.

How to Apply for a BA Seat Selection Refund?

On British Airways passengers can make a refund request for paid seating up to 30 days after arrival. Passengers cannot make refund requests via phone call or at the airport. They can apply for a paid seat refund online only.

Travelers have to fill out the online seat refund form. In the form, they have to provide the following details.

  • Passenger details
  • Booking reference number
  • Reason for cancellation

How to Upgrade Seat on British Airways?

Follow the given below steps to change the seat on British Airways.

●      First, the passengers need to visit the official website of British Airways.

●      Second, the passengers need to choose the “My Trips” section on the home page.

●      Then, click on the “Manage My Booking” option.

●     Now, list the required details to obtain information about the booking.

●     After that, click on the seat upgrade option.

  • According to the fare eligibility, the traveler will be able to upgrade the seat.

●     Choose the cabin class.

●     Lastly, a flyer must pay any fare differences, if needed, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the seat selection process.

Book an Extra Seat on British Airways

Travelers on British Airways flights can also purchase extra seats. The extra seat facility is available only in Economy Cabin class. However, the purchase of an extra seat does not mean that the flyer will get additional seat width. But they get an extra seat beside their original seat. Remember that travelers are not eligible to purchase additional seats in the exit row.

Flyers cannot purchase an extra seat online. They have to call British Airways or reach out to the staff at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it free to choose seats on British Airways?

No, it is not free to choose seats on British Airways. The airline charges a seat selection fee. The fee depends on the route and cabin class.  

How do I choose my seat after booking a BA flight?

You need to retrieve your booking through the Manage Booking option available on the official website. After that, choose the option of “Add Seat” from the list. You can select a seat from the seat map and pay for it online to confirm it.

How do I avoid paying for seats on British Airways?

When you purchase Plus Flex or Plus fare, then you are eligible to make a free seat selection. You can also make free seat selections if you have a tier status in the Executive Club.

What happens if I don’t pay for a seat on British Airways?

If you do not select a seat at the time of booking or when the check-in window opens, then British Airways assign a random seat to you. There will be no seat selection fees. However, if you want to reallocate the seat, then you have to pay for it.

How big are economy seats on British Airways?

British Airways Economy seats provide comfort and style. The seats are available as Euro Traveller and World Traveller. The seat width is 17″ to 18″/43cm to 45cm. The pitch of BA Economy seats is 31”.

Why British Airways seat selection is not working?

British Airways seat selection will not work for Basic tickets. Also, you will not be able to change your seat on flights marketed by another airline and operated by British Airways. Another reason can be that airlines find you unfit to select a specific seat such as exit row seats.

Is it worth paying for seat selection on British Airways?

British Airways provides comfort and luxury to its passengers. Different cabin classes have different seats with extra comfort. However, if you want some privacy, extra legroom, or want to get off the plane quickly after arrival, then you can prefer selecting a seat. The seat selection fee depends on the cabin class and route.

Do British Airways seat families together?

Passengers have the choice to select their seats in advance on BA flights. However, if they don’t select a seat, then BA will try to seat the family members as close as possible. They can be seated across the aisle or in adjacent rows.

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