Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: Carry-on and Checked Bags

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Are you traveling with Spirit Airlines for the first time? If Yes, then you must know about all the important policies and guidelines of the airline. Specially, the baggage policy of Spirit Airlines. If you are unaware of the rules and regulations regarding baggage, then you might end up paying additional baggage fees.

Therefore, it is necessary to know everything about Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. This will help you avoid unwanted surprises and excess baggage fees as well. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss all the crucial points related to the baggage policy, fees, how to add baggage, and so on.

The Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage allowance, allows its passengers to carry-

  • One small personal item: 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm).
  • Some amount of fee is charged to carry to bring an additional or larger bag/luggage- 22 x 18 x 10 inches (56 x 46 x 25 cm).

For checked baggage:

  • Maximum dimension: 62 inches including wheels and trolleys
  • Maximum weight: 40 lbs.
  • Travelers can purchase up to 5 checked baggage.

Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

  • Spirit Airlines permits the carrying of one free personal item for free on all cabin classes.
  • However, if the traveler is bringing another bag inside the cabin class other than a personal item, then they have to pay the fees.
  • There are also some specific size restrictions for the luggage that is carried during travel on Spirit Airlines.
  • According to the Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy, the size of the personal item should not be more than 18 x 14 x 8 inches including hands on wheels.
  • The personal item can be a purse, small backpack, umbrella, assistive devices, camera, etc that can fit easily in the overhead compartment.
  • On the other hand, the size of carry-on bags should be less than 22 x 18 x 10 inches including handles and wheels.

Carry-on Rules for Musical Instruments

If you are a music lover and want to carry your instruments with you, you are in the right spot. Passengers are allowed to bring musical instruments on board as part of their standard carry-on. If the instrument exceeds the standard carry-on allowance, then passengers need to pay an extra seat for it. The instrument must be secured in or against a window seat, to keep into consideration the passenger’s safety.

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Allowance for Pets

During the travel, Spirit Airlines allows various pets to be carried in the cabin on domestic Spirit flights. According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, the pet will count as one-plus-one carry-on luggage. The policy is that the pet must be placed into a carrier with dimensions of the carrier no larger than 18 x 14 x 9 inches (45.72 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm).

The weight of the pet and carrier included together must not be greater than 40 lbs (18.14 kg). Only one pet container per customer is allowed with up to two animals in the same container, which leads to each pet being free to stand in a straight position and freely move about in the container. The fee charged per pet container for this is $125.

Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Fees

The fee charged for carrying additional luggage during traveling with Spirit Airlines differs according to what form of travel allowance is purchased – at the time of booking, before/during check-in, at the airport, or at the gate of the Airport.

  • For most flights, the fee charged for baggage is $65, one way, as a standard fee, if purchased during online booking.
  • If a passenger is a member of the Saver$ club, they can buy their carry-on allowance for $64.
  • But if the baggage allowance is bought during online check-in, the price is $75 as standard and only $74 for club members.
  • The price would rise to $89 at the airport, or $99 at the Airport gate.

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, travelers have to pay a fee for checked baggage. Passengers are allowed to check up to five bags during the check-in process. They need to pay an additional fee.

  • The maximum size of checked baggage at Spirit Airlines must not be more than 62 inches (158 cm) in total dimensions.
  • According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, the maximum weight of the checked baggage at Spirit should not be more than 40 lbs (18.1 kg).

Spirit Airlines uses an affordable pricing structure for baggage cost which entirely depends on the dates of travel of the passenger, destination, and the mode of purchase. Spirit Airlines offers a “Bag-O-Tron” service to display the cost of baggage which depends on various reasons. Prices for checked baggage on flights between New York and Los Angeles are as follows:

 Online booking (with Saver$ club)Standard online bookingBefore/ during online check-in (with Saver$ club)Before/ during online check-in, standardAt airportAt gate
1st checked bag$58$59$60$61$89$99
2nd checked bag$73$74$75$76$99n/a
3rd, 4th and 5th checked bag$98$99$98$99$100n/a

Source: www.spiritairlines.com

*Passengers of Spirit Airlines can pay $69.95 to become a member of the Saver$ club. This means that they, and everyone on their travel itinerary, can receive discounts on their flights and baggage allowance purchases. Membership renews automatically every year at $69.95 unless canceled by the traveler.

Spirit Checked Baggage Allowance for Children

  • Under the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers can check one stroller and one car seat per child at no additional charge.
  • Travelers can also check in a double stroller if they are traveling with two kids. 

Spirit Airlines Overweight and Oversized Checked Baggage Fees

Travelers should know that Spirit Airlines does not accept the bag above 45 kg. Also, If a bag weighs more than the baggage allowance purchased with Spirit, excess baggage fees apply as listed below:

  • If a bag weighs between 41 and 50 lbs (18 and 23 kg), the fee is $79 per bag.
  • On the other hand, if a bag weighs between 51 and 100 lbs (23 and 45 kg), the fee is $123 per bag.
  • If a bag’s dimensions are between 63 and 80 inches (158 – 203 cm), the fee is $150.
  • Moreover, if a special item’s dimensions are over 80 linear inches (203 cm), the fee is $150.

Spirit Sporting Equipment Policy

Bicycles: It is counted under standard allowance. The overweight and oversized fee is waived for bicycles. However, travelers have to pay a $75 one-way fee for bicycles.

Bowling: Travelers can bring it as a carry-on only under the condition that it follows the carry-on baggage policy of Spirit Airlines. They can also bring it as checked baggage.

Golf Equipment: Golf Clubs are not permissible as carry-on. Overweight charges will apply. Travelers must pack their golf equipment in soft-sided bags.

Ski and Snowboard Equipment: These are not acceptable as carry-on. Travelers have to pay overweight charges. If the bag exceeds 62 inches, then oversized charges are applicable.

Surfboard: Spirit permits two surfboards in a bag. It charges a special fee of $100 each way. The airline does not levy overweight and oversized fees. 

Spirit Airlines Liquid Item Policy

  • According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, travelers can bring liquid, gels, aerosols, creams, and paste on the flight.
  • As per the policy, travelers can bring 100 ml of liquid inside the cabin packed in a 1000 ml resealable plastic bag. They have to provide the bag at the screening point.
  • If the liquid item is more than 100 ml, then passengers should pack it in the checked baggage.

Spirit Airlines Delayed, Damaged, and Lost Baggage Policy

  • According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, if at the arrival the passenger’s bag is missing, lost, or delayed, then they should file the report within 4 hours of the arrival of the domestic flight.
  • On the other hand, travelers have 7 days to file a report for their damaged baggage on international flights.
  • In the case of delayed or lost baggage, travelers have 21 days to report it for Spirit Airlines international flights.
  • Travelers can go to the baggage claim area and notify the airline.
  • On domestic routes, if the baggage is delayed by more than 5 days, then travelers should file a claim with central baggage. They have to fill out the online form.
  • Travelers can go to the Spirit Airlines Baggage portal and fill out the compensation form for delayed, damaged, or lost baggage.
  • For items above $50, have to provide a verifiable purchase receipt.
  • Travelers must submit the claim form and documents within 30 days of their arrival.

How to Avoid or Reduce Spirit Baggage Fees?

Passengers always wish to reduce the baggage allowance fee, while travelling. Listed below are the various tips which can be taken into consideration while booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, to avoid extra baggage fees.

Elite status allowances

Spirit Airlines provides the facility of an elite program, although, it may not be considered elite by other airline companies. That being said, Free Spirit Gold status does provide the passengers with a free first-checked bag for all flights. The benefit may increase only to the person who holds the elite status and not to anyone else traveling with them.

Purchase a bundle

While there aren’t many ways to make Spirit baggage fees to be removed, the passengers can reduce the amount of baggage pay to check or carry on a bag. Spirit Airlines provides the facility “Boost It’ and “Bundle It” packages on most of its Spirit flights. The pricing for these packages is very affordable and also can save passengers a lot of money on baggage, especially if they plan to exceed 40 pounds for their checked bag or want to bring both a checked bag and a carry-on.

Spirit $avers Club

The other most reliable option to save money on Spirit Airlines carry-on and checked bag fees is with the help of Spirit $avers Club. The club prices start at $69.95 for a 12-month membership and help in savings on some fares, baggage fees, seat selections, and additional add-ons. If the passengers are planning to fly Spirit Airlines on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be a hard task to save the price of membership over a year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size bag can you carry on Spirit for free?

The size limits for carry-on bags can change, so it’s crucial to check the airline’s website for the most up-to-date information. According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, the size of the personal item should not be more than 18 x 14 x 8 inches. On the other hand, a carry-on bag should be 22 x 18 x 10 inches, including handles and wheels.

What are the baggage rules for Spirit Airlines?

Spirit is known for its low-cost model, and the base fare often includes only one personal item. Passengers need to pay additional fees for carry-on and checked baggage. Travelers can bring up to 5 checked baggage.

Can I add a carry-on to Spirit later?

Yes, you can add the carry-on bag to your flight itinerary after the booking. You can call the reservation department and ask them to add the bag. You can also do it online through My Trips. However, adding a bag online will be cheaper than doing it through the phone.

Does Spirit allow a backpack and a purse?

Yes, Spirit Airlines permits passengers to bring a backpack and a purse. Passengers can bring it inside the cabin. Travelers must ensure that the purse and backpack must fit in the overhead compartment and adhere to the weight and size policy of Spirit Airlines.

How do I avoid paying baggage fees on Spirit Airlines?

You can use the following ways to avoid any baggage fees on Spirit Airlines.

  • Earn Free Spirit Gold status
  • Active Military Duty
  • Spirit $aver Club membership

Can I bring a carry-on Spirit without paying?

Spirit Airlines permits only a personal item as complimentary carry-on baggage. Any other bag other than the personal item is chargeable by Spirit Airlines. You have to pay for the carry-on bag to take it inside the cabin.

What is considered a personal item on Spirit Airlines?

A personal item or luggage as per Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy is a small bag such as a purse, laptop bag, or backpack that fits under the seat in front of the passenger. The acceptable dimension of the personal item is 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

How much does Spirit charge for a carry-on bag?

Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage fees are dynamic. On average, when travelers purchase the bag online at the time of booking, they have to pay $35. The carry-on baggage fee increases to $45 for purchases made at the time of online check-in. It becomes more expensive when you purchase it at the airport.


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