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How To Make Seat Selection On Lufthansa Flights?

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While traveling on a flight, passengers are very interested in the seat to get a window or a comfortable seat. Therefore, passengers want their preferred seats to enjoy the flight journey when traveling for long-haul flights. Nowadays, airlines offer seat selection while or after booking the tickets. Lufthansa also allows passengers to choose their favorite seats while flying. The airline has many seat options and charges a fee for selecting a seat. However, with Lufthansa seat selection, travelers can get their desired seat easily. So, let us find out the highlights of the policy and how to make a seat selection on Lufthansa. 

Highlights of Lufthansa Seat Selection

Per the Lufthansa seat selection process, passengers can select a seat according to their requirements while booking or after booking the flight. Thus, the airline allows booking a seat 52 hours before departure, whereas passengers can select the remaining seats free of charge while doing check-in, typically 23 hours before departure.   

Some of the guidelines before the selection of seats for passengers to check:

  • The airline allows passengers to select seats for themselves and their companions in advance or during check-in.
  • Lufthansa does not charge for seat selection if it is selected at the time of booking.
  • However, selecting a seat after the booking, a seat selection fee is mandatory.
  • Passengers can select their seats for both economy and premium economy class on Lufthansa Airlines.  
  • The airline offers a seat selection process until 52 hours before departure.
  • If passengers do not select their seats, the airline will randomly allot seats based on first-come and first serve.
  • When flying first-class or business-class with Lufthansa Airlines, there are no additional fees for selecting your seat.

What Are The Methods of Selecting a Seat on Lufthansa Airlines?

There are many options to select a seat either while booking the tickets or after purchasing the ticket. Moreover, passengers can call the phone number of the Lufthansa seat selection department to choose a seat. If passengers have booked tickets from a travel agency, they must contact the agency for seat selection.

Online Process to Select a Seat

Seat selection while booking

  •  Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Log in to the account by entering the details.
  •  After entering all the booking details, select the flight.

After that, the passenger may find a list of available seats.

  • Then, choose the desired seat from the seat layout.
  • Passengers do not have to pay for seat selection; they select seats while booking the flight.
  • Provide the payment for the booking of a seat on the flight to the airline.

After booking a flight

  • Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Log in to the account and see My Booking options.
  • After coming to the booking page, choose the edit option.
  • Herein, passengers can select their favorite seats.
  •  Pay for the seat selected to confirm the booking.
  • Lastly, a confirmation will be sent to the email address for the seat selection.

Offline Process to Make Lufthansa Seat Selection

  • Call airline support.
  • After listening to the IVR, passengers will be connected to an executive.
  • Raise a request for seat selection to the executive.
  • Mention the desired seat you want.Pay for the seat; confirmation will be sent to the registered email address.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Fees

No seat selection fee is applied if passengers select a seat while booking the ticket. However, after booking the flight, passengers must pay a charge for seat selection on Lufthansa. The seat selection price range depends on the ticket type and class.

  • If a passenger travels in premium economy class, the charge for a seat may vary between USD 30-50.
  • The maximum fee for economy class would be around $35.
  • For extra legroom, the airline charges $100 per seat.
  • For instance, if a passenger wants to change a seat, a change in seat cost will be $30.
PriceZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Standard seatsFrom EUR 14From EUR 17From EUR 28From EUR 33From EUR 39
Preferred seatsFrom EUR 20From EUR 23From EUR 40From EUR 50From EUR 61
Seats with extra legroomFrom EUR 29From EUR 46From EUR 66From EUR 83From EUR 110/115
Lufthansa Seat Selection Fees

Restrictions for Selecting Seats in the Emergency Rows

  • Passengers should be of 16 years of age.
  • Should have fluency in German or English language.
  • In any mishappening, passengers should be willing to help.
  • Passengers should have the capability to read and understand the instructions.
  • One could complete the instructed task without the help of family or friends.
  •  The passenger should not travel with someone dependent on them for help in emergencies.
  • Passengers should not have a small animal in the cabin accompanying them.

Types of Seats on Lufthansa Airlines

lufthansa seat selection

There are many seat options for passengers from where they can choose their desired seats.

Economy seats– They are considered standard seats and get some benefits like access to TV, radio, and music. Also, standardized food and meal are served.

Premium economy seats– In this type, passengers get more legroom space and many other benefits compared to economy seats.

Business class seats– Passengers get high-quality service with business class seats and facilities like WIFI, rest seats, and various food and beverages.

First-class seats- These seats are the best for comfort, with a TV screen and many food options, including caviar.

Preferred seats– These are situated in front of the economy class and behind the business and premium economy class. These seats have extra legroom compared to economy class, and passengers can deboard the plane right after the landing.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Specification 

Here are the pitch and width of Lufthansa seats. 

ClassPitch Width 
Economy31-32 inches 17-18 inches
Premium Economy38-39 inches18-19 inches
Business Class64 inches 20-20.5 inches
First Class81-83 inches31 inches
Lufthansa Airline Seat Specification

How to Change a Seat on Lufthansa Airlines?

  • Visit the official website
  • On the main page, search the My Booking option.
  • Mention the details to get access to the account.
  • Continue with the change seats online option.
  • Then, a list of available seats will get opened from which passengers can choose a suitable seat.
  • After selecting a seat, pay the seat fees.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my seat on Lufthansa?

Yes, passengers can select a seat on Lufthansa Airlines either during booking the flight or after purchasing the tickets. The travelers can also call the support team and book the desired seat on your behalf.

How to book seats on Lufthansa after booking?

Passengers have to visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines. Then, log in to the account and access the My Booking option. After that, choose the edit option. Passengers can select their favorite seats and pay for the seat selected to confirm the booking. Lastly, a confirmation will be sent to the email address for the seat selection.

What is a preferred seat on Lufthansa Airlines?

Preferred seats are in front of the economy class and behind the business and premium economy class. These seats have extra legroom compared to economy class, and passengers can deboard the plane right after the landing.

Is seat selection free for Premium Economy fare?

If passengers have selected a seat while booking the flight, the seat selection will be free. But if passengers select a seat after the booking, they must pay for a premium economy seat. The seat selection fee for the premium economy will vary between $30-$50.

Is it worth paying for seat selection?

When traveling on the airline, passengers have the option to select their desired seat for their journey from a variety of choices. Whether they want a window seat, extra legroom, or a preferred seat, they can access their chosen seating area and enjoy the benefits. Therefore, it is worth paying for a seat selection.

Can Lufthansa Economy class passengers choose seats?

Yes, for economy class, the airline offer privilege to passengers in selecting a seat with extra legroom in almost every aircraft. Some seats are also located near the emergency exit row.

Does Lufthansa charge a seat selection fee for business class?

No, seats for business and first-class on Lufthansa Airlines are free of charge, and get many amenities and services for passengers traveling on these classes.

What is the seat selection process on Lufthansa Airlines?

Passengers can choose their seats at their convenience during or after the flight. Thus, the airline allows reserving a seat 52 hours before departure, whereas passengers can select the remaining seats free of charge while check-in 23 hours before departure.

Where is the best seat location on Lufthansa Airline?

 Many passengers prefer window seats to enjoy the view of the clouds, whereas some passengers prefer bulkhead seats as they offer extra space and are far from the galley. So, every seat has some specifications and depends on the passenger’s choice.

Can I select the Lufthansa seat for free?

Yes, you can select the Lufthansa seats for free. The free seat selection is available in the first 24 hours of booking. After that, Lufthansa charges seat selection fee. 

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