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How To Complete The Lufthansa Seat Selection Procedure?

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Whenever we decide to take an air journey, the first thing that comes to our mind is choosing the seat of our choice. Well, the comfort of air travel increases when we choose our favorite seat. One of the most chosen airlines by the Flyers is Lufthansa. They have been making air travel seamless for individuals for the last many years. 

Most people have preferences for specific seats. Some want to travel in a window seat, and some want to book aisle seats as well. Furthermore, when it’s a long-haul flight, the importance of choosing the seat of your choice increases even more. Keeping in mind the needs of the travelers, Lufthansa seat selection is allowed. People can select the seat of their choice at the time of making the reservation or even after the booking is made.

Are you also planning to book tickets with Lufthansa Airlines and wish to learn about the Lufthansa Airlines seat selection procedure in detail? If this is the case, then you have landed on the right page! The guide right here will provide all the details associated with seat selection at Lufthansa.  

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Which are the seat types are available at Lufthansa? 

Lufthansa Airlines is a prominent one in the aviation industry. They are aware that each traveler has a different budget, and they want to spend the amount accordingly. In order to cater to the needs of all types of flyers, they offer different seat types. 

Here are the seats from which one can choose at the time of booking with Lufthansa. 

Economy seats

Economy seats are the standard seats. People who book these get certain benefits, which include TV, music, radio, etc. Furthermore, Lufthansa Airlines also provides food and meals. 

Premium economy seats

Those who choose premium economy tickets get to fly with more legroom space. With this one, people get much more services in comparison to the economy class. 

Business class seats

With business class, get ready to enjoy high-quality services and amenities. Some of the amenities that one can enjoy are Internet service, different options for beverages and food, comfortable seats, etc. 

First-class seats

First-class seats are the most comfortable ones and make air travel more seamless. Services like TV screens and food options, including caviar, give people a home-like feeling. 

Preferred seats 

Preferred seats are situated in front of the economy class and behind the Business and Premium economy class. These are best for those who are looking for extra legroom. Moreover, an individual gets to deboard the aircraft right after its landing. 

What is Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Policy? 

You cannot complete the seat selection procedure in a hassle-free manner unless you know about the airline’s policy. Lufthansa Airlines seat selection is easy if you are aware of all the rules and regulations associated with the policy. 

Go ahead and read the points given below to find out about the highlight of the seat selection policy. 

  • First and foremost, as per the Lufthansa seat selection policy, individuals can select the seat of their choice when making the reservation. However, if they do not do so, they are eligible to choose the seat even after the booking is finalized. 
  •  Furthermore, this airline allows people to book their seats before the departure of the flight. However, one should try to complete the process as soon as they can. 
  • Moreover, people need to understand that getting the seat of their choice is subject to availability. Thus seat that you are looking for is not guaranteed. 
  • In addition, Lufthansa Airlines allows people to complete the seat selection in advance. So, you can either follow the process in advance or at the time of check-in. 
  • Those who decide to complete the seat selection procedure while making the reservation do not have to pay any charges for it. 
  • On the contrary, individuals who select a seat after booking need to pay the fees laid down by the airline for that seat selection. 
  • Seat selection is on a first-come, first-served basis. If a passenger does not select a seat, the airline will alert them to the available seats. 
  • Lufthansa seat selection business class and first class is free. Travelers who book in this class do not have to pay an extra fee for selecting their seats. 

How do I select seats on Lufthansa Airlines?

Selecting a seat with Lufthansa Airline is not a big deal. People can complete the procedure by following just a few steps in the right order. Also, choosing the seats at the time of making the reservation and after the booking is done is possible with Lufthansa. The information below will help you understand both of these situations. Go ahead and complete the Lufthansa seat selection online in no time. 

Seat selection at the time of booking

To select the seats at the time of making the reservation, follow these steps.  

  • Firstly, go ahead to visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines on the official website. Follow the booking steps in the right order. 
  • Once you are done making the reservation and reach the end of it, go ahead to open the seat map. 
  • Furthermore, from this seat map, you need to choose the seat of your choice. 
  • Moreover, it’s time you make the payment for your flight ticket. 
  • As soon as the payment will be made, the airline will send you the confirmation of your reservation. 

Remember, those who complete the seat selection at the time of making the reservation will be able to complete the Lufthansa seat selection free. This means there is no fee you don’t have to pay any fee to select the seat.

Seat selection after booking

  • Firstly, open the official website of Lufthansa Airlines on your web browser. 
  • On the home page, look for the option of Manage Booking. Tap on it. 
  •  Use the booking confirmation code and last name of the flyer to login.
  • Once you enter the correct information, the reservation will open up in front of you. 
  • Go ahead to then click on the “edit” option. 
  • Proceed by choosing your favorite seat with Lufthansa Airlines. 
  • Finally, go ahead to make the payment for your chosen seat. 
  • Lastly, the airline will send you the confirmation of the Lufthansa seat selection via your e-mail address. 

Select your Lufthansa seat via the mobile application

Lufthansa Airlines has launched its mobile application, which makes air travel even more seamless. This application allows users to select the seat of their choice easily. Furthermore, the app is available on both Android and iOS devices. You need to download and install the app on your desired device. Once you have the application, use your booking details to log in and open your reservation. 

Moreover, Follow the instructions and complete the seat selection procedure of Lufthansa Airline with ease. 

What are the offline ways to select my seat with Lufthansa?

Apart from heading to the official website to select a seat, Lufthansa Airlines offers other offline methods. Not every individual is well versed in using the internet and other devices like laptops. Thus, this airline offers offline methods to make the seat selection process hassle-free for such people. 

You will find detailed information about these offline methods below. 

Via phone call

Whether you want to complete the seat selection procedure or have any other questions, you can always find an answer to it by contacting the travel representatives of Lufthansa Airlines on a phone call. The team of the airline is available throughout the day, thus they can get assistance from the experts as per their time schedule. 

Whether you want to complete the Lufthansa seat selection premium economy or business class, you can always speak with the travel experts. Furthermore, go ahead to find the contact details of the airline on their official website. Use the details there to connect with the team. 

At the airport counter

In addition to all the ways mentioned above to select your seat with Lufthansa, people can contact the representative directly at the airport. At times, one wants to complete the seat selection at the eleventh hour. So, if you are also stuck in this situation, then you need to simply talk to the people available at the Lufthansa ticket counter. 

How to select seats with Lufthansa after check-in? 

The online check-in starts 24 hours before the departure time of the Lufthansa flight. Thus, one is eligible to complete the Lufthansa seat selection procedure before the check-in starts. Remember, a seat is never guaranteed by the airline, as it works on a first-come, first-serve basis. Thus, try to complete the procedure as soon as you can. 

If you are stuck during seat selection, go ahead and speak with the travel experts on call. 

How much does Lufthansa charge for seat selection?

Lufthansa Airlines understands the budget of the flyers. Thus, they do not charge a huge amount as a seat selection fee. People do not have to burn a hole in their pocket to pay this amount. Read the information here to learn all the points associated with the Lufthansa seat selection fee.

  • Those who are willing to complete the seat selection procedure in advance have to pay a fee that varies from EUR 30 to Euro 200. However, individuals who choose business or first class for their travel do not have to pay any amount for Seat selection. 
  • Furthermore, the airline charges a fee to select. The Economy and Premium economy seats as per the travel zone, i.e, the location of travel. 

From the table given below you will find more information about the same. 

Lufthansa Economy Seat Selection Fares 

Price zone Standard seatsPreferred seating Extra Legroom Seats 
Zone 1 EUR 142 EUR 203 EUR 29 
Zone 2 EUR 17 EUR 23 EUR 46 
Zone 3 EUR 28 EUR 40 EUR 66 
Zone 4 EUR 33 EUR 50 EUR 83 
Zone 5 EUR 39 EUR 61 EUR 110

Lufthansa Premium Economy Seat Selection Fares 

Price zone Standard seating
Zone 3 EUR 39 
Zone 4 EUR 44 
Zone 5 EUR 61 

Know the additional terms and conditions for Lufthansa Airlines seat selection

From the information above, you have already learned about Lufthansa Airlines policy of seat selection. However, there are some other terms and conditions that one needs to keep in mind. By having information on these, it becomes easy for individuals to complete the Lufthansa seat selection process. Read the pointers given below and find out about these in detail. 

  • In order to select the seat, your flight should be operated by
  • Lufthansa Group Airlines  
  • Air Dolomiti  
  • Discover Airlines 
  • Lufthansa CityLine  
  • Lufthansa Express Rail  
  • Edelweiss  
  • It is important for people to have a confirmed booking and not be on the waitlist or stand by to select the seat of their choice.  
  • Furthermore, people have 52 hours before the time of departure to select their seats. They can use the manage booking options on the official website or talk to travel experts on call. 
  • Moreover, people are eligible to select their seat as soon as check-in starts, which is 23 hours before the departure time. In addition, whether you have to pay the fee for seat selection depends completely on your fare type. 
  • You cannot guarantee getting your desired seat. It completely depends on availability at that particular moment. 
  • Remember, the airline has the full right to change your seat even after it’s confirmed, depending on the requirements of the airline. 
  • The advanced Lufthansa seat selection charges apply to only one segment of your whole travel itinerary. 
  • Lastly, no flyer is eligible for a refund for the seats for which they have already paid. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- How to get free seat selection on Lufthansa?

Ans.  One can always go ahead to complete the seat selection without paying any charges if they complete the procedure 52 hours before the departure time of the flight. Also, when one makes the seat selection at the time of booking and not after that, then they do not have to pay any fees for it. 

Q- Why does Lufthansa charge for seat selection?

Ans. Lufthansa Airlines charges for series selection if one picks the seat after the booking is made. So, to avoid the charges, don’t delay picking your seat and do the same while making the reservation itself. 

 Q- Am I eligible to choose my seat on Lufthansa? 

Ans. Lufthansa Airlines allows travelers to choose their seats. One can do so after or at the time of making the reservation. In case you need any help, contact the travel experts. 

Q- What ways can I use to pick my seats with Lufthansa? 

Ans.  Individuals can either head to the official website for seat selection or speak with the travel representatives on call. In addition to this, one can always use the mobile application of Lufthansa to select the seats. 

Q- Can I select a seat for my infant traveling on my lap?

Ans. People are allowed to select this seat for an infant traveling on her lap. However, purchasing a ticket for them might be necessary. 

Q- Does Lufthansa Airlines have its own mobile application? 

Ans. Yes, Lufthansa has a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. It is quick and easy to use, and you can complete the seat selection in no time. 

Q- Are preferred seats available on Lufthansa? 

Ans. Yes, preferred seats are located in front of the economy class and behind the business class, and they are perfect for those who want extra legroom. 

Q- Am I eligible to change my seat after I have already made the reservation? 

Ans. Lufthansa Airlines allows individuals to change their seats even after the booking is made. However, remember that getting the seat completely depends on availability. 

 Q- Is seat reservation in advance possible with Lufthansa?

Ans. Yes, advance seat reservations are possible. One can do so seamlessly, either online or offline, according to the airline’s instructions. 

Q-  Is seat selection available for connecting flights?

Ans.  Those who have a connecting flight can also pick the seat of their choice. Simply connect with the travel experts or do so via the official website using the Manage booking tab.  

Q-  Is getting the seat of my choice guaranteed at Lufthansa? 

Ans. Seat selection is not guaranteed, as it completely depends on availability. Thus, it is advised to select the seat as soon as you can. 

Q- I need a window seat. How do I select it?

Ans. It is always a good idea to book the seat while making the reservation itself. However, if you missed it at that time, then go ahead and pick the seat later after the reservation is made. 

Q- Is it possible to select a seat in a different cabin class than my ticket? 

Ans. Lufthansa Airlines does not allow one to choose a seat in a different cabin. Thus, you will have to pick the seat for your own Cabin.  

Q- Can I select the seat for free if I am part of Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program?

Ans. If you are a member of Lufthansa Airlines’s program, you might be eligible for a discount on seat selection. However, you need to contact the airline team to know more about the same. 

Q- I have a group booking with Lufthansa Airlines. How do I select my seat? 

Ans. Those who have made the group reservation with Lufthansa Airlines need to speak with the travel representatives directly. They will complete the seat selection procedure for them.


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