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How To Do Seat Selection On Turkish Airlines?

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Everyone wants to have a seat of their choice on a flight, but finding one gets difficult on certain airlines. Turkish Airlines seat selection offers you a seat with your loved ones and makes you feel good throughout the journey. Thus, choosing your preferred seat means doubling your comfort above the skies and making you feel at ease.

But this seat selection might be chaotic sometimes regarding how to choose, the policies, the fees, etc. So to cope with all such situations, you can go through this article to get the answer to all your question regarding seat selection.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

The Airlines offer online check-in 24 hours before departure for domestic and international flights. You must comply with these policies for Turkish Airlines seat selection.

  • The airlines do not make any refund for the seat selection if the passenger makes the changes or cancellations.
  • Turkish Airlines can change or cancel any flight, and the selected seat stands canceled. It guarantees alignment with required flight modifications.
  • Paid seats are not subject to any modifications. However, free seats may be changed within a certain period. Thus, keep this in mind when choosing your desirable seats.
  • If the airlines alter any change in the seat selection due to operational, security, and safety reasons, the seat fee will be refunded instantly.
  • The eligibility of passengers who wish to sit in emergency exit seats must be verified. It is mandatory to fulfill the requirement for safety reasons.
  • An emergency exit or extra legroom seats are unavailable for passengers traveling with their pets.
  • The airlines restrict passengers from occupying the emergency exit seat if they travel with a baby.
  • On all Turkish Airlines-operated flights, passengers who have mobility issues or are ill can select aisle or window seats to avoid blocking the emergency exit from the cabin.

Seat Selection with Miles: Terms & Conditions 

Using the miles, the airlines offer the passengers to choose the seat for them and their loved ones and enhance their travel experience by selecting seats with more legroom space.

  • You can now select the seat with miles, which was previously purchased for a fee.
  • Extra legroom space, emergency exit seats, and regular seats have different prices.
  • With miles, you can also select the baby stroller seats.
  • The free standard seat selection privileges for Elite and Elite Plus members will continue as they were.

Types of Seats on Lufthansa Airlines

The airlines offer seats from standard to luxurious ones. However, passengers can always choose their desirable seats from the cabins offered by the airlines.

●     Economy Class

Enjoy the comfort of these on all long and short-haul flights with standard meals, in-flight entertainment, amenity kit, etc. The seat can be inclined to 15 cm and has a 79 cm long knee room with adjustable leg support and a 46 cm seat width on long-haul flights. The seat has four-direction head support and middle seats with an erectable arm that can turn the seat into a bed. You also get a universal charger socket and USB port under your seat.

●     Business Class

A taste of Turkish hospitality in the skies! Explore the pleasure of the most comfortable seating, lounge experience, award-winning meals, priority check-in, etc.

Passengers get lie-flat seats that open to 193 cm to make a bed, with bed width reaching up to 66 cm with its fully adjustable armrests and various exclusive services like meals, beverages, in-flight entertainment, massage feature, etc.

Various Methods of Seat Selection On Turkish Airlines

The airline provides various methods of seat selection that can be done online or offline. However, the Turkish Airlines seat selection procedure is effortless and straightforward.

Online Seat selection while booking

The passenger can easily make seat selections on Turkish Airlines while booking.

  • Visit the Turkish Airlines’ official website at  https://www.turkishairlines.com/
  • Click on flight and enter the detail of your origin, departures, dates and number of passengers, etc. After entering, click on Search Flights.
  • If booking with miles, tap ‘Award ticket – Buy a ticket with miles’ and sign in to your membership account.
  • A list of flights will appear. Choose your most suitable flight.
  • Now, mention the details of the passenger and proceed to additional services.
  • As you proceed further, you will see a seat selection option available.
  • You can view the seat cabin view and choose your desired seat.
  • Lastly, make the necessary payment, and the airline will send you the confirmation mail.

Online Seat Selection after booking

Turkish Airlines seat selection after the booking is a flexible procedure that can be done quickly by following these steps.

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Locate seat selection on the homepage.
  • Or click on these direct links for seat selection Turkish Airline Seat Selection.
  • Enter the ticket number or reservation code followed by the passenger’s surname.
  • Click on the arrow to find your booking details.
  • After this, you will be located in the seat selection window.
  • Click on the seat cabin view and select your preferred seat.
  • Lastly, pay for the seat selection charges if asked.
  • The airline will send you the confirmation mail regarding the seat selection.

Offline Turkish Seat Selection

The Passengers who are not willing to select the seats online can also go for an offline procedure. In this, they can contact the representative and select the seat.

  • Dial the official Turkish Airlines number, i.e., +90 212 463 63 63
  • You can locate the number on the official website by going to their Contact Us section.
  • Dial the number and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Soon you will be connected to a live representative.
  • Provide all the details of your flight and your preferred seating.
  • The representative will book the seat on your behalf; and make the necessary payment if asked.
  • Lastly, Turkish Airlines will send you a confirmation mail of the seat selection.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Fees

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection prices are different for all classes of passengers. However, the airlines do not charge for every seat. When passengers do not opt for a seat selection, the airline randomly assigns seats without charging any cost. Although, it is not sure that you will get the seat next to your family or friends. Thus, the airline advises you to choose your desired seat in advance to enjoy the best comfort in the sky.

Below, you can see the charges applied for all the classes of seat selection. Also, these charges depend upon the routes you are traveling.

RoutesFlight ClassType of SeatChargesSelection duration
All flightsBusiness ClassAll SeatsFree355 days before flight departure
THY domestic & Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy ClassStandard Seat45 TRY355 days to 6 hours before flight departure
THY domestic & Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy ClassExtra legroom seat75 TRY355 days to 6 hours before flight departure
THY domestic & Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy ClassEmergency Exit Row seat60 TRY355 days to 6 hours before flight departure
THY International flightsEconomy ClassStandard9 USD – 39 USD355 days to 6 hours before flight departure
THY International flightsEconomy ClassExtra legroom seat19 USD – 229 USD355 days to 6 hours before flight departure
AnadoluJet domestic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy ClassAll Seats30 USD – 70 USD355 days to 6 hours before flight departure
AnadoluJet international (Except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) seatsEconomy ClassAll Seats9 USD – 21 USD355 days to 6 hours before flight departure
Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Fees

Note: Miles and Elites members of the miles program are excluded from these fees.

Cancelation and Refund Process of Seat Selection

Turkish Airlines provide a smooth procedure for cancelation and refunds for seat selection. Thus, the airlines have some guidelines for all these processes.

  • Seat selection does sometimes cancel due to modifications made in any of the flights or can be due to flight cancelations. The fee is instantly refunded if these seat selections are payable via the website, mobile app, sales offices, or call center. You can also get complete transaction information by contacting sales offices and call centers if the refund is automatically.
  • The refund is also not initiated when the passenger requests the flight adjustment and cancellation.
  • Due to operational reasons, if the passenger is assigned to another seat after boarding, the airline will instantly refund the payment if it is done via the online POS website. You can also contact the sales office and contact center for a full refund if the seat payment is not via the online website.
  • Turkish Airlines approves and accepts the emergency seat selection of the traveler. If the traveler does not fulfill the requirements of the emergency seat, then they will be assigned to a replacement seat, and the seat selection fee is also not refunded.
  • The fee is also refunded if the passenger upgrades their ticket to Business Class.
  • Application for all refunds must be sent to the call center or sales within 1 year of the flight.

Eligibility to Occupy Emergency Exit Seats

If you wish to sit on emergency exit seats, you must comply with the eligibility criteria of the airline.

  • In the case of sudden evacuation, the passengers who can help can only access the emergency exit seats.
  • The passengers sitting on those seats must be over 16 years old and below 65.
  • You must be fluent in Turkish or English to comprehend written or verbal instructions.
  • Lastly, the passenger must be physically fit and in excellent health.

Changes Made in Seat Selection

Turkish Airlines can make any changes in the seat selection process.

  • The airlines do not guarantee seat selection for operational, safety, and security reasons. Nevertheless, the airlines will try to offer you the best substitute in those circumstances.
  • The seat fee may be refunded if the secured seat is altered due to the system of Turkish Airlines or for operational reasons. Due to this change, reimbursing any fees, including the ticket cost, is not feasible.
  • Passengers who purchase seat selection can only use the benefit or for the one whom they have purchased for. The airline does not allow the transfer of seat selection to another flight or passenger.
  • The free seat alteration can be made from the moment of ticket purchase until the end of check-in online.
  • Purchased seats can be exchanged with similar seat types without any fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make a seat selection while booking a ticket on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, it is possible to make seat selections while booking. When you are making your booking, the website will ask you to select the seat. However, the seat can be free or paid, depending on the class and seat features.

Is it possible to make a Turkish Airlines Seat Selection at Check-in online?

You can select a seat during online check-in by logging in with the booking code or using the Miles & Smiles membership account. You can view the cabin seating plan on the screen and select free or paid seats.

How can I make a Turkish Airlines seat selection for free?

If you want to book free seats on Turkish Airlines, look for the free seat while booking, or leave it if not available. Also, the seat selection is free if you are traveling in business class.

Who is eligible for the emergency exit seat row?

Passengers must be over 16 years old and below 65 and fluent in English or Turkish to understand all the instructions. You must be physically fit and can assist someone in case of a sudden evacuation. The passengers traveling with their pets and babies are restricted from seating here.

How can I make a Turkish Airlines seat selection?

Turkish Airlines does offer seat selection. The selection can be made while booking, by website, at check-in, or by calling the Turkish Airlines Customer Service.

Why is my Turkish Airlines seat selection not working?

On some Turkish airline-operated flights, paid or unpaid seat selection is not an option due to operational and technical issues.

Why is seat selection in business class unavailable on flights departing or arriving from Ankara under Turkish Airlines?

Due to operational reasons, Turkish Airlines seat selection is not working in business class cabins on departing and arriving from Ankara.

Does an economy-class passenger make a seat selection on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, the airlines offer an economy class to choose their preferred seats by paying some fee. The airline provides extra legroom space and emergency exit seats to the passengers.

What is the cost of seat selection on Turkish Airlines?

The price of seat selection starts from 9 USD to 229 USD. The price may vary depending on the seat choice and its class.

Does the passenger need to pay for seat selection if they have extra seats on Turkish Airlines?

If you purchased an extra seat for yourself to double the comfort, then the seat selection is free for the flight chosen, but you must get these tickets from the official website.


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