Redeem Etihad guest Miles

How to Redeem Etihad Guest Miles for Flights

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Most airlines have special miles or flyer status programs that give travelers a great deal while booking the flight. As flyers can use miles to purchase a ticket that prevents them from spending cash. However, Etihad guest programs are not the first option that comes to mind, as it is far from the United States. Despite, being far away, Etihad has a lot to offer to their guest using miles. Etihad has a partnership with around 50 airlines that operate all over the world. Thus, many passengers think about, how to redeem Etihad guest miles. Using Etihad Guest Miles gives a chance to frequent flyers to unlock and redeem miles to travel in first class. So, let us find out how to redeem Etihad Guest Miles through various methods.

On Etihad Flight

Etihad has launched its frequent flyer program with two-mileage plans. However, one is for redeeming flights of its own, and the second plan is for redeeming for booking the flight on partner airlines. Moreover, the awards are charged according to the distance of the flight. To calculate the miles Etihad Airways has a mile calculator that provides an exact price to redeem for the destinations.

For instance, flights from New York to Abu Dhabi can cost a minimum mile of 60,000 for economy class, and 1,10,000 for business class, and when passengers want to enjoy a first-class apartment, they have to pay 220,000 miles for each side.

Distance rangeEconomyBusinessFirst-class
Miles Redemption For Etihad Flights

For Partner Flights

If you want to know how to redeem Etihad Guest Miles for partner flights, then there are various suitable options. Travelers can book flights through miles on over 20 airline partners, which can help in expanding the travel probability as it offers more routes and destinations through Etihad’s partners. The prices are determined by the distance, yet could have different price points relating to Etihad’s flights. One can call the Etihad helpline number or visit the official website to redeem with American Airlines and Virgin Australia, which are only two of those that allow online bookings.

Distance rangeEconomyBusinessFirst-class
Miles redemption for Partner Flights

How to Use Etihad Guest Miles for Flight Upgrade?

Passengers can upgrade their seats from one cabin to another cabin on Etihad by redeeming the miles. The number of miles one requires depends on the original fare and the cabin class. Therefore, upgrading the class using miles will cost less than redeeming for a ticket for the class.

Travelers who want to know how to redeem Etihad Guest Miles for seat upgrades have the choice of placing a bid with Etihad Guest Miles. The higher the bid better the chances of a cabin upgrade. Another way is to directly purchase the upgrade by paying with Guest Miles.

Book a Hotel, Rental Car, or Holiday Package

In our particular blog on how to redeem Etihad Guest Miles, another quick way to reclaim Etihad Guest Miles is to book a hotel, or rental car or purchase a holiday package.

Passengers can enter the amount of miles they want to redeem while booking the hotel or rental car and pay the rest amount in cash. Travelers get the opportunity to use their Etihad Guest Miles for over 300,000 hotels. The amount of miles required is dependent on the respective partners.

When it comes to booking a holiday package with Etihad, travelers get the choice of paying with Guest Miles. Travelers can redeem miles for flights, hotels, and other activities in their holiday package.

Redeem Etihad Guest Miles for Shopping

The airline provides an Etihad guest reward card which allows members to spend their miles for shopping anywhere. Etihad offers a range of electronics, grooming, fashion, grocery, and many more. Passengers can sign up for a reward card and download the app to store the virtual reward card. However, it is not as effective as it looks, because passengers will end up spending a lot for what they get.

For example, buying Apple AirPods will cost 18,573 miles via the Etihad shopping portal, or one can buy for $129 from the Apple store directly.

What Are the Sweet Spots of the Etihad Guest Program?

There are many ways to get the best use of Guest Miles. Travelers can make the most of their Guest Miles if they choose the right flight at the right time.

Right Flight at the Right Time

It could include redemptions for flights under 500 miles with pricing starting from 6,000 miles in economy, 10,000 in business class, and 14,000 in first-class on Etihad’s airline partners.

In case, passengers want to book a flight from Charlotte to Orlando on American Airlines, which states 468 flown miles, the price would be at the lowest tier. Whereas, flights from Sydney to Melbourne on Virgin Australia would also be at the same price, which is flown 438 miles. However, both airlines can use the online method through Etihad Guest.

If we see other airlines, those will be ranked at lower prices, even if they are not booked online. For example, from Casablanca to Marrakech flight on Royal Air Maroc for flights at 125 miles, will cost 6000 Guest miles. Thus, flights from Tokyo to Osaka will cost at the same price, which flown for 267 miles.

Additionally, there is a certain fee applicable to use the miles for booking a flight on the airline. Using Etihad miles to book a flight with a partner airline, may vary with the taxes and fees by airline and route. However, travelers can call the helpline number of the airline to confirm the taxes and fees associated with a partner airline.

Moreover, if the traveler owns an Etihad Guest Reward Card, they get the benefit of utilizing it for online shopping. Sometimes, Etihad also runs promotional offers for booking various itineraries directly from their platform. Redeeming miles on those offers gives a huge advantage.

Redeem Etihad Guest Miles for Infants

Etihad Airways allows infants up to 24 months to sit on the laps of their guardians. However, the infants must have passenger tickets which will charge 10% of the fare for adult passengers. Somehow, if the tickets are booked using miles, one can use the miles to purchase an infant ticket. It will also be priced at 10% of the mileage price for their award ticket.

Family Pooling

Etihad allows passengers to create an Etihad Guest family membership account. Under it, if any family member earns Guest Miles, the points are added to the family’s head account. There can be a total of nine members in a membership account. Thus, members can pool their miles under one account.

This can be done by inviting the family members to join the Guest Program so that the earning can begin.

Whenever the member earns miles, it goes to a common account. It can be redeemed for any activity. However, still members can use their individual Guest Miles.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Redemption of Etihad Guest Miles

  • The foremost option is to use the miles pooling feature that allows passengers to invite up to seven members, so they can redeem the miles inclusively.
  • Moreover, the family members should be immediate family or extended relatives. There is no requirement of proof.
  • One must navigate partner award bookings. Travelers have to call and contact the partner airline, except American Airlines and Virgin Australia. Since the procedure might not be worth it.
  • Travelers must see the flights for which they are interested before calling. One can check for availability through other airline programs.
  • Flyers can also use their Guest Miles to book Guest Seats that are lower in price.

What are the Ways to Earn Guest Miles?

Etihad operates in over 60 destinations worldwide, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America. The Airways has a list of airline partners that involves loyalty programs to many destinations.

Join by Flying with Etihad Airways

Travelers will earn a specific mile while they fly with Etihad or their airline partners. But, the number of miles depends on the class type and distance. The choice plus fares are the fares that earn 100% of the standard mile rate.

  • In economy class, passenger earns 25% of a mile for sale fare, 50% of the value and hand baggage only fare, 75% for choice fares, and 100% for choice plus fares.
  • In business class, flyers get a chance to earn 130% miles for value fares, 175% for choice fares, and 200% for choice plus fares.
  • For first-class, travelers can earn 275% miles first-class fares.

According to the Tier Status

Passengers can take advantage of earning miles according to their status tier. Therefore, each tier has its own usage which helps in saving money and making the journey more comfortable.

benefits of using etihad guest miles

Bronze Elite Status

No mile bonus is provided with this Etihad Elite Status.

Silver Elite Status

  • In this status, Etihad provides a confirmed booking in economy 48 hours prior.
  • Passengers get a 25% discount on instant upgrades with miles at the airport for services, like baggage allowance, lounge access, and priority check-in.
  • Also, 10 kg of excess baggage and one additional checked baggage for free.

Gold Elite Status

  • Travelers will receive a booking in economy class 24 hours in advance.
  • A 50% discount on instant upgrades with miles at the airport for services, like baggage allowance, and priority check-in and boarding.
  • Along with a 25% discount on onboard wifi, business class lounge access for self and guests at Etihad lounges access across the world.
  • Meanwhile, 15 kg of excess baggage and one additional checked baggage for free.

Platinum Elite Status

  • Passengers can book 24 hours in advance in economy class and 48 hours prior in business class.
  • A 50% discount on instant upgrades with miles at the airport for services, like fast-track immigration and baggage, and priority check-in and boarding.
  • Along with free access to onboard wifi, first-class lounge access for self and guests at Etihad lounges access across the world.
  • And 20 kg of excess baggage and one additional checked baggage.

Flying with Partner Airlines

Although Etihad is not a member of any airline alliance, still passengers can earn miles while flying with any of the airline partners. Meanwhile, the number of miles a traveler earns depends on the distance and class of service. The earning of miles can range between 10% to 300%.

Star AllianceSkyteamOneWorldIndependent
Air NewZealandAir EuropaAmerican AirlinesAir Serbia
Air CanadaKorean AirMalaysia AirlinesBangkok Airways
Brussels AirlinesSaudiaOman AirGulf Air
All Nippon AirwaysGaruda IndonesiaSri Lankan AirlinesVirgin Australia
Earn Points While Flying with These Partner Airlines

Are Etihad Guest Miles Worth It?

Etihad is one of the most luxurious airlines worldwide and has always been excellent when we talk about services or comfort. However, it may not be popular for its loyalty program, because it might be a little far and travelers may hesitate to join the program. But it is all worth it. This program allows collecting or transferring the miles. Hence, there is a value that can be conquered through Etihad Guest, certainly while redeeming for booking using miles instead of cash. As everyone knows the ticket price of Etihad Airways is pretty expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my Guest miles for?

You can use your Etihad guest miles for many services, including flight booking, car rentals, booking at the hotel, lounge access, spa, and shopping.

Can I redeem my guest miles on other airlines?

Yes, you can use your Etihad guest miles for booking with other airline partners. There are approximately 20 plus airline partners with Etihad, such as American Airlines, Virgin Australia, Korean Air, ANA, and Air New Zealand where you can utilize your miles.

How to Join Etihad Guest Loyalty Program?

Travelers can join the Etihad Guest loyalty program at the official website. When they join the program they attain the Bronze tier automatically.

What is Etihad Reward Shop?

An Etihad reward shop is a portal from where passengers can redeem their miles to use in the form of gift cards, donations, and purchases.

How to redeem Etihad guest miles to get a great value?

However, Etihad guest miles can be used for many services, yet the best value one can get is by using them for award flights on Etihad and other partner airlines.

How long is guest mile good for?

Etihad miles also expire depending on the elite status of passengers. For bronze, silver, and gold members the miles expire in 18 months of non-use. On the other hand, for Platinum members, it does not expire.

How many guest miles are required to upgrade to business class?

To upgrade to business class, the Etihad guest miles depend on the distance of the flyer or can have different prices relating to Etihad’s flights. One can call the Etihad helpline number to know the exact number of miles.

Can I use my Etihad miles for someone else?

Etihad permits their travelers to use their miles through a pooling feature that allows passengers to invite up to eight members, so they can redeem the miles together. Moreover, the family members should be immediate family or extended relatives.


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