United First Class – Is it Worth It?

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I have traveled extensively with united airlines, and I have experienced all of their classes, but my favorite was the first class. Many people reserve first class with united airlines for domestic flights but do not have the right knowledge about what facilities and what to expect.

In this post, I’ve shared my experience with united airlines first class. You’ll learn about how to book united first class, baggage policy, flight experience, meals, priority luggage, and other information related to united first.

How to Book United First Class?

Not many people know how to book first-class flights on united airlines. You can easily book a United business/first-class flight from united.com. To book a United first class flight follow the steps below.

  1. Enter your departure and arrival airport.
  2. Select dates and other information.
  3. Now in the cabin section select “Business or First”.
  4. Click on find flights.
  5. Now you can select a business or business fully refundable according to your need.
  6. Fill in the traveler information and click on the continue button.
  7. Select your desired seat and click on Continue to Payment.
  8. Now complete your payment.

This is how you can easily book united airlines Business/first class from the United website.

United First Class: A Few Things You Need to Know About Booking

You can get United First seats by paying a higher fare or also by upgrading your seat. The most common ways to do that are:

Using Miles: MileagePlus miles can be used for award booking or upgrading to first class. Economy seats often require fewer miles than economy seats, while booking first class you will have to pay more miles for booking

With Cash: United Airlines allows you to purchase first-class tickets when you book a flight. These tickets are more expensive than economy tickets.

Upgrade to the first class: You can upgrade to First by using your United miles if you have an economy seat and want additional comfort.

United First Class Experience: What to Expect

You’ll get a premium experience by booking United first class starting from the check-in process. Below I’ve shared some information on the benefits of booking United first.

United Premier Access

United first class passengers will get access to the premier access lane during check-in and they’ll also get the priority line during the security section. This comes in handy during overcrowding or when there are a lot of people in line. In some cases, you can get arrive at the airport before other fare classes.

First-class passengers get off the plane first after landing. This makes baggage collection easier and saves a lot of time. You’ll get priority access and facility on the plane from start to finish of your trip.

United Priority Boarding

If you have a United First ticket, you will board the plane in group 1. Preboarding is also available to customers with disabilities and active military personnel.

United First/Business Baggage

United First is amazing, as you’re allowed to bring 2 bags without any charges. Your baggage will also show up first on the carousel so you can grab them right away.

Customers who purchase the Economy package will have to pay an additional $30 fee for checked luggage, while basic Economy customers are not allowed to bring a full-sized carry-on, you’ll have to pay an additional amount.

United First/Business Seats

With United First, you’ll have a seat with extra space, a power plug, a plate/tray for food and drink, and more legroom. You can also use your laptop on this tray.

With United first class you’ll get complimentary direct for entertainment purposes. For streaming, you’ll need to pay extra for the wifi.

United First Class Meal and Drinks

United First’s food and drinks are among its best features. The drinks, wines, and cocktails you would normally pay for in economy are free in first class.

How to Reschedule United First Class Flight

Rescheduling or changing your flight becomes easy with united first class. United first class provides flexibility in changing or rescheduling your flight. There are no charges for rescheduling your United first flight.

In some cases, if the new flight is less expensive then you’ll get future flight credit as a refund. You can use these credits for booking flights in the future. United First passengers can also reschedule and join the standby list for free. You can also board an earlier flight on the same day as your original departure.

As a MileagePlus Premier member, you can request a same-day flight instead of standing by without paying any additional charges or fees. If you change to an expensive class then you’ll have to pay the remaining amount. Make sure the next flight is within 24 hours of the original departure and that it’s the same airport, destination, and cabin class as the first.

Is United First Class Worth It?

Considering United First Class is available on many routes, it really depends on your travel needs. Because United Economy prices can differ by route, you may want to compare their prices to determine whether United First would be a good deal.

It doesn’t make sense to spend extra on United First if you’re looking to save as much money as you can. However, if you fly frequently and want the roomiest seats available, the first class may make sense if you prefer luxury and want elite status.


Is it worth flying first class on United?

Yes, United First Class is worth buying. If you are flying within the U.S. or Canada, take advantage of our first-class service. With Premier Access, you get 2 free checked bags per connection, extra space and comfort, as well as complimentary meals and alcoholic beverages on board.

What is it like to fly first class on United?

United First Class passengers get premium seats, in-flight entertainment, premium food, and complimentary beverages, as well as priority check-in, priority baggage handling, and priority baggage handling for two free checked bags.

Is there a dress code for first class on United?

If you are flying United first or in business class, you must wear a collared shirt and long pants, while women must wear a dress or pants.

Do you get free drinks in United first class?

While on the flight, you can choose from a variety of complimentary inflight beverages, including water, juice, soft drinks, tea, fresh coffee, beer, wine, etc. United offers a rotating selection of craft beers and a variety of beers, wines, and spirits.

How much does it cost to upgrade to first class on United?

If you are a united frequent flyer member, you’ll be charged $200 for getting an upgrade from economy to first class.

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