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Southwest Airlines Travel Protection & Coverage – [2024 Update]

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While traveling on the flight it is a wiser decision to purchase travel protection as passengers are sometimes stuck in critical situations. In that scenario, travel insurance benefits them in many ways. Many airlines offer insurance for single-flight segments as well as multiple-flight segments and Southwest Airlines is one of them which you can find on their official website under Southwest Travel Protection. However, It would be useless to pay for protection on domestic travel on Southwest Airlines. 

You should purchase the insurance when you are planning for a vacation. However Southwest Airlines does not offer travel protection for isolated flights, you can only purchase it for vacation plans.    

What is Southwest Travel Protection?

When you are traveling with Southwest Airlines, buying insurance can help you save your money and protect you in critical situations. When you decide to purchase Southwest travel protection, you must know about certain rules and restrictions that Southwest follows. 

  • The Southwest Travel Protection plan is valid for Caribbean, Mexico, and US destinations only. 
  • Besides this, the Southwest travel insurance coverage is not transferrable so you keep that in mind when you are ready to purchase.
  • Once you complete your payment, your travel insurance will activated. 
  • Passengers can cancel their reservation and get a full refund if they have made their booking directly through Southwest Airlines.
  • However, flight segments are non-refundable, and SW Airlines will provide travel credits instead of money. 
  • The travel credits will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Southwest allows one free amendment in the Southwest vacation travel protection. After that, it will waive the fee for hotels, rental cars, and activities.
  • Southwest travel protection includes hurricane guarantee which makes its insurance plan more attractive. Because many airlines do not conclude this under their insurance plan.  

What Type of Travel Insurance is Included in the Southwest?

Once you get to know that Southwest Airlines offers travel insurance to its passengers, you must have the knowledge about what type of protection Southwest insurance includes to get the proper benefit of it. Take a look at the following information regarding trip protections.  

  • Medical travel insurance 
  • Delayed and lost baggage
  • Accident protection  
  • Travel arrangements 

Medical Travel Insurance 

Southwest Airlines takes care of their passengers in any situation of medical emergencies. According to the Southwest Insurance Plan, the airlines will pay for expulsion due to any medical emergency. Airlines take the responsibility of taking the passenger to the nearest hospital and will pay the transportation fee from their end. Due to any illnesses or injuries during the vacation, Southwest will reimburse the hospital fees and medical bills. 

Delayed and Lost Baggage Protection

In case the flyer faces the situation of baggage being damaged, stolen, or lost during the vacation, then Southwest assures to provide compensation to the flyers. This comes under the Southwest travel insurance lost baggage policy. Along with that, if your bag is delayed more than eight hours during your trip, Southwest will reimburse the passenger for purchasing some important items.    

Accident Protection

According to Southwest Travel Protection, if the passenger loses their life or limb while traveling on the Southwest Airlines, due to any devastating condition, then the airline will provide compensation to the flyer or his/her family.  

Travel Arrangement

If the traveler is unable to travel then Southwest Airlines provides reimbursement under its travel insurance plan. In some particular situations, you can receive complete reimbursements from the airline such as illness or injury situation, Severe health issues of a family member, Subpoena, or Jury duty. These are the conditions passengers can ask for compensation. Apart from this, airlines also repay unused hotel bookings. The airlines will also bear the extra charges to book a new flight or change the flight if the traveler is unable to commute.

Along with that, southwest also provides compensation if the passenger misses the connected flight due to certain reasons such as: 

  • 3 to 12 hours of delay of the flight
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Government restrictions

Delayed Conditions 

When the flight is delayed and this disturbs the flyer’s plans then this is also the airline’s fault and Southwest takes the guard for it. But here are some terms and conditions under the Southwest Travel protection plan. If your flight is delayed more than 6 hours due to the covered reasons in the protection plan, then Southwest will compensate for the additional expenses. The additional expenses can be accommodation, meals, and personal items.

How to Purchase Southwest Travel Insurance? 

After reading all about Southwest travel insurance, the most crucial thing to know is how you can purchase trip protection. What will be the step-by-step process to buy travel protection from Southwest Airlines? If you are also stuck on this question, don’t worry. Follow the steps and go ahead to purchase the insurance. You can simply purchase it online just from your home.

  • Go to the Southwest Vacation.
  • Fill out the trip details such as origin, destination, number of passengers, and date.
  • Now, choose the hotel, flights, cab, etc.
  • After that check out the “Add Extras” option, and there you will see event tickets and a travel protection plan.
  • The price of the Southwest Protection plan will be displayed on the screen according to the number of passengers and route. 
  • In the process, click on the “Add to Cart” button.
  • The next step is to click on the “Proceed” option at the bottom.
  • The airline will show the breakout of the trip. 
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Then, add the traveler information, Rapid Reward Account number, and contact details. 
  • Move to the payment page and pay the fees. 
  • Once you complete the payment, you will receive the booking details at the registered email address. 
  • Your booking details will include trip protection.

So this is the online method of Southwest Airlines that you can utilize to buy travel insurance. By following this step, you can easily purchase Southwest Travel Protection.     

Is Southwest Travel Protection Worth It? 

Purchasing trip insurance before your trip can help you to save your money and enjoy many privileges. You are ready to claim compensation in any inconvenient situation during your trip. According to Southwest Travel Protection, passengers are entitled to get their money back when they face interruptions in travel, flight delays, medical emergencies, and baggage delays. Besides this, it also provides a guaranteed refund for vacation interruption due to hurricanes. Under Southwest Trip insurance, the passengers can enjoy one extra benefit of making changes in their itinerary one time completely free. 

So there are multiple reasons why you should purchase travel protection and how they are beneficial. But you must know that Southwest Travel Protection is available for destinations in the USA, Caribbean, and Mexico. Thus check first on which you are planning to travel.        

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does trip insurance on a flight cover?

The Southwest travel protection plan includes medical coverage, compensation for baggage loss and delay conditions, accident protection, and more. It also provides compensation in many situations that are covered under its insurance plan.

Does Southwest card offer travel protection?

Yes, if you have a Southwest card, you can enjoy multiple services. This card provides comprehensive travel insurance which covers rental car collision damage waivers, no foreign transaction fees, among other cardholder benefits.

In which countries Southwest travel insurance is valid?

When you are purchasing the Southwest travel insurance, make sure to check the countries where this is valid only such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and US destinations. This protection plan works only in these countries. 

Is Southwest travel insurance transferable?

No, the Southwest travel insurance coverage is not transferrable. You can not shift your insurance to another person. So, read the policy carefully before you purchase.  

Can I cancel my reservation and get a refund from Southwest Airlines?

Under Southwest travel insurance, passengers can get a full refund if they cancel their reservation. They just need to remember that they make the booking directly through Southwest Airlines.      

How many times passengers can make amendments to the travel insurance?

Passengers can make the one free amendment in the Southwest vacation travel protection. After that, it will waive the fee for hotels, rental cars, and activities. 

Does Southwest Airlines travel protection include hurricane conditions?

Yes, if you have purchased Southwest travel insurance then you will get the reimbursement in the condition of the hurricane. However, many airlines do not cover the calamity conditions because this is so common in the American region. 

will I get the reimbursement if my bag is delayed? 

Southwest will reimburse the passenger for purchasing some important items if your bag is delayed more than eight hours during the trip. Southwest understands the situation of the passengers.

Does Southwest provide compensation for the damaged bag condition?

Under delayed and damaged bag protection, southwest provides compensation if the passenger faces the situation of baggage being damaged, stolen, or lost during the vacation   

Does Southwest pay the compensation if I miss the connected flight?

If you miss the connected flight due to a 3 to 12-hour delay in your flight, this is completely the airline’s responsibility. So, Southwest Airlines provides compensation for their fault.

Does Southwest travel insurance cover accidental protection?

Yes, if the passenger loses their life or limb during their journey with the Southwest due to any devastating condition then the airline will pay the compensation to its flyer or their family. The travel insurance covers this part.   

Can I claim for compensation in a medical emergency?

If you have purchased trip insurance, then you do not need to worry about any medical condition. The airline will provide you with a reimbursement, pay the passenger transportation fee, and take the passenger to the nearest hospital.

Is travel insurance worthy?

When you are traveling with the airlines, there comes up multiple situations that passenger faces which is not actually their fault. So they deserve to get their money back. Travel insurance helps in claiming the money back.  

Why Southwest travel protection is good?

Southwest Travel Protection covers a large number of facilities for their passengers. It includes medical coverage, travel protection, lost and damaged baggage coverage, and hurricane conditions also which not every airline covers.

How long do you have to cancel a Southwest vacation package?

To prevent forfeiture of your payments due to “No Show,” any modifications and cancellations must be reported to Southwest Vacations no later than ten minutes before the planned flight departure time. 

How do I file a complaint with Southwest Vacations?

If you are struggling with any condition and confused about how to get the solution, you can easily contact the Southwest Airlines customer care center at 1-800-243-8372 and talk to their representative. 

What are Southwest’s cancellation rules?

According to the Southwest cancellation policy, if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of the booking, you will be entitled to a refund. You can receive your money back either as money or in the form of credits.   

Can I claim for that medical condition that I have not mentioned in the Southwest insurance?

Airlines cover only those medical conditions that are pre-existing in the Southwest Airlines trip protection policy. If you have not mentioned that in the policy, airlines do not take responsibility for the refund.  

How much does it cost to cancel Southwest?

There is no fee for the cancellation of the ticket on Southwest Airlines if you are canceling it due to the reasons covered under the trip insurance policy such as medical emergency, calamity, etc.   

Does Southwest give refunds?

Yes, with valid reasons, you can claim the refund at Southwest Airlines. You can take the money back as the travel funds or get it back as the original payments.


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