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Delta Trip Protection: A Guide to Coverage, Benefits & More

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Your trips are more crucial to be spent in the best possible way so that you spend your time with your family and friends peacefully. Your trip must not go into any sort of nuisance as it might become an obstacle for you in your amazing journey. In addition to this, we want you to feel more secure and satisfactory mentally and have an appeasing trip without any worrisome thoughts.

To solve this problem here comes an option of Delta trip protection. In this guide, we will discover how it can help you with complications that can occur, the guiding principles for opting for this insurance, and what it covers.

What is Delta Trip Protection?

It is a travel protection plan provided by Allianz Global Assistance to help in case you feel any sort of unsettling disturbances in your vacation or travel plan. 

 Know about the type of plan it offers to you:

  • Travel Protection Plan PLUS 
  • Travel Protection Plan. 

Here are the details for both of them:

AdvantagesTravel Protection PlanTravel Protection Plan PLUS
Purchase time period Should be purchased any time before the final payment Should be purchased any time before the final payment
Decreased price guarantee No Yes
Cancellation policyIt is presentIt is present
Need of documentationNoNo 
Type of refund on cancellation feesDelta vacation voucher Original form of payment 

What does Delta Trip Protection Cover?

Delta travel insurance is a suitable and befitting way to cover various potential issues that you might face on your travel occasions. Here are the following and how insurance plans can help you out.

Stolen Lost and Damaged Belongings

If your baggage items get lost due to any of the reasons Delta travel insurance compensates you up to $500 for your essential items.

Emergency Medical Conveyance

If you suffer from any medical emergency the insurance policy will help you cover the expenses of transportation.

Emergency Medical and Dental Help

Expenses will be reimbursed covering your medical and dental care.

Nonrefundable Travel Expense

You will get back the nonrefundable travel expense of your trip.

Trip Delay

Compensation for meals and accommodation when travel is delayed for 6 or more consecutive hours.

Baggage Delay

If your luggage is late by 24 hours or more Delta Trip Protection will compensate you for the replacement of essential items.    

Budget Itinerary Fee Changes

In case you want a change in your fees and have a different budget the insurance will compensate you for that.

Cancellation of the Trip

Illness, injury, or a family emergency Delta travel insurance covers up to $10,000 for these issues.

Change in Fees

You will get back the fees if you need to change your Flight itinerary due to a covered reason. 

What Delta Trip Protection doesn’t include in its plan?

Travel plans affected due to covid 19 are not usually covered although if you test positive due to covid 19 you can avail some benefits like cancellation of trips and reimbursement. Loss incurred due to predictable circumstances and events, due to travel advisories or warnings and government restrictions, and due to fear of travel will not get compromised on delta travel insurance.

How to Purchase Delta Travel Insurance?

To find the perfect plan for yourself and get a quote about the estimated insurance cost for your trip you can get from here by answering the following:-

  • Select your location 
  • Select destination
  • State of residence 
  • Departure date
  • Return date 
  • Total trip cost
  • Number of travelers 
  • Trip purchase date

You can use Delta’s trip protection quote tool to get the correct estimate of the insurance cost of your flight. After filling out the information you will get a quote. After that click on the buy now button and you will have to fill in the Trip Details. You will then have to click on add to cart after which you can review the information and payment details if everything is correct then make the payment, and click on confirm.

If you wish to cancel your plan you can do it within 10 to 15 days of purchase (depending upon your state). The delta travel insurance cost depends upon your travel plan information like your state of residence, travel plan information, and total nonrefundable trip cost.

How to Purchase delta Travel Insurance

How to Claim Delta Trip Protection?

If you need proof of the delay or cancellation of a flight you need to fill out a form that contains the following information and then shortly they will follow you up with the verification so that you can proceed with your trip insurance claim.

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Country Region
  • Street address 
  • City 
  • State 
  • Postal code 
  • Email address
  • Airline Program 
  • Frequent flyer number
  • Country 
  • Phone number
  • Date of travel 
  • flight number 
  • Ticket number
  • Origin 
  • Destination

Is Delta Trip Protection Worth It?

Is Delta travel insurance worth it? In short, as we have discussed, Delta Travel insurance helps you to give certain benefits in case of problems and issues regarding things that can go wrong with your travel tour. However to conclude,  if it’s worth it or not it completely depends upon how much patience you have and how much you can strategize and take the risk according to your budget. You can always reflect upon and calculate that it doesn’t impact your budget and you can afford it as it is always good to have a trip insurance claim. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is the meaning of Delta Trip Protection?

Interruptions caused to you in your trip or any cancellation in your trip you will get a refund for a portion of your travel expenses through Delta trip protection.

2. What plans are included in Delta Travel Insurance? 

Delta travel insurance consists of the following plans

  • Travel Protection Plan PLUS 
  •  Travel Protection Plan. 

3. What does Delta Travel Insurance include in its plan?

  • Stolen lost and damaged belongings
  • Emergency medical conveyance
  • Emergency medical and dental help
  • Nonrefundable travel expense
  • Trip delay
  • Baggage delay
  • Budget itinerary fee changes
  • Cancellation of trip
  • Change in fees

4. What is not covered under the Delta Travel Insurance plan?

If you test positive for COVID-19, you can avail benefits like cancellation of trips and reimbursement for affected travel plans. However, such coverage is not usually offered for travel disruptions caused by COVID-19.

5. How to purchase Delta travel insurance?

To find the perfect plan for yourself and get a quote about the estimated delta trip protection cost for your destination trip you can get from their website by answering the travel questions.

After filling out the information you will get a quote. After that click on the buy now button and you will have to fill in the information of passengers who will be insured. You will then have to click on add to cart. You will review the information and payment details on a page, make the payment, and click on confirmation.

6. What is the process for claiming Delta Trip Protection during the cancellation of a flight?

In case of cancellation or delay in flight, you need to fill up a form and then you will be asked questions so that verification can be done and then you can proceed with Delta travel insurance claim.

7. Is Delta Travel Insurance worth having?

If you don’t have budget issues and can opt out of it then having insurance is always a good never a bad plan.

8. Which Insurance company does Delta Airlines use?

BCS Insurance Company and Jefferson Insurance Company are under use by Delta Insurance Company. Alliance Insurance Company is the administrator of Delta Airlines.

9. Does fear of travel come under Delta Travel Insurance? 

 Travel advisories or warnings and government restrictions due to fear of travel do not come under Delta travel insurance.

10. In how much time can we cancel Delta travel insurance?

If you wish to cancel your plan you can do it within 10 to 15 days of purchase (depending upon your state)

11. Is there any need for documentation in the Travel Protection Plan PLUS and Travel Protection Plan?

No, there is no need for documentation in the travel protection plan plus and travel protection plan.


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