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Qatar Airways Customer Service – Phone, Live Chat, Email, Social Media

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Qatar Airways covers a large route of travel that is almost 170 destinations worldwide and so they serve millions of people. When a large audience is traveling on Qatar Airways, it is a general to raise a query. Qatar Airways completely understands the concerns and tries its best to solve them. If you are tackling any issue related to the ticket, journey, accommodation, or any other, you can simply contact the Qatar Airways customer service representative and share your issues with them. They will listen to you and resolve them. You can call the agent, talk to them via chat, email them, or connect with the team on social media. Qatar Airways provides multiple options to contact including mobile apps.     

Phone number : 

United States: +1 877 777 2827

United Kingdom: +44 330 912 7415

Email address: [email protected]

How to Reach Qatar Airways via Phone Number, Chat, and Email?

Whenever flyers plan their travel, it is so common that they get stuck with any problem or any question raised in their mind. Instead of solving those by themselves, it is far better to connect with the service center representative. Qatar Airways has a dedicated team to address the concerns of their flyers and provide them with all the comfort from booking to journey. Contact Qatar Airways customer care via dialing a phone number or through live chat. Here are different ways to contact the agent, choose your convenient method and find a solution.        

Contact Qatar Airways through a Phone Call

Qatar Airways offers different phone numbers for different countries. Here is the list of numbers for your convenience. Pick your one and call to get the issue resolved.  

Country Phone Number 
United Kingdom +44 330 912 7415
United States +1 877 777 2827
Canada +1 888 366 5666
United Arab Emirates +971 600521473
Finland +358 923 191 110
Switzerland +41 31 537 23 21
Sweden +46 853520692
Germany +49 6917 4899 14
Denmark +45 32725806
Afghanistan +974 4144 5555
Australia +61 283201015
France +33 488910726

How do I Get the Phone Number of the Qatar Airways?

If you want to contact the Qatar Airways Customer Service Center via phone call but thinking about where you will get the contact numbers. Do not worry. Here we will discuss the process to find the contact number of the service center. You can select the number of your country and call the Qatar Airways customer support center. 

  • Firstly, go to the Qatar Airways official website.
  • Scroll down and check out the Contact Us option at the last of the page.
  • Click on Contact Us and you will reach the Help page.
  • Again scroll down and look at the left side of the corner.
  • There you will find the numbers section.
  • Type the name of your country and the phone number will display on the screen.
  • Pick the number and dial to find the solution.  

Connect with the Qatar Airways via Chat

You can also talk to the agent using the live chat option on Qatar Airways. On the same help page, at the right side of the corner, you will find an option of “Talk to an Agent”  (get help with live chat). Click on the log-in option, provide the required details, and start chatting with the Qatar Airways representative. They will provide you quick reply and will save you time.    

Connect through Social Media

Since Qatar Airways covers so many countries, the number of travelers is increasing continuously. So the airline does not miss a single chance to connect with its customers. Although there are distinct ways to contact the service center at Qatar Airways to find quick answers to your questions, you can also take a look at the reviews or connect with the airline through social media. 

Qatar Airways uses different social media platforms: 

  1. Facebook 
  2. Instagram 
  3. Twitter 
  4. Linkedin 
  5. Youtube 

Does Qatar Airways have an Email Address?

If you are not satisfied with the calling or live chat option or are not comfortable with that, you can also write an email to the Qatar Airways service center. However, you may have to wait to get a reply for a while but this works as an official way to file your complaint or ask your query and get the answers in writing so that if you face any problem later, you have the proof of it. You can connect on the media relation email address [email protected]

Is there any App to Connect with Qatar?

Besides all these contact options, Qatar Airways also provides another option. You can download the Qatar Airways App from the Play Store and get all the updated information at your hand. You can find the details related to Qatar Airways reservations, edit your booking, change flights, check-in, and many others just by using your phone. So, it is quite easy to resolve your query and manage your booking at the airline.  

Other Ways to Connect with the Service Center

  • You can check out the FAQs mentioned on the official website of Qatar Airways and find approximately all the answers to your questions. There are multiple frequently asked questions with the solutions. It will save you time and will help you to proceed with your journey.
  • Along with that, you can leave your feedback by filling out the feedback form. This may help other people to get an idea about the trip. Fill out all the required information such as feedback type, Qatar Airways reservation number, flight number, etc, and Submit.
  • You can directly visit the Qatar Airways office and discuss your issue with them.  

Issues that Can not be Resolved by Calling the Qatar Airways Customer Care 

Although you will receive all the solutions by calling the agent of Qatar Airways, still some issues can not be resolved. So, before calling the agent, be aware of the things in which the airline can not help you out anyway. 

  • You can not find the solutions related to passport and visa issues. 
  • If you have lost any item at the airport, calling the customer service center can not help you. Directly contact the airport or TSA to report the problem.
  • If you purchase your ticket via Qatar Airlines but your journey is operated by one of its code-share partners, you might need to get in touch with that airline to sort out certain matters. Qatar Airways representatives can not help you. 

Tips to Find the Quick Solution 

  • Although Qatar Airways offers multiple options to contact them calling is the best option to get a quick solution.
  • Make sure you keep all the essential papers or documents in front of you before calling or starting the live chat to avoid last-minute hustle. This will help you to save your time.
  • Have a pen and paper in your hand so that if the representative advises you something or explains any solution to your problem, you do not miss out on it. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I talk to a person at Qatar Airways?

You can contact Qatar Airways customer service by dialing 877-777-2827. This number is for the US clients. They can call on this phone number 24/7. If you live in another country, you can pick the customer service number of your country. 

How do I contact Qatar Airways lost and found?

If you are facing any lost and found issues and want to contact Qatar Airways regarding this, you can write an email to [email protected]. And explain your issue. Qatar Airways will get back to you and solve your concern. 

Does Qatar Airways have WhatsApp?

Yes, you can connect with the Qatar Airways customer service center through WhatsApp. You can call them or WhatsApp them to resolve your query. Besides this, Qatar Airways are available on different social media like Instagram, Facebook as well as Twitter. You can also connect there.  

How can I contact Qatar Airways from the USA by phone?

Qatar Airways offers different numbers for different countries. If you are from the USA and are struggling with any concerns, simply call 877-777-2827 and talk to the live person. This is the US customer service phone number on Qatar Airways. 

How can I get in touch with Qatar in the UK?

Qatar offers its flyers multiple ways to connect with them, you can chat with the airline representative, email them, or connect through social media. But the calling is the best method to connect. To connect with Qatar Airways in the UK, dial +44 330 912 7415 and find the solution.   

What social media platforms does Qatar Airways use?

Qatar Airways provides different social media platforms to contact. You can connect using these.

How can I contact Qatar Airways by email?

When you are struggling with any issue at Qatar Airways and want a solution, you can send an email to the Qatar service center. Type your issue and write to  

Does Qatar Airways respond to complaints?

Send your complaints within 30 days of the receipt. Qatar Airways will acknowledge them and will send a substantial reply in writing to each complaint within 60 days of receipt.


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