how does american airlines standby works

How Does American Airlines Standby Work?

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Wondering how does American Airlines standby work? well, American Airlines Standby can be assumed like waiting in line for a popular theme park ride, you hope to get on, but it’s not guaranteed. Standby is a way for passengers to fly on a different flight than the one they originally booked, usually on the same day, without having a confirmed seat. The passengers also get the facility to be able to get onto the standby list for a late time flight if the passenger accidentally missed.

What is American Airlines Standby Policy?

The passengers should note that not all fares are eligible for the standby policy of American Airlines. Usually, passengers possessing full-fare tickets, elite status with American Airlines, or those on a same-day confirmed flight change can take advantage of the standby policy of American Airlines.

  • Travelers can request standby starting 24 hours before departure.
  • Normal passengers can make standby requests for an earlier flight.
  • On the other hand, AAdvantage members can request standby earlier as well as later flights on the same day.
  • The new flight must depart on the same day.
  • Also, the new flight should originate from the same airport and fly to the same airport as the original one.
  • The standby requests can be made on the flights operated by American Airlines and American Eagle.
  • The standby request does not guarantee booking on the next flight and is subject to availability on select flights.

Eligibility & American Airlines Standby Rules

Standby is often referred to as travelers who have a sudden change of plans or travel schedule, need to catch an earlier flight, or missed their original flight as compared to the actual scheduled time. It’s a very flexible option, however, it comes with uncertainty.

If the passengers miss the flight due to a canceled or delayed flight, the airline aims to confirm a seat for you on another flight. If the flights are booked, you can opt for standby instead. The passengers are placed on the standby list according to priority (full fare and elite status passengers before discount fare passengers, etc.). The passengers may have to wait for more than one flight before a seat is available.

Priority for standby passengers is determined by factors such as elite status, fare class, and when you were added to the standby list. Those with higher status or more expensive tickets typically get a better shot at getting on the flight.

 The following passengers and ticket types are eligible for complimentary standby

  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • Unrestricted Economy (Y Fare)
  • Business and First Class
  • AirPass
  • Business and First Class Award Tickets
  • AAdvantage Platinum
  • AAdvantage Gold
  • Oneworld Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire
  • Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 100K
  • Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K
  • JetBlue TrueBlue Mosaic Members
  • Active US Military Members
  • Active US Military Dependents ( traveling on orders)

How to Make American Airlines Standby Request?

There are various ways to make standby requests. Travelers need to open the official website or the app to access the “My Trips” section to make changes.

According to the fare eligibility travelers can find the option of “Standby” in their booking. Travelers can take the new boarding pass and receipt at the time of check-in.

Another way is to visit the airport counter. If the passengers are looking to fly standby, they should visit the airport early, before the departure time of the flight. The passengers should visit the American Airlines ticket counter or self-service kiosk to inquire about availability on the passenger’s desired flight.

Once the passengers confirm, the airline puts the passenger on a standby list for the requested flight. This list is dynamic and changes as passengers with confirmed seats aboard.

Does American Airlines Charge for Standby

American Airlines provides same-day flight changes on domestic flights. A fee of $75 is needed to be paid by the passengers so as to get a confirmed seat on a different flight (known as a confirmed same-day flight change).

However, if the seat is not available, then the passengers can opt for standby status instead (unconfirmed same-day flight change). Passengers don’t have to pay any fees for requesting a standby list. It is free.

The passengers can request standby or confirmed flight changes through online mode, by phone, at an airport check-in kiosk, or the ticket counter 24 hours before the flight departure.

American Airlines Employee Standby

There are two major standbys- Revenue Standbys and Non-revenue Standbys.

The revenue standby is considered for passengers, who have missed their flight due to delay or any other personal reasons and want to get in the other flight on the same day, so they are put on the stand-by list.

However, Non-revenue standbys are for the passengers/ employees, as they are traveling for free, and do not generate any revenue.

American Airlines employees, parents, and eligible travelers (registered travel companions)can use the Airline services as much as they want (domestic or international flights) for free. To request standby employee or buddy pass travel, you must list for standby with myID travel.

Call the American Airlines Customer Support

Calling the American Airlines phone number is another way to know and get the details on the standby policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does American Airlines standby provide a seat guarantee?

It is very important to understand that standby doesn’t provide a guarantee of a seat. If the flight is full and booked, the passenger might not get the seat.

Can I request standby for a different route?

No. You can make standby requests for flights only for the same route. The standby request can be made for the flight containing the same arrival and departure airport. If the passenger wants to switch the destination, they need to book a new flight ticket again.

How does standby work with American Airlines?

On American Airlines, normal passengers can request standby for earlier flights. On the other hand, AAdvantage members can standby for earlier as well as for later flights on the same day.

How does American Airlines prioritize Standby passengers?

American Airlines prioritizes AAdvantage status members first on the standby list. Afterward, AA considers full-fare Business and First Class passengers. It then considers award flight Business and First Class bookings. Lastly, it considers any partner airlines’ bookings.

How much does it cost to get on an AA Standby list?

If the passengers are trying to stand by due to a missed connection or canceled flight, it might be free. Otherwise, there might be a fee or fare difference if you’re not holding the right type of ticket. On most occasions, American Airlines does not charge any fees.

How to apply for standby on American Airlines?

Passengers can apply for standby on American Airlines starting 24 hours before the flight departure. They can either apply through or go to the airport counter.

What are employee standby on American Airlines?

If the employees of American Airlines wish to travel on AA flight then they can also apply for standby at no cost. However, they are at the bottom of the priority list. The retired employees can also make the standby request.

Do I have to print the boarding pass again after standby confirmation?

Yes, you have to print out the boarding pass again after confirmation of your standby flight. You can either download it or go to the airport counter and check-in to get the new boarding pass.


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