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What is the Premium Economy On American Airlines?

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Traveling in comfort and ease is a priority for many passengers. American Airlines is one of the leading carriers in the United States and provides a great range of travel classes, each of which is designed to cater to the diverse needs of its passengers. In this guide, we will be talking about American Airlines Premium Economy Class seats, food, and amenities along with its advantages and fee charged. But before that let’s see what premium economy actually is.
    • Premium Economy is a travel class that bridges the gap between Economy and First Class on American Airlines.
    • The premium economy class of American Airlines provides passengers with a premium experience as compared to the standard economy, it provides the passengers with more leg space leading to a comfortable journey, and premium services for an extravagant journey.
    • American Airlines introduced Premium Economy for travelers who desire a more comfortable journey at a minimal cost, a more comfortable and enjoyable journey without the premium cost of a business or first-class ticket.
    • The Premium Economy ticket includes special amenities with seats in Business and First Class. Also, these seats are available on the following aircraft of American Airlines:
    • 777-200s
    • 787-9s
    • 787-8s
    • 777-300s
    • While traveling in American Airlines Premium Economy class you’ll get a variety of facilities such as:
    • Speed Check-in, security, and boarding at the airport.
    • Wider and Comfortable seats with extendable foot and headrests.
    • Meals that are inspired by the chefs along with spirits, wines, and beers.
    • Free and personal on-demand entertainment options.
    • Wi-Fi and connectivity.
    • Well-curated Amenities with travel essentials.
    • Passengers also get loyalty benefits if they have American Airlines Premium Economy tickets.
    • Flyers also get some more benefits such as mileage bonuses, lounge access extra baggage allowance, and so on.


American Airlines Premium Economy Seats

    • The major benefit of booking an American Airlines Premium Economy seat is to get a bigger and wider seat with more legroom, as compared to the standard economy seating.
    • The seats installed in this cabin class are Collins Aerospace MiQ seats which are quite wider than than economy class seats. Furthermore, the seats of this class have extendable feet and comfortable headrests.
    • American Airlines has used the Collins Aerospace MiQ seats that are wider (around 18.5-19 inches) as compared to the economy seats (around 16-18 inches).
    • The Premium Economy seats also have around 38 inches of pitch which is wider as compared to around 31-32 inches in economy. This allows for more legroom and a deeper recline providing extra comfort to its passengers.

Key Features of American Airlines Premium Economy Class

There are various key features of the Premium Economy class of American Airlines, that help in making the journey of a passenger more comfortable

Enjoy Extra Legroom Space

    • The Premium Economy class on American Airlines provides spacious seating as compared to the standard economy.
    • Also, these seats have extra legroom with a wider pitch as compared to the standard Economy of American Airlines.
    • Furthermore, the passengers get more comfortable seating that provides flyers the ease to stretch out and relax during their flight on short as well as long routes.

Enhanced Menu With Chef-Inspired Dishes

    • The other major priority travelers get while traveling in the Premium Economy cabin is a variety of delicious food and drink options.
    • Premium Economy passengers are provided with “chef-inspired dining” and complimentary wine, beer, and spirits.
    • American Airlines even serves multi-course meals with real metal silverware on top of white tablecloths to its flyers to provide them with a delightful experience.

Variety In Entertainment Options

    • The flyers traveling in American Airlines Premium Economy class, get multiple In-flight entertainment options.
    • These In-flight entertainment option helps the airline to uplift the whole travel experience to the next level for its passengers.
    • In Premium Economy Cabin, American Airlines provides larger screens and noise-canceling headphones as well.
    • Flyers can stream a number of free TV shows, movies, and more.
    • All these entertainment options are available to watch on flights of American Airlines which are equipped with Wi-Fi facilities.

Well-Curated Amenity Kits

    • American Airlines provides its passengers with a Casper sleep set for Premium Economy class travelers which is not available in standard economy cabins.
    • However, the sleep set is not that comfortable in comparison to the sleep sets provided in business and first class. But the lumbar pillow and “day blanket” are nice that you won’t get in the Economy class.
    • In Premium Economy, the amenity kit includes items like socks, an eye mask, hand and body lotion, a dental kit, earplugs, and a pen.

Additional Baggage Allowance

    • American Airlines allows Premium Economy passengers to provide extra baggage allowance, typically allowing for more checked luggage without incurring additional fees.
    • Premium Economy passengers get one personal item and one carry-on item.
    • The maximum weight of the checked baggage on Premium Economy can be 23 kg.

Difference Between Premium Economy  And Standard Economy Class

Listed below are the comparison parameters along with the services provided in both Standard and Premium Economy Classes on American Airlines.
AmenitiesPremium EconomyStandard Economy
Average Seat Pitch36 to 38 inches30 to 33 inches
Average Seat Width18 to 20 inches17 to 18 inches
Average Recline7 to 9 inches2 to 4 inches
Foot RestExtendable FootrestRarely provided
Seatback EntertainmentMultiple In-flight Entertainment OptionLimited entertainment options
Power OutletsUsuallySometimes
Upgraded MealsChef-inspired meals are offeredLimited Food options
Alcoholic BeveragesNumber of drinks servedLimited drink options
Amenity KitsPremium quality amenity kits are provided.Amenity kits are rarely offered.
Priority Check-InPriority Check-in is provided.Optional add-on at cost
Priority BoardingPriority boarding is also provided.Optional add-on at cost
Checked Bag Allowance2 Checked baggage allowedChecked baggage is not allowed.

Premium Economy vs. Business Class

For international as well as long halt flights, the flights main have both Premium economy as well as business class seats, the difference between the two is shared below along with the amenities offered.
AmenitiesPremium economy          Business Class
Average Seat Pitch36 to 38 inches55 to 80 inches
Average Seat Width18 to 20 inches20 to 22 inches
Average Recline7 to 9 inches145 to 180 degrees (lie-flat)
Foot RestExtendable FootrestYes
Seatback EntertainmentYesYes
Power OutletsYesYes
Upgraded MealsYesYes
Alcoholic BeveragesYesYes
Amenity KitsYesYes
Priority Check-InYesYes
Priority BoardingYesYes
Checked Bag Allowance2 BagsTwo bags

Benefits of Choosing American Airlines Premium Economy

There are various advantages of traveling through American Airlines Premium Economy travel class. Listed below are some of the major advantages of choosing American Airlines Premium Economy class:Comfort: The extra legroom provided by the Airlines as well as the wider seats make the overall journey more comfortable, especially on long-haul flights.Privacy: The individual cabin provided by American Airlines ensures a quieter and more private travel experience for its passengers.Priority Services: Priority boarding and enhanced dining make the travel process smoother and more enjoyable.Value for Money: Premium Economy offers a significant upgrade from Economy Class at a fraction of the cost of Business or First-Class tickets.Extra Baggage Allowance: The increased baggage allowance is a significant perk, especially for travelers with heavy luggage.

How To Upgrade To Premium Economy On American Airlines?

There are several ways that could be used and opted to upgrade your travel classes to premium economy American Airlines.
    • You can visit the official website of American Airlines, and modify the booking details. It can only be done 24 hours before the departure of your flight.
    • Secondly, by using the mobile app of American Airlines, the passengers can fill in their details and upgrade their travel class to Premium Economy Class.
    • Moreover, you can upgrade your class to Premium Economy Cabin by talking to the American Airlines representative through the 24/7 toll-free American Airlines Phone number regarding the seat upgrade.
    • The seat upgrade can even be done at the airport, during the check-in, depending on the availability of the seats.

Points To Remember

    • The passengers should keep in mind, that the upgrade to the Premium Economy class can only be done depending on the availability of the seats in the travel class.
    • Therefore, if the seats are not available no seat upgradation can take place.
    • One thing should be kept in mind while upgrading the flight ticket in American Airlines the upgrade is only concerned with the flight travel class and not the baggage allowance or the access to the Premium lounge in the business class of American Airways.
    • American Airlines allows its travelers to upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy Class as per the availability of the travel classes, with extra cost.
    • Always remember to pay off the upgrade offered immediately through the opted payment method for flight booking tickets, to avail of the offer.


American Airlines Premium Economy Travel Class Fees

    • Passengers get the option of a travel class upgrade in American Airlines at an extra cost and availability of travel classes.
    • They can also opt for preferred travel classes which are usually available in Premium Economy Class based on your needs.
    • If they are opting for ‘preferred travel classes’ then they need to pay a specific amount.
TypesMain cabinPremium economy
Cash price (round-trip)$600-$2,440.$936-$3,322.
American AAdvantage miles (round-trip)60,000-107,500 (plus $200.55 in taxes and fees).100,000-221,500 (plus $329.85 in taxes and fees).

How Many Miles Are Required To Book A Premium Economy Class?

    • Flyers can use their AAdvantage miles to book or upgrade their seat to a different cabin class.
    • American Airlines allows upgrades to the next class which are valid for a single one-way trip with a maximum of three segments.
Below is a chart that’ll help you understand how many miles are required to book a Premium Economy Class seat on American Airlines:
To/FromFrom Full-Fare Economy / Premium Economy
Contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Canada5,000 miles
Contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean*8,000 miles
Hawaii & Central America5,000 miles
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay15,000 miles
Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, Indian Subcontinent, Australia, New Zealand15,000 miles
Europe, the Middle East, and Africa  15,000 miles

Is Premium Economy Class The Right Choice For The Passengers?

Yes, Premium Economy can be the right choice for passengers if they are looking for some extra comfort and privacy during their trip. Below are some points that will justify, why this class is a good option for the flyers that too under a budget.
    • When the passengers select the Premium Economy on American Airlines it solely depends on the passenger’s travel preferences as well as budget.
    • The premium economy travel class is the perfect choice for travelers who value comfort, a bit of luxury, and a quieter journey but are not willing to spend on a premium-class ticket.
    • In addition, if the passengers have a long route flight ahead and want to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed, Premium Economy is the perfect choice for them.
    • Moreover, American Airlines Premium Economy provides an excellent balance between cost and comfort, making it a feasible option for travelers looking to elevate their flying experience.
    • With more leg space, enhanced services, enhanced dining, and exclusive amenities, it provides a significant upgrade from standard Economy class without much extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AA premium economy the same as the main cabin extra?

AA Premium Economy and the main cabin class are similar in many ways. Both classes offer more legroom space, and variety in food and beverages. But in Premium Economy class you’ll get noise-canceling headphones, an amenity kit, and a Casper sleepset which you usually don’t get in the main cabin.

Can you sleep on American Airlines premium economy?

Yes, you can sleep in premium economy class. The airline offers a comfortable blanket and a pillow to all the passengers of this cabin class.

Do American Airlines premium economy seats recline?

Yes, the seats of premium economy class recline. These seats have a pitch of around 38 inches. This also allows more legroom which provides a deeper recline.

What is the American Airlines Premium Economy?

Premium Economy is a class of service that provides an enhanced level of comfort and services compared to the standard Economy class. Its major purpose is to provide passengers with a more enjoyable and relaxed travel experience on a budget

How much does premium economy cost?

The premium economy fee depends upon the route of the flight, and whether it is a domestic or international flight.  On average, the passenger pays around 1.5-3 times more for the premium economy than Standard Economy.

Is it worth it to upgrade to premium economy on American Airlines?

Yes, it is worth upgrading to premium economy class on AA, because the seats of this cabin are wider and have a wider pitch as well. Not only this, you also get variety in food and drink options. Also, the airline offers priority check-in as well.

What are the key features of American Airlines Premium Economy?

Premium Economy provides various services which include:●     Extra legroom and wider seats.●     Exclusive and premium food●     Complimentary beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)●     Enhanced amenities such as noise-canceling headphones and amenity kits.

How is American Airlines Premium Economy different from Standard Economy class?

Premium Economy provides more spacious seating along with enhanced services compared to the standard Economy class. The passengers will enjoy a more comfortable seat with extra legroom and wider seats. They will also receive better meal options, free alcoholic beverages, and improved amenities.

Do Premium Economy passengers get lounge access?

Premium Economy passengers do not receive complimentary lounge access. However, travelers get better in-flight facilities. They get access to food, amenity kits, and world-class experience.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles when flying in Premium Economy?

Yes, the passengers can earn frequent flyer miles when flying in Premium Economy. The number of miles earned will depend on the passengers’ fare class and membership in the AAdvantage program.

What does American Airlines Premium Economy look like?

Premium economy seats are somewhat identical to the standard economy. The only difference is the number of seats per row due to some aircraft being narrower than others. American Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft are arranged with eight seats per row (2-4-2) while Boeing 787 aircraft have just seven seats per row (2-3-2).

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