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What is Main Cabin Extra on American Airlines?

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When traveling by Air, the first concern is always related to comfort and convenience which are always paramount. American Airlines, being one of the major airlines in the USA understands this and has come up with a new feature called “Main Cabin  Extra” which aims at enhancing the flying experience for its passengers. But what is Main Cabin Extra on American Airlines, and how does it differ from the standard economy class? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at American Airlines main cabin extra to help you understand what it offers and why it might be the right choice for your next journey.

American Airlines Main Cabin Extra Seat Specifications

The Main Cabin Extra on American Airlines is well known for its spacious seating. It has extra legroom and wider seats compared to the standard Economy of American Airlines. The passengers can expect more comfortable seating that provides the passengers with the ease to stretch out and relax during their flight on small as well as long routes. The size of the Main Cabin Extra seats differ from aircraft to aircraft. Also, the dimensions of the aisle and window seats vary.

A31930”17.3” to 18”
A32031” to 32”16.5” to 18”
A32131” to 3217” to 18.1”
A321 Transco31”17.3” to 17.7”
A321 Neo30”18.4”
Boeing 737-800 and 737 Max30”16.6” to 17.8”
Boeing 777-20031”-32”17.1” to 18.1”
Boeing 777-300ER31”-32”16.2 to 17.1”
Boeing 787-831”16.2” to 18.1”
Boeing 787-931”16.2” to 17.2”

Key Features of American Airlines Main Cabin Extra

Main Cabin Extra is designed to give its passengers extra legroom, priority boarding, and a more comfortable flying experience compared to Standard Economy class seats. This upgrade is available for purchase and is an attractive choice for those seeking added comfort and convenience without the expense of a business or first-class ticket.

There are various key features of the Main Cabin Extra of American Airlines, which makes the journey of the passengers comfortable.

Overhead Bin Space

American Airlines in recent years introduced new placards to designate overhead bin space which has been added for Main Cabin Extra passengers, ensuring that they get enough storage place to keep their carry-on luggage.

Priority Boarding

American Airlines offers Main Cabin Extra passengers priority boarding, which allows its passengers to save time and skip the line at the time of boarding. They can board in the Group 5 of the boarding order. It helps travelers to settle and stow their carry-on luggage before the main cabin passengers.

Delightful Dining

The other privilege while traveling in Main Cabin Extra is food.  Main Cabin Extra passengers are provided with an extravagant dining experience with complimentary meal service onboard. Passengers seated in Main Cabin Extra enjoy a complimentary alcoholic drink during their flight, providing an added element of luxury to their travel experience.


When traveling with American Airlines, the In-flight entertainment is taken up to another level in Main Cabin Extra. The travelers will get:

  • WiFi
  • Larger screens
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • An extensive selection of movies, TV shows, and music

Amenity Kit

Passengers in Main Cabin Extra receive an amenity kit with essential travel items to make the journey more comfortable.

What is the Main Cabin Extra on American Airlines Additional Baggage Allowance?

American Airlines allows generous baggage allowance to the Main Cabin Extra passengers.

  • American Airlines offers one personal item and one carry-on bag for free.
  • On the other hand, ticket holders of Main Cabin Extra get two checked baggage allowance for free.
  • The weight of each checked bag should not exceed 23 kg. 

How to Book Main Cabin Extra with American Airlines?

  • Passengers traveling with American Airlines Economy can book and upgrade to Main Cabin Extra by simply selecting the main cabin extra seat, at the time of booking.
  • They can even purchase it at the airport during the issue of the boarding pass any time before their flight or during check-in. Travelers can purchase it through the self-service kiosk machine.
  • The fees to upgrade to Main Cabin Extra start at just $20 each way. The Main Cabin Extra upgrade fee entirely depends on the length of the flight and the type of seat the passenger has opted for. Window and aisle seats often cost more than middle seats, and seats in the front of the cabin can cost more.
  • Travelers can also use the miles to reserve Main Cabin Extra seats.

 Ways to Access the Main Cabin Extra on American Airlines

There are a few ways to access Main Cabin Extra on American Airlines:

Purchase the upgraded tickets: The easiest and simplest way to get a Main Cabin Extra seat is to buy it when booking the ticket or as an upgrade after booking a flight with American Airlines. The cost can vary depending on the route, availability, and your American Airlines AAdvantage status.

 AAdvantage Elite Status: If the passengers have an AAdvantage elite status with American Airlines, they passengers get eligible for complimentary Main Cabin Extra seating. Elite status is typically earned through frequent flyer miles and qualifying flights.

Difference Between American Airlines Premium Economy and Main Cabin Extra

In terms of similarity, both Premium Economy and Main Cabin Extra provide extra legroom and complimentary alcoholic drinks during the flight. Along with that, premium economy provides a larger seat, more leg space, along more advantages — like noise-canceling headphones, a Casper sleep set, and an amenity kit — Along with better food facilities. Thus, making Premium Economy a better option than Main Cabin Extra.

However, if the passenger wants to travel premium economy it would cost extra. If the passengers are solely looking for extra legroom along with free alcoholic drinks, Main Cabin Extra at American Airlines can be a good option for them.

American Airlines Preferred Seats vs Main Cabin Extra Seats

Listed below are some basic differences that can be seen between preferred seating and Main Cabin Extra Seats.

 AmenitiesStandard SeatsPreferred SeatsMain Cabin Extra Seats
Space and legroomNo extra legroom or recline Mostly in the rear of the cabin No extra legroom or recline Closer to the front of Main Cabin3 to 6 inches of extra legroom Bulkhead, first rows, exit rows
Seat allotmentAssigned seats in advance  AAdvantage elites can select these seats for freePay to select  Passengers possessing AAdvantage can select for free
BeveragesComplimentary non-alcoholic beverage service  Complimentary beverage service, including alcoholic beverages  No limit to the number of beverages, but flight attendants use discretion based on flight length
FoodComplimentary cookies or pretzels as a small snack
StorageAccess to overhead bins and under-seat storageAccess to dedicated overhead bins and under-seat storage
BoardingGroups 6 to 9Group 5 boarding


Is the American Airlines Main Cabin Extra Worth It?

It entirely depends on the passengers to choose Main Cabin Extra largely depends on your preferences, budget, and the length of your flight. There are various advantages of traveling through American Airlines Main Cabin Extra. Listed below are some factors to consider when making your choice:

Flight Duration: Main Cabin Extra is majorly advantageous for longer flights, where the additional legroom and comfort can significantly enhance your overall experience. The extra legroom provided by the Airlines as well as the wider seats make for a more comfortable journey, particularly on long-haul flights.

Cost-effective: The price difference between a standard economy seat and a Main Cabin Extra can differ. If the cost is reasonable and aligns with your budget, it can be a worthwhile investment. Main Cabin Extra offers a significant upgrade from Economy class at a fraction of the cost of Business or First Class tickets.

AAdvantage Elite Status: If the passengers possess the elite status with American Airlines, then they can take advantage of the complimentary Main Cabin Extra seating to enjoy the benefits without any extra cost.

Personal Comfort: If you want to have extra space and comfort when flying with American Airlines, Main Cabin Extra can make a preferable difference in the passenger’s in-flight experience. The increased baggage allowance is a significant perk, especially for travelers with heavy luggage.

With extra legroom, priority boarding, and the option to select your seat in advance, American Airlines Main Cabin Extra provides an upgraded flying experience without the price tag of business or first-class. Whether you’re on a long-haul journey or simply looking for enhanced comfort, Main Cabin Extra is worth considering on your next American Airlines flight.

Call the American Airlines Customer Support

Calling the American Airlines phone number is another way to know and get the details on what is the main cabin extra on American Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Main Cabin and Main Cabin Extra on American Airlines?

American Airlines markets its standard Economy Class as Main Cabin. The Main Cabin Extra seats fall within the Economy cabin but they have greater legroom space. Along with greater seat dimensions Main Cabin Extra seats also offer priority boarding and welcome alcoholic drinks.

Is upgrading to AA Main Cabin Extra worth it?

If the traveler has a budget constraint and wants to enjoy the experience of Premium Economy, then they can prefer upgrading to Main Cabin Extra seats. With Main Cabin Extra, travelers will get extra legroom space, priority boarding, and a free alcoholic drink.

Do Main Cabin Extra seats cost more money?

Yes, opting for the Main Cabin Extra seats will cost more money. The cost of selecting the Main Cabin Extra seats starts from $20 and increases according to the length of the flight and the type of seat. There will be price variations in front row seats, window, and aisle seats.

Do the Main Cabin Extra passengers get lounge access?

American Airline’s Main Cabin Extra passengers do not receive complimentary lounge access. However, they can purchase access to the Admirals Club or Flagship Lounge separately if available at their departure airport.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles when flying in the Main cabin extra?

Yes, the passengers can earn frequent flyer miles when flying in the Main cabin extra with American Airlines. The number of miles earned will depend on the passenger’s fare class and membership in the AAdvantage program.

What are the key features of American Airlines Main Cabin Extra?

American Airlines Main Cabin Extra provides various features which include:

●     Extra legroom and wider seats with more recline.

●   Complimentary beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)

●     Enhanced amenities such as noise-canceling headphones.

●     Priority check-in and boarding.

Do I get early boarding on American Airlines with Main Cabin Extra?

Passengers with Main Cabin Extra bookings can board the plane earlier than Basic Economy and Main Cabin travelers. The boarding order of Main Cabin Extra travelers is Group 5 (preferred boarding) on AA.

What is the baggage allowance for Main Cabin Extra seats?

Main Cabin extra passengers get an allowance of one carry-on bag and one personal item for free. They also get two checked baggage allowance. The weight of each bag should not weigh more than 23 kg.


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