How to Change Return Flight on American Airlines

How to Change Return Flight on American Airlines?

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Travelers prefer booking away and return trips at the same time on American Airlines as it costs less and reservations in advance help to avoid any last-minute hustles. But, there can be changes in plans and travelers may have to reorganize them. Travelers flying on American Airlines have the choice of canceling their booking. But at AA flyers also have the option of changing their flight to a new date. Learn How to change return flight on American Airlines or the away one, the comprehensive policy of the airline makes it simple and quick.

Ways to Change Return Flight on American Airlines

The two quick methods to change the return flight on American Airlines are:

  • Online Method –  Via the Manage Booking tool.
  • Calling the American Airlines team.

Both methods are quickly accessible by the passenger.

Online AA Manage Booking Tool

The AA My Trips tool is available on the official website and the app. The My Trips is a self-assistance tool, that travelers can use to handle the booking on their own. Passengers who want to change their return or away flight on American Airlines need to access the My Trips and make the modifications.

  • Firstly, open the official website of American Airlines.
  • Now, on the home page, choose the “Manage Trips” option.
  • After that, enter the passenger’s last name and confirmation code to retrieve the trip details. You can also log in to your AAdvantage account.
  • Select the “Change Trip” option.
  • Now, pick the flight from the itinerary that you want to reschedule. American Airlines gives the flexibility of changing the arrival or departure airport, departure or arrival date, or both.
  • Thus, travelers can enter the new flight date and the new destination.
  • Choose the new flight as per convenience.
  • Review the changes and click on the proceed button.
  • Pay any fare differences.
  • Lastly, recheck your itinerary via My Trips for the updated booking. AA will also send the rescheduled booking to your registered email address.

Call the American Airlines Executive

Another way to change the return flight on American Airlines is to speak to the airline’s executive on a phone call. Passengers can take the following action to connect with an agent.

  • Dial the regional American Airlines Phone Number.
  • Request the executive to change the flight.
  • The agent will demand the flight and passenger details. Share the necessary details.
  • The agent will check the eligibility of the fare and process the flight change request.
  • Pay any fare difference by providing the credit//debit card details.
  • You will receive the confirmation on the email address.

Phone Numbers to Change American Airlines Flight Booking

AA provides assistance in multiple languages. Passengers within the USA and Canada can call the following phone numbers to change their flight on American Airlines.

  • English – 800 433 7300
  • Spanish – 800 633 3711
  • French – 800 756 8613
  • Chinese – 800 492 8095
  • Portuguese – 866 824 8717
  • Japanese – 800 237 0027

Remember that not all international phone numbers are toll-free. Charges will apply.

Passengers who have paid for their flight booking through points, need to contact the airline’s executive. Passengers with American Airlines reward points booking cannot change their flight online.

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Return flight on American Airlines?

American Airlines is a legacy carrier that has transformed the air travel experience. Passenger-centric policies and various in-flight amenities have made it one of the most reliable airlines. AA has taken the flight experience to a new level by abolishing any change fees.

Cost to Change Return Flight on American Airlines

American Airlines does not charge any additional fee for changing the return flight. However, passengers have to pay the fare differences.

In case the traveler is willing to change their American Airlines flight on the same day of travel, then they have to pay the flight change fee.

According to American Airlines, Basic Economy ticket holders cannot change their flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Basic Economy flight on American Airlines?

You cannot change the Basic Economy flight ticket on American Airlines. It is the cheapest fare on AA and comes with the least privileges. Thus, travelers with Basic Economy tickets cannot reschedule their booking to a new date.

Can I change my return date on American Airlines?

American Airlines passengers get the benefit of changing the return flight date. Except for the Basic Economy tickets, all fares are eligible for rescheduling the flight to a new date. Not just the return flight date, travelers can also amend the departure date.

Can I reschedule my American Airlines return flight for free?

Except for the Basic Economy tickets, all fares are eligible for flight change for free. American Airlines exempts the flight change fee for domestic, short-haul, and a few long-haul routes.

What is the phone number to make a flight change request on AA?

Passengers within the USA and Canada, who are willing to change their American Airlines flight can call 800 433 7300. Travelers can speak with the agent in English on this number. Travelers can also request assistance in Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.

How to make a flight change request for flights booked with points on American Airlines?

Passengers who have booked tickets with points on American Airlines should contact the airline directly for the flight change process. They can call the AA or visit the AA sales office to make the flight change request.


Can you change the American Airlines return flight after taking the initial flight?

Travelers can change their return flight even if they have taken the initial flight. Travelers can change their booking till 24 hours before departure.

Can I change the return date for one person on a 2-person ticket on AA?

Yes, you can change the return date for a single passenger on a booking containing multiple travelers. You have to call the AA and request the executive to make the necessary changes. The executive will split the PNR and provide a new booking reference number for the passenger,

How Do I change the flight online on American Airlines?

Passengers can take the help of the Manage Booking tool available on the official website or the AA app to process their flight change requests online. It is a convenient method and travelers can avoid paying the administrative fees charged by the AA at the airport.

What is American Airlines Flexible fare?

American Airlines Flexible fares provide the benefit of changing the flight on the same day. Unlike Basic Economy tickets, travelers can change the flight date and destination without any fees.

Is American Airlines still waiving change fees?

Yes, American Airlines is still waiving the flight change fee. Except for the Basic Economy ticket, Fully flexible,  Business, and First Class passengers can make the flight change online for free. However, travelers will have to pay the fare differences


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