best places to visit in New Orleans

List Of Best Places To Visit In New Orleans

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The French Quarter in New Orleans often ranks among the most popular US tourist attractions. If you wish to get a glimpse of Europe in the US, the French Quarter is definitely the place to visit. New Orleans is the most European-style city in the country, and the French Quarter highlights this quality. If you are planning on visiting New Orleans any time soon, it is essential to have a list of the popular places to visit in your hand. Getting an idea about the places that are most visited is the smartest way to explore any place perfectly. Having said that, one more thing that plays an important role when you plan any trip is the time. Every place has its own charm in a particular weather. You enjoy more when you pick the right places at the right time to visit in New Orleans.    

Check out the list of the best places to visit in New Orleans, along with the best time to visit the French Quarter.

Discover Unique Places to Visit in New Orleans 

When you are planning to visit New Orleans, you must have an idea about the places there. Before you start your vacation, prepare a list of the famous places to visit in New Orleans. This will give a direction to your trip and will definitely save you time. Instead of searching for it by yourself, it is recommended to read out the complete information here. Check out the list of the most incredible and dynamic places in New Orleans that you do not miss out on when you are on a trip with your family and friends.  

1- French Quarter 

This is one of the famous places in New Orleans. The French Quarter has been at the top of the list of famous places in the USA for the last 8 years. Tourists are attracted to this place due to its historical background, Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, beautiful architecture, unique stores, art galleries, and restaurants. The main attractions of the French Quarter are the Cabildo, Presbytere, and St. Louis Cathedral, the famous historical places.

Not only just the places, the another attraction is the environment there. So many entertaining performances take place on a daily basis. You can enjoy your portrait as street artists there are eager to make that. The best time to visit the French Quarter in New Orleans is September.

2- The National World War 2 Museum

When you are in New Orleans, you can not avoid visiting the National World War 2 Museum. The vast history that is concluded by this museum is one of the top-rated places to visit in New Orleans. This is the second most visited place in the US. Visiting the museum will be an unforgettable experience of the world war for the tourists.     

3- Voodoo Museum

If you are interested in the mystery and willing to visit a haunted and mysterious place in the new orleans, voodoo museum is one of the best choices for you. The place has its own interesting story. The voodoo museum was opened in 1972 and is related to the African diaspora religion of Louisiana Voodoo. The city has the tradition of having the graves above the ground. Besides this, another interesting fact about this place is that around the 1830s, Voodoo reached its full manifestation, cross-breeding between Creole culture and the famous jazz music born from Voodoo dancing. When you are willing to visit this place in New Orleans, you must know that the entry fee to the museum is around $500. 

4. Moonwalk Riverside Promenade

The peaceful walk by the River Mississippi is one of the perfect time you can spend with you or your loved ones. You can visit the Moonwalk Riverside Promenade without paying any fee because it is completely free. If you are tired of your journey and want to take a rest, this place is the perfect choice to sit and explore. You can enjoy the silence and connect with yourself.     

5- Orleans Jazz Museum

In the list of the most famous places in New Orleans, you can not miss to visit the museums. If you are a music lover then do not forget Orleans Jazz Museum. It is another place that you should add to your list when you are going on a tour of New Orleans. Jazz music is famous and originated in this city. So, it is also important from a historical point of view. It provides diverse resources to all music lovers of all languages and nationalities.

6-Bourbon Street

When you are visiting the French Quarter, make sure you do not forget to walk on the bourbon street. If you love bars and clubs, Bourbon Street can fill up your choice. This place is full of bars and strip clubs. Make sure you visit the street at night because in the day the place is almost silent. It is famous for its party vibe. The lighting and decorated balconies embrace the craze in the visitors. The annual mandi gras celebration is the best time to visit Bourbon Street.

 7- Studio Be

Another place to visit in New Orleans is Studio Be. it is home to local artist, Brandan ‘Bmike’ Odums’ which was the first solo project. The visual art housed presents the stories of revolutionaries, heroes, and everyday New Orleanians. The place is spread over almost 35,000 sq. ft. You must take a round there with your companions. 

8- The Music Box Village 

If you want to enjoy the creative places along with the musical environment, the music box in New Orleans is one of the best choices. This is the whimsical village of artist-made interactive “musical houses.” The place describes the architecture and culture of the city. You can explore the intensive artist’s residencies, performances, and panels. The Music Box Village has the target to connect art people and culture and bring them to one stage. These all things can boost you and make your journey more remarkable.    

9- Garden District 

The Garden District is the place that tourists must visit in New Orleans. You will find wise old oak trees, mansions, and mansions turned into apartment buildings, classy streetcars, along with quirky local businesses. This is one of America’s elite places that you should not miss out on. 

10- New Orleans City Park

Apart from all these, if you are tired and want to enjoy the open air with your children and play with them, New Orleans City Park is the best option to go. You can not miss it in the city because it is the 87th largest and 20th most visited urban public park that includes sculpture and, a botanical garden view. The perfect playground for the kids. There is also the Cafe Du Monde, which you should have visited.  

So, these are the selected places according to the tourist review. Once you are planning to go to New Orleans, it is advisable not to avoid these places. The list of the places to visit in the new orleans given before is so dynamic and full of different moods, that will make your trip colorful for sure. Stop wasting your time when you can start your journey with planning. save your time and energy in searching when you reach in the city and start exploring.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the no 1 attraction in New Orleans?

When you are going to visit New Orleans, there are so many wonderful places, you can not miss out. But if have less the to explore, you should definitely visit the French Quarter. People have voted this place as number one in the New Orleans places. 

What is the most famous part of New Orleans?

The French Quarter is the city’s oldest and one of the best-known neighborhood places to visit in New Orleans. This comes under America’s top ten famous plae list for over 8 years in a row. 

Why is New Orleans a tourist attraction?

New Orleans includes so many variations in the places to visit and make the tourist both educated and amused. The reason why this is the best tourist attraction is you can see the historic homes, the National World War II Museum, streetcar rides to above-ground cemeteries, etc. 

What is New Orleans special for?

Visiting New Orleans can be an excellent experience for you. The place is famous for its vibrant cocktail culture, spicy Cajun and Creole cuisine, live music pouring out of clubs every week, and historical museums and attractions.

What is the main tourist street in New Orleans?

If you are in New Orleans, do not forget to visit the main tourist street named Bourbon Street. It embodies the life of a party town because the street is full of colorful which is lit by neon lights along with the music. The balconies are decorated which embraces the look of the street.

What is the best month to go to New Orleans?

To visit New Orleans the best time is between February to May. Most of the tourist make their plan during this season because the weather used to be cool and the celebrations are in full swing. Apart from this, December or January could be the best month for people who want to enjoy the peace of the city.  

Can you drink in public in New Orleans?

New Orleans is one of the unique cities in the United States where you can drink alcohol on the street. Make sure that it is not in a glass container.

Is New Orleans an expensive trip?

The trip to the new orleans is not that expensive. If you are planning to visit for one week, it could be around $1600 for one person. In the same manner, the two-person may cost $3000 including food, local transportation, and accommodation. It completely depends what is your budget.  

Is New Orleans cheap to visit?

When you are planning your trip to New Orleans, make sure how much your budget is for your journey. The almost one-day expenses are around 200USD. Under this budget you can travel, as well as can afford food.   

How many days do I need in New Orleans?

If you are confused about how many days you should reserve for your New Orleans journey, the advice is to make it no more than one and a half weeks. This is because New Orleans is not that huge city but of course the pretty one.    

What is the prettiest street in New Orleans?

In New Orleans, you should definitely walk on the esplanade avenue, the prettiest street of New Orleans. This is the green, picturesque avenue that is lined with oak trees and classic antebellum mansions. The street leads to the French Quarter, a famous place in New Orleans.   

What month is hurricane season in New Orleans?

If you are thinking about the hurricane season in New Orleans, then take an idea here. Every year, the hurricane season in New Orleans starts from early June to late November. The peak hurricane season occurs in late August and early September.  

What is the cheapest month to go to New Orleans?

 If you want to book your tickets or hotels for the trip to New Orleans then September is the perfect month to visit the best places in New Orleans.   

What street should I stay on in New Orleans?

Bourbon Street Hotel could be the best place to stay in New Orleans. It has historic venues, iconic restaurants, and bars along with legendary tales. You will not have to travel any more and it will save you time. 

Is New Orleans worth visiting in the summer?

You can plan your trip to New Orleans in the summer season. This will amuse you with free events such as outdoor art markets, and festivals. You can also visit the local parks, and town pool also.


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