Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy, Fee & Process [2024 Guide]

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You have the liberty to choose a seat of your choice from a wide range on Delta Airlines. But are you facing the issue of which seat to choose and how to choose? So this is the place to get the answer to your questions. However, every seat has its pros and cons. Delta Airlines Seat Selection is a straightforward procedure. All you need to do is go through this article and make your travel hassle-free and, most importantly, mark the seat of your choice.

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Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy – Essential Guidelines

Booking or selecting a seat is easy, but there are some policies that you read before making Delta Airlines Seat Selection. You can quickly learn the pros and cons while selecting by going through these rules.

  • Delta Airlines does not allow passenger to choose their desired seats in the Basic Economy cabin.
  • With family, there will be less chance to sit next to your family member while traveling with Economy Basic fare.
  • You can’t choose the sit from the other class. If you are a Delta Airlines Main Cabin passenger, you can only select the seat from Main Cabin.
  • As the date comes closer to departure, the seat charges will likely increase.
  • You can easily make the seat selection while booking, check-ins, etc.
  • The passenger must book the desired seat seven days before departure for Delta Seat selection.
  • When in Main Cabin or Comfort Plus, the passenger can select the seat of their choice.
  • If you do not choose a seat, then Delta Airlines will assign a random seat.

However, if you want any preferred seat, you must pay the fees to look for your desired seats seven days before departure. Also, the price depends on location, time, etc.

Seat Selection Options Offered By Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers from the money-saving Basic Economy fare to the most luxurious First Class tickets. There are various seats like first class, comfort plus, economy class, Delta Plus, etc. However, Delta Airlines Seat Selection is easy. Thus, you can take care of the family, makes them sit together, and gives a comfortable flight through the trip.

Seat Selection for Basic Economy

Most basic seats with a basic fare. This doesn’t allow any Delta Airlines Seat Selection in Basic Economy. If you don’t mind sitting anywhere, this Basic Economy ticket is the best, and it also does not give a burn in the pocket. With the basic economy, ticket changes and upgrades are not allowed.

Seat Selection for Main Cabin

These are the exact seats in the Basic Economy. The only difference in the Main Cabin is that you have the option to choose the seats. But by just paying a small fee, you can also go for Main Cabin Preferred.

Main Cabin Preferred offers seat near-to-exit row, window seats, emergency row seats with more leg space, etc. An alternative for the least expensive Preferred seats. Moreover, passengers can upgrade their seats to comfort plus.

Seat Selection for Comfort Plus

If you are looking for an upgraded version of economy seating, go for the comfort plus. The seats are usually located in the prime location of the main cabin. You can enjoy priority boarding, dedicated private overhead storage, reclining seats, and up to 4 inches of leg space. It also offers complimentary beer and wine.

Seat Selection for Premium Select

The premium select is an extended version of Comfort Plus available on the selected international routes. Premium Select offers more seating with better recliners and legroom space. It also provides mesmerizing meals throughout the flight and has a wide screen for entertainment—a good and cost-effective alternative to First class seats. Delta Airlines Seat Selection in Premium Select is also free of charge.

First Class Seat Selection

For those looking for a luxurious experience, go for the First class. It offers priority boarding to all its passengers. It offers a wide seat with wide leg room and a comfortable seat that can turn into a flatbed. A dedicated flight attendant throughout the flight for your service. They also provide excellent meals and alcohol throughout the flight.

The seat offered by Delta Seat has numerous options and also comes along with some terms and conditions. The seat availability also depends on the flight routes and destinations that you cover.

What is the Procedure for Delta Airlines Seat Selection?

Seat selection is effortless, but every seat has its story as people share their experiences. There are numerous options available to choose from, depending on your budget. However, Delta Airlines offers two ways to proceed with seat selection.

Online Method for Seat Selection Before Booking

  • Go to the main Website of Delta Airlines.
  • Login to your account by filling in all your credentials.
  • Mention the name of the destination that you are planning to travel to via Delta Airlines.
  • A list of flights will be available to choose from. Go through them and check the most suitable ones for yourself.
  • After choosing the flight, fill in your information in the given field mentioned.
  • You will then be redirected to the page where you can easily select the seats.
  • Go through the Delta Seat Map and choose your favorite seat.
  • Then you will be automatically redirected to the payment page, and after making the payment, you will receive all the information related to confirmation in your mail.
Delta Airline Seat Selection

Online Method for Seat Selection after Check-In

  • Firstly, you need to access the Delta Airlines website.
  • Log in to your account. Use the same credentials which are used at the time of booking the flight.
  • On the homepage, tap on the “Check-in” available option.
  • Now fill in your information, ticket number, and destination you are traveling to.
  • Once the information is entered, your booking details will appear.
  • Go through the site and complete the procedure for Check-ins.
  • After this, you will be redirected to the Delta Airline Seat Selection.
  • Select the seat of your choice by looking through the Delta Seat Map.
  • At last, pay for the seat if asked, and then the airline will send your confirmation mail.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection via Phone Call

  • You can Contact Delta Airlines Customer Care at 800-221-1212 to select the seats.
  • Secondly, when using the IVR, kindly pay special attention to voice.
  • After that, follow the IVR voice and press the ideal key responsively
  • Then you will be connected to a live representative, providing all the flight details, Planned destination, and seat preference.
  • The live representative will help you in assigning the seat.
  • After assigning, you will get a confirmation mail from Delta Airlines regarding your seat confirmation.

With these techniques, you can easily connect to Delta Representative and can easily complete your request for a Delta seat assignment. For more details, learn How To Contact Delta Airlines.

How much is the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

Once you go through the Delta Airline Seat Selection procedure, the next step is to pay for the seat if asked. Usually, you can easily select the Delta Seats seven days from departure.

  • Delta Seat Selection Fees is approximately around 10USD-25USD.
  • Although the seat selection fees in Delta Airlines also vary depending on the days, you travel.
  • Sometimes Delta Airlines offers the best accessible seats, but it’s scarce.
  • The Seats in the middle are the cheapest and only cost around 15 USD.
  • For a better understanding, go through the Delta Airline Seat Selection Procedure.

For more information about Delta Airlines Seat Selection fees, go through Delta Airlines official number, i.e., 800-221-1212

Delta Airline Seat Selection For Elite Members

For all Delta Airlines Elite members, if you have achieved certain miles, then you have the perks of seat arrangements.

Main Cabin Preferred

If you are an elite member and book your ticket in the Main Cabin category, then here you enjoy the benefit of selecting the seat at no additional cost.

Comfort Plus

If you fall under the two highest tiers, Platinum and Diamond, then you can choose your seat at no additional cost. However, the Mid-term Gold member can choose Delta seats within 72 hours before the departure. Members who fall under the Silver category can make the selection within 24 Hours before departure.

How to Raise an Inquiry About the Delta Airlines Seat Selection?

Delta Airlines offers a straightforward procedure to enquire about the Delta Airlines Seat Selection procedure. You can call Delta Airline Customer Care Representative, i.e. 1-(800) 221-1212. Also, you can check it online by visiting the official website and filling in the details and can get the selection of your seat in Delta Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you pick your seats on Delta?

Yes, it is possible to choose your seat. When booking your ticket, you will get an option for the Delta Airline Seat Selection.

How do I select a seat on a flight after booking?

You can visit the official website of Delta Airlines, and after login to your account, go to manage bookings, and there you will get an option for Delta Airline Seat Selection. By clicking on this option, you can select your favorite seat.

What is a preferred seat on Delta?

These are identical to the Main Cabin seats. The only difference in the Preferred Main Cabin seats is you will get these near-to-exit row, window seats, emergency row seats with more leg space, etc. Preferred are usually available to passengers who book their tickets online.

Will Delta seat my family together?

Yes, Delta Airlines can assign seats for families traveling together upon request. If booked online, then you can also have a seat near your family.

What is the difference between Preferred Seating and Delta Comfort?

Delta Comfort offers 4 inches more leg room and a good meal, while you only get the normal leg space in preferred seating.

How much is the Delta seat assignment fee?

Delta seat selection costs vary according to the route and cabin. Passengers may have to pay around $10 to $25 to confirm their desired seat.

How to select a seat on Delta after flight booking?

Travelers can call the airlines and request the executive to book a seat on their behalf. On the other hand, they can also use the Manage Booking feature to confirm a seat.

Can I select a seat on Delta Basic Economy fare?

Delta Airlines does not offer the privilege to Basic Economy ticket holders of selecting a seat. Delta will assign a random seat to the passengers.

Can I select the seat from the other class if I am the main cabin passenger?

No, Delta Airlines does not allow its passengers to select a seat from the other class when they have booked the main cabin. You can only select the seat from the main cabin. 

When is the best time to choose a seat on Delta Airlines?

If you want to travel on the seat of your choice and do not want to compromise with a comfortable journey then select your seat at the time of the reservation. This is the time when the charges are the lowest.    

What if I forgot to select the seat on Delta Airlines?

You do not need to worry if you have forgotten to select the seat at the time of booking, you can choose it later too. But still, if you have not booked a seat, Delta Airlines assigns a seat to the passenger from their end. 

What type of seats one can enjoy on Delta Airlines?

There are different seats on Delta Airlines such as first class, economy class, Delta Plus, and comfort plus. You can select the seat according to your choice and this will help you to avoid last-minute hustle. 

Is the Main Cabin Seat good to choose from Delta Airlines?

If you are thinking that the main cabin seat is good or not then you must know first that the main cabin offers seats near the exit row, window seat, and emergency row along with extra leg space. This is the exact seat of the basic economy.

What you will enjoy in the comfort plus seats?

If you select the comfort plus seat, you can enjoy dedicated private overhead storage, priority boarding, reclining seats, and leg space that is up to 4 inches. The complimentary beer and wine are some of the best perks in this cabin.

What is the cheapest seat on the delta airlines?

If you want to reserve your seat in a particular cabin but are still willing to save your money choose the middle one. This seat costs less just around 15 USD.

What perk that Delta Airlines gold members enjoy in the seat selection?

If you are a mid-term gold member on Delta Airlines, you will not have to pay for the seat selection if you book your seat within 72 hours of the booking.   

What is the process for inquiry on Delta Airlines regarding seat selection?

 If you have any doubts or questions in your mind and you are thinking about clearing that you can simply call the Delta Airlines customer care representative. Besides this, you can inquire online by filling in the details of your ticket.   

Does a silver member have to pay the cost to travel in the Comfort Plus?

Delta Airlines offers some perks to its elite members. If you are a Silver member, you can select your desired seat in the comfort plus within 24 hours of the booking without paying any seat selection fee. 

What you will get in the premium seat selection?

If you select the premium seat, you will enjoy more seating with better recliners and legroom space. Besides this, under this cabin, you will be served mesmerizing meals throughout the flight and have a wide screen for entertainment.

What is included in Delta Airlines’ First Class cabin?

With the First-Class cabin on Delta Airlines, you will get priority boarding. Along with that, there is a wide seat with wide leg room and a comfortable one that can turn into a flatbed. They also provide excellent meals and alcohol throughout the flight.


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