emirates seat selection
emirates seat selection

Emirates Seat Selection Policy – Fees, Seat Size, and More [2024 Guide]

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Emirates is one of the world’s best airlines, providing customer-efficient services. If you have made bookings with the airlines and want to select a seat of your choice, then you probably are at the right place. The amenities it provides to its passengers are top-notch and worth every penny. While traveling with the airlines, you always wonder to sit and enjoy the flight on the seat of your desires. To select the best seat, you should go through the Emirates Seat Selection policy that the Airline offers. It provides the best amenities in its economy class, and the services touch the topmost bars when it comes to business class.

Now, if you plan to book a flight ticket with Emirates, you need to know everything about the airline. Here you will get to learn about the fee structure it offers, the seat selection procedure, seat types, fare types, etc.

Emirates Seat Selection Policy: Do’s & Don’ts

Before jumping directly into the seat selection procedure, knowing the terms and conditions offered by the Emirates Seat Selection Policy is better. You must go through the following points under the policy and then move ahead to make the respective changes in your bookings.

  • The seat selection policy helps in providing easy steps to select any seat of your choice from the endless available sitting options.
  • Therefore, the passengers possess all the rights to choose the seat of their choice depending on their preferences with aisle, seat with a view, or extra legroom.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of flying in your favorite seat by booking with Emirates Airlines.
  • Moreover, you have the liberty to select or change seats after reservation through the ‘manage booking’ option. It can also be done during online check-in or through the Emirates application.  
  • However, the seat selection process will be free if you are booking the seat for Economy Flex, Economy Flex Plus, Economy Saver, Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class.
  • Seat selection charges depend on the type of class you have made the booking for. 
  • Therefore, the seat selection procedure is free if you go for the procedure 48 hours before your departure. It is also possible if you have a Flex seat or Flex Plus eat reservation. 

Various Types Of Seats Offered By Emirates For Seat Selection

With the help of the Emirates Seat Selection policy, the passengers have the liberty to choose a seat as per the requirements. The airlines can choose a seat of their choice if you don’t request a choice free of charge at the time of check-in two days before the departure.

Here are the seat options offered by the Emirates to the passengers:

Regular Seats

These seats are known as Standard Seats. The seats are placed under the Economy cabin class for comfort.

Twin Seats

These types of seats are placed under the rows that contain aisle and window seats. Such seats are mostly in demand in the Emirates.

Preferred Seats

All these seats are located at the front of the plane. This seat allows passengers to leave first or deboard the flight quickly.

Extra Legroom

The seats are placed in the exit rows because it provide additional passenger space.

Other Seats

Irrespective of the state seating option, the passengers are offered lower and upper deck seats. 

Let’s discuss the seats offered on Emirates so that passengers can choose based on their choice, prize, and position. Seat selection can be based on the budget that suits them. Here are the basic seat distributions under Emirates.

Economy Flex

This cabin type offers seats as a regular seat type on the seat selection policy.

  • No complimentary drinks are offered.
  • Simple and regular food menu.
  • Standard legroom space.

Economy Flex Plus

These cabin classes are offered as preferred seats under the Emirates seat selection policy.

  • You can get an offer to select a seat in front of an A380 aircraft with the help of a seat map.
  • After reaching the destination, you will be able to deboard the flight.
  • You can enjoy seating arrangements with privacy.
  • The airline will offer simple meals with no complimentary beverages.

Economy Special

Under this seat, you can book twin seats for more privacy and comfort.

  • By seeing the seat maps, you can book a seat at the backend of the Boeing 777 and some seats on A380 flights.
  • The seat selection process can take place over Boeing 777 to 300 er and Boeing 777 to 2001 er through the map.
  • A complimentary meal is available on this seat.

Economy Saver

You will get extra legroom space under the Emirates Seat Selection policy.

  • You will get a seat in the exit row on the airplane.
  • Also, you will get an additional legroom space of 6 inches.
  • Under the policy, there will be complimentary meals with no complimentary drinks.

Premium Economy

It is one of the most expensive sitting offers on Emirates under Economy class.

  • There will be a leg rest with a cushion.
  • Seats will be rectilinearly aligned.
  • You can even adjust the headrest as per comfort.
  • A menu with a wide variety of meals will be offered.

Business or First Class

It is the most expensive seat on Emirates.

  • Luxurious seats with ideal space.
  • Completely reclined seats
  • Multiple cuisine options
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Inflight entertainment with a wide variety of channels.

How To Select a Seat on Emirates?

Seat selection depends on the availability of seats on Emirates Airlines at the time of booking. The seat selection is only available for some of the flights under Emirates due to some operational security reasons. It is important for you to check the baggage policy before booking a flight with Emirates Airlines. Keeping all the aspects in mind, the disabled person needs proper assistance and special seating. Now let’s check out the procedure for Emirates Seat Selection. There are two methods to look for the seat selection procedure.

Online Method to Select Seat

You can proceed with the procedure through the website before and after booking the flight tickets on Emirates Airlines.

Seat Selection at the Time Of Booking

  • Visit the official website of Emirate Airlines.
  • With the login details, enter your account on the website.
  • Now select any suitable flight for completing the booking and fill in the required passenger details.
  • However, look for the Emirates seat map to select the seat of your choice.
  • In the end, confirm the booking with Emirates by making the payment.

Seat Selection After Booking

  • Look for the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Now login to your account on it.
  • After this, look for the ‘manage booking.
  • To find flight booking, enter your ticket details.
  • Once done, press edit and select the seat.  
  • Proceed with the payment and confirm the booking.

Offline Method to Select Seat

There are two ways to proceed under the offline method for the Emirates Seat Selection policy, i.e., via phone and by visiting the airport. The process can be taken by passengers who would prefer to make the seat selection through the online method.

Seat Selection at The Time Of Booking (Via Phone)

  • Dial the helpline number provided by the airline.
  • You will now hear the automated voice menu.
  • Then, you will connect with a live person from the Emirates.
  • Tell your seat preference to the agent and request them a booking.
  • Share all the details and proceed with payment.
  • In the end, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered mail ID.

Seat Selection After Booking

  • Connect with the passenger service provider through the official helpline number available on the official website.
  • You will connect with the live service provider.
  • Select a seat of your choice and request the service provider for the booking.
  • Proceed with the payment and confirm your booking.
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation mail on the registered mail ID.

What Are Emirates Seat Selection Fees for Various Seat Types?

Emirates allots seats automatically with no Fees and without any seat selection process. It is for passengers traveling with infants, travelers with medical issues, or people with disabilities. If you want to change a flight, then you need to pay a flight fee change with Emirates. Therefore, the Seat Selection policy depends on the seat or cabin type from which the passengers pick the seat. Hence, the Emirates seat selection fee varies with the seat type as defined for the following:

Seat TypeSeat Selection Fees
Regular Seat15 to $35
Preferred Seat$25 to $80
Seats With Extra Legroom$55 to $205
Twin Seat$35 to $135
Premium Seat$110 to $495
Emirates Seat Selection Fees

What is the Emirates Seat Selection Refund Policy?

There are a few points that the passengers need to understand the refund policy. To proceed to the Emirates Seat Selection Refund Policy, you have to go through all the points. You need to make sure that you follow the points for the refund process.

  • Refund application must be submitted after the date of departure within three months.
  • The passenger can request a refund only if the flight got canceled, changed, or re-routed by Emirate Airlines. You find the flight unsuitable and refuse the proposal.
  • If there is a sudden death or some severe medical issue, you can request for refund.
  • However, if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of departure time, you are eligible to request for refund.
  • You are ineligible for the refund policy on Emirates Airlines if you cancel the flight voluntarily. 
  • Therefore, if you fail to follow the above criteria, Emirates Airlines will not accept your refund request.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we select seats during web check-in in Emirates?

Yes, it is possible to select a seat during the web check-in in Emirates. You can do it by managing reservations once you have purchased tickets or at check-in time.

When can I select seats on Emirates?

You can select a seat for free from options like First Class, Business Class Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus, and when you fly with Premium Economy. There is an option to choose a seat before the departure time.

How does seat selection work on Emirates?

There is an option to select a seat in the Economy Class of Emirates for free, but there will be some fee if you exceed the time phrase. You can also do it within 48 hours during online check-in for free.

Should you pay for seat selection on Emirates?

No, you don’t have to pay any specific fee for seat selection on Emirates Airlines. It is because if you cross the risk time, you must pay the selection amount, not otherwise.

Which seat is good in Emirates?

If you travel alone and love to gaze through the window, go for A or K seats. The seats that are located next to the window seat are B and J, also closer to the Aisle. So sitting on the seat adjacent to the emergency exits is better.

Do I pick my seat when I check in?

Once you finish your booking, you can search for your seat by clicking on View the seat map and selecting a seat of your choice. If the booking is made with family members, the airlines will automatically assign a seat adjacent to you. 

What are the benefits of a Flex seat on Emirates Airline?

The Flex fare allows you to change or cancel the ticket without paying a single penny. You can earn a lot of Skywards Miles on Flex fare. You can upgrade a Flex fare by using Miles in Economy Class and Business Class.

What is the benefit of online check-in Emirates?

Online check-in means you can easily check-in without wasting any time. You can do it through the Emirates Airlines website and application before arriving at the airport. It is available 48 hours before the departure time.

What are the different types of Economy Class seats on Emirates?

There are four sub-categories under the Economy Class of Emirates, i.e., Special, Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus. You can choose the seat depending on your needs and requirements.

Which is the best seat to choose in Economy Class on Emirates?

Usually, it is best to book a seat toward the front of the plane for a few reasons. The seat is quieter, can get on and off faster, and there is a balance between the window and aisle seat.


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