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JetBlue Name Change Policy 2023 – Ultimate Guide

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It can be a difficult situation for a passenger if the name on the ticket and on their government-approved id is different. If the name of the passengers doesn’t match their government ID or their passports, then they will be blocked from the flight boarding. Fortunately, the JetBlue Airlines Name Change feature is the solution to this problem. The passengers are allowed to make requests for name correction, and name change both under the JetBlue name change policy to have a smooth travel experience.

In this article, you’ll get all the necessary details related to the name change policy, including the methods, types, and fees.

What is JetBlue’s Name Change Policy?

A passenger should follow the following criteria to complete the JetBlue name change procedure:

●     It is important to know that according to the name correction policy of JetBlue Airlines, only one passenger is allowed to make one correction in their name. If more than one correction is made, then it automatically comes under the JetBlue name change policy.

●     The name on the government-authorized IDs and passports and the flight ticket of a passenger should be matched.

●     Only 3 character name correction is allowed by the JetBlue Airlines name change policy.

●     It does not allow to make corrections in the names of passengers through the web check-in option.

Types of Name Changes in JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines allows three types of name changes to their passengers. These three types of name changes are:

Minor Name Change

Under the Minor name changes, all types of misspelling in the names get corrected by the JetBlue name change policy. Passengers can make changes in their names through simple verifications. Below are some name correction cases which come under the incorrect name spellings:

●      Addition in the last name.

●      Reversed First & last name.

●      Legal name correction from the last name.

●      Mistake in First, middle, or last name.

Major Name Change (Legal Name Change)

If your name was legally changed at the time of the light reservation. Then you can request JetBlue Airlines to change your name on the ticket by providing all the required documents.

If you want to change your legal name due to divorce, marriage, or adoption, then you need to wait for a long time, as it takes some time for JetBlue to verify all the documents submitted by a passenger.

Mid-Travel Name Change

You can make changes to your name before the first leg of travel. In this case, a passenger needs to rebook a new booking with their correct name.

How to Change Name On JetBlue Airlines?

If you are looking for how to change the name on JetBlue Airlines, then you can follow the given steps:

●     The first step is to visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines.

●      Tap on the arrangement with your preferred travel, and it will be available for you on the website.

●      Now, enter your reservation or booking number.

●      Once you enter your reservation number, you’ll see a new screen with your booking details.

●      After this, tap on ‘Change My Bookings.’

●      Now, make the changes that you want to make in your name. After making the changes, tap on the ‘Secure’ option to confirm your changes.

●      And that’s all your name will be changed.

Jetblue Name Change Fees

jetblue name change fee

Airlines allow only one change per traveler. The passenger needs to pay a small amount as the JetBlue name change fee if they make changes in their names more than once. However, the average fee levied on the passengers for name change can be:

●     The JetBlue name change policy for the passengers of the Blue Basic Seat needs to pay $100 for the name change/ correction.

●     However, flyers who come in the category of Blue, Blue Plus Refundable, Blue Plus, and Blue Extra can alter the charges by making the payment from the fare differences.

●     If a passenger is getting their name changed on the ticket via offline methods, then they need to pay $50 as a fee charge.

What is JetBlue Airline’s Name Correction Policy?

The name correction policy only allows them to make alterations to their names. The given criteria must be fulfilled by a passenger if they want to make a correction in their names:

●     One passenger can only make one correction to their ticket. If more than one change is made by any flyer, then it comes under the name change policy.

●     All flight tickets should be regulated by JetBlue Airlines.

●     For a name correction, only one reissue per ticket is allowed. However, if a flyer still makes any additional corrections in there, they must pay some additional fee for this.

●     All government-issued documents must match the name in order to change the mid-name of the passenger.

●     If the name of a passenger is not changing due to reservation errors, then minor changes to the date of birth of a passenger are allowed in this scenario.

Types of Name Correction Requests in JetBlue Airlines

Interline /Codeshare Flights /B6 only flights – 279 Ticket Stock

●     Types of Corrections●     Acceptable Changes
●     Nickname to Legal Name
●     Adding Additional Name to Last Name
●     Inverted Names 
●     First/Middle/Last Name
JetBlue Name Change Policy permits any alterations in order to be the same as the passenger’s government-authorized passport or identity cards, provided the gender and date of birth are the same.
Legal Name Change  
●     Adoption
●      Divorce
●     Marriage
NAMECRT – OSI Waiver code. This code allows the passenger to get a discount or no fee charge levied in case of a legal name change.
●     Mid Travel Name Correction  
JetBlue Airlines allows mid-travel name change on tickets. However, it is necessary to make the required edits prior to the first leg of the travel.
JetBlue Name Change Policy allows for any alterations to be the same as the passenger’s passports and the government-authorized passport or identity cards, provided the gender and date of birth are the same.
Types of Name Correction Requests in JetBlue Airlines

How to Correct the Name on JetBlue Ticket?

Passengers can make corrections to their names by following these methods:

JetBlue Name Change Via Website

JetBlue name change online is the most user-friendly way to request a name change. You can follow these steps to make changes to your name online:

●     First, go to the official website of JetBlue Airways.

●     Now tap on the ‘Manage Trips’ option.

●     After this, type the last name of the passenger in order to recover your reservation.

●     Now fill in your confirmation code of booking.

●     Tap on the ‘Continue’ tab.

●     Now, you’ve all the flight reservations that you have with the airline. Choose the reservation you want to change your name for.

●     After this, you can make the edits in your name from the personal detail section.

●     Lastly, make the payment by confirming the name change on your flight ticket.

JetBlue Airlines will send you confirmation mail after a successful name correction.

JetBlue Name Change Via Phone Call

If you don’t want to change your name via the website, you can also change your name by calling JetBlue Airlines. When you contact Jetblue customer care, a live person will guide you through the name change procedure. However, it is important to keep all the necessary documents handy so that you can save time over the phone. The advantage of making a name change request on a phone call is you get a quick response to any problem. And the best thing is that the JetBlue phone number for the name change is available 24/7 for their flyers.

JetBlue Name Change Via Mobile App

Another name change in the booking is using the mobile app. Travelers can change their names by using the official JetBlue mobile app. Here are some easy steps which will guide you to change your name in your flight ticket name by using the mobile application:

●     The first step is to download and sign up for the official mobile app.

●     The next step is to choose the ‘JetBlue Manage Booking’ option.

●     Now mention all the booking details like the name of the passenger * ticket name etc.

●     After providing all the necessary details, select the correction or change you wish to make, like flight       name, seat, etc.

●     Then tap on the ‘change name ‘ accordingly.

●     Finally, check all the changes & request for new booking with your correct name.

JetBlue Name Change Via Live Chat

Some flyers surely want to use JetBlue Airlines’ name change online live chat feature for the name change on their bookings. Follow these steps to choose the ‘Live Chat’ option.

●     Firstly, visit the official site of JetBlue Airlines.

●     Search for the Contact Us tab.

●     In this section, you’ll get various options to resolve your query about the name change.

●     Out of those options, select the ‘Live Chat’ feature.

●     After selecting the live chat option, you’ll see a new window where you can share your query.

●     Now, the chat box will ask you to provide the details of your profile.

●     After this, they will provide you with a new link. By selecting that link, you’ll be able to make changes     to your profile.

Does JetBlue Airlines Charges Fees for Name Correction?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines charges some amount for name correction. However, the airline only allows one name correction per person.

●     Blue Basic seat holder needs to pay $100 as a name correction fee.

●     Other cabin passengers like Blue, Extra, Blue Plus, Mint can pay the difference amount of their fare.

●     If a passenger makes any alteration in their name via the offline method, then they need to pay $50 as an additional fee for the name change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is JetBlue Airlines’ name change fee?

The passengers of the Blue Basic Seat need to pay $100 for the name change. However, If a passenger changes their name on the ticket via offline methods, then they need to pay $50 as a fee charge.

Can a passenger change their JetBlue Ticket to another person?

No, a passenger cannot transfer their ticket to another person. It means that a passenger needs to make a new booking or have to cancel their previous flight ticket.

Can I call JetBlue Airlines for the name change?

Yes, you can call JetBlue Airlines for the name change. Their customer care service is available 24/7 for their passengers.

How many name corrections are allowed on JetBlue flight tickets?

According to the name change policy of JetBlue Airlines, one passenger is allowed to make one correction per ticket.

Does JetBlue allow Mid-Travel Name Change on tickets?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines allows mid-travel name change on tickets. However, it is necessary to make the required edits prior to the first leg of the travel.

What are the options for name change available under JetBlue’s name correction policy?

Passengers can make alterations to their names by these five methods:

●     Live Chat

●     Mobile App

●     Customer Care

●     Social Media

●     Website

Can a passenger change their name on their JetBlue flight ticket after the flight’s departure?

No, a passenger cannot make any changes to their name after the departure of the flight. If they want to make any alteration to their name, then make sure to get in touch with customer support as soon as possible.

What documents does a flyer require to correct their names on a JetBlue flight ticket?

If a flyer wants to correct the misspelled name on a JetBlue flight ticket, then a government-authorized passport and driver’s license are the basic required document asked by JetBlue Airlines.

Do I need to provide a valid reason for JetBlue to change the name on the plane ticket?

Yes, it is essential to provide a legal reason with all the supporting documents if you want to make alterations to your names, regardless of which method you choose, online or offline.

What is JetBlue’s name change policy?

The simple objective of the JetBlue name change policy is to help passengers who want to change their names on their flight tickets. It is helpful for passengers who have recently changed their names due to legal circumstances.


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