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What is American Airlines Name Change Policy? – Process & Fee

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American Airlines make every effort to give the passenger an ultimate travel experience. Its policies are very comprehensive and provide a clear picture of all the air travel-related aspects. One of the very common policies that passengers traveling on American Airlines utilize is its name correction policy. American Airlines Name Change policy offers travelers the convenience to make amendments to their names. The name changes are available for misspellings or legal corrections. In the following blog, we will dive into the details of the American Airlines Name Correction process. We will discuss

  • Types of name corrections American Airlines allows.
  • Process of making name changes.
  • Also, the American Airlines name change fees.

American Airlines Name Change Policy – Points to Remember

It is the duty of the airlines to permit passengers only with names matching their valid ID proof. The TSA asks the airlines to collect secure flight passenger data. In view of that, American Airlines have classified the name correction into two categories – major and minor.

Let us discuss the guidelines for American Airlines Name change for each category. The minor and major corrections are valid for only refundable tickets.

Guidelines for Minor Name Corrections

  • The minor name corrections are eligible for the tickets starting with the 001-serial number. Therefore, the minor name correction policy is applicable on American Prime and American Eagle flights.
  • American Airlines permits travelers to make minor name corrections up to 24 hours before take-off.
  • Travelers cannot modify their gender, date of birth, or other personal information while making corrections. Therefore, travelers will receive the new tickets at the original ticket price.
  • There will be no need to generate a new PNR for the booking after the name corrections. Passengers can modify the name on the same PNR.
  • As per the American Airlines Name Correction policy, travelers can modify the name multiple times. However, they have to enter the waiver code NC03AGCY each time.
  • Every American Airlines fare class is eligible for name correction except the Basic Economy fare.

Guidelines for Major Name Corrections

As per the American Airlines Name Change regulations, the major name correction policy applies to the codeshare flights between One World Alliance and American Airlines. The following name correction rules also hold valid for American Airlines and non-One World Alliance flights.

  • First of all, passengers have to generate a new PNR in the case of major corrections. Thus, travelers have to issue new tickets.
  • Travelers cannot modify other personal information, such as their DOB or gender, in the case of significant name changes.
  • Also, while booking a new ticket, they cannot alter the flight date or destination.
  • Passengers have to pay the name change fees. They can make multiple name changes by paying the name correction fees each time.
  • For making major corrections, no waiver code is required.

Types of Name Changes

There are only certain types of name changes you can make to your reservation. The following types of changes apply to both minor and major name corrections. Here is an overview of each type.

Correction to the First Name

American Airlines allows you to convert your nickname into a full first name. Also, it permits you to change the first name totally. There is no limitation of characters. However, you cannot modify the last name at all.

Example – You can change the nickname from Tim to Timothy. Also, you can change the first name from Dean to Kenny.

Correction to the Last Name

Under the American Airlines name change policy, travelers can also make corrections to their last names. Again there are no character limitations. However, in such cases, you cannot modify the first name.

Example – David to Davidson. You can also change the surname from Gilbert to Henry.

Above that, American Airlines permits the removal of the prefix or suffix from the name.

Inverted Names

One of the basic mistakes travelers make while booking is that they enter the last name and first name in the wrong sections. The airline permits to correct it easily.

Example- If you have entered the name as ALLEN/BARRY, you can invert the name and make it correct as BARRY/ALLEN.

Middle Name Corrections

If you want to modify the middle name on your American Airlines flight ticket, then it is easy to do. However, a middle name is not required on the boarding pass or the ticket.

Additional Last Name

Since TSA recommends the name on the ticket to match exactly the same as on the ID proof, therefore, travelers should add or remove the additional last name accordingly.

Example – Changing Rob David to Rob William David

Legal Name Corrections

American Airlines Name Change policy also allows making corrections in the last name due to the following reasons:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption

Under these situations, travelers have to submit valid documents to support the changes.

Example – Lily Thomas to Lily Gilbert

American Airlines Infant Name Correction Policy

If you are traveling with an infant, with or without a seat, American Airlines let you correct the names without any hassle. Under the name correction policy, travelers can change the name of the infant on the same PNR. Even if their itinerary contains codeshare flights, they don’t have to generate a new PNR for the infant. Thus, a change is applicable for all flight segments.

American Airlines send an SSR message to the other airlines, informing them that the reservation contains an infant.

You can reissue the ticket at the original price fare. No waiver code is needed. However, you cannot make modifications to your itinerary.

American Airlines Name Change – What Are the Ways to Modify the Name?

Till now, we have discussed the types of corrections American Airlines permits. Also, the special rules that make you eligible for name corrections. Now let us discuss the ways provided by the airline to complete the request for the name change.

Online Method to Change the Name

It is the most common and convenient method to correct the name on American Airlines flights. The steps will help you to make easy name corrections.

  1. Go to the official website of American Airlines.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. After that, go to the manage booking option.
  4. Enter the booking reference number or PNR number.
  5. Now, click on American Airlines reservations.
  6. After that, select the “Flight Change” button.
  7. The name change option will appear on the tab.
  8. Make the relevant name changes.
  9. You may have to request to generate a new PNR for major name changes.
  10. As per the policy, if your corrections fall under major name changes, then pay the name change fees.
  11. Finally, reissue the ticket with the correct name.

Call the American Airlines Customer Support

Calling the American Airlines phone number is another way to process your request for name changes on American Airlines flight tickets. Travelers can call on the following numbers according to their country.

Region/CountryContact number
Within the US and Canada800-433-7300
United Kingdom0207-660-2300
South Africa011-844-6067
American Airline Contact Number

After calling American Airlines, follow the IVRS instructions to get in touch with a live person.

The dedicated executives will help you out with the name change process. They will explain the whole process. They will also inform you about the necessary documents to approve the name changes. The airline’s executive will make the necessary changes once you share all the details.  However, it can be time-consuming and is not reliable on rush days.

Chat With Live Agent

American Airlines’ chat with live agent feature sort things out for travelers more easily. Whether travelers are looking for baggage addition or a name change, it comes in handy. On the official website or the app of American Airlines, passengers can find the chat box option. Once they enter the query, the agents will reply to your query. They will provide real-time assistance.

Passengers can request them to make name corrections on their behalf. If the ticket is eligible for a name change, then they will process your request further.

Visiting the Airport Desk

If you are unable to use any of the above methods, then the last resort to modify the name on the American Airlines flight ticket is to visit the airport counter. At the airport, go to the American Airlines desk. Share your query about changing the name. The representative will help you out. However, the only drawback of the following method is that it can be hectic.

Name Change Fees

As we already know that there are two types of name changes, major and minor. American Airlines does not charge any fees for minor changes. However, in the case of major changes, travelers have to pay $25 for American Airlines’ name change on the ticket. The fees can vary depending on the routes.

Name Change Due to Marriage

In case you got recently married or your spouse has entered the wrong name, then American Airlines let you change the name.  American Airlines’ name change policy due to marriage is quite direct.

  • Travelers should keep the marriage certificate handy before contacting American Airlines.
  • Once you get connected with the airline’s representative, share the booking confirmation number, current name, and name you want to change into.
  • Also, share the marriage certificate to validate the changes.
  • Pay the American Airlines name change fees.
  • After that, AA will send an email confirming the changes.

Does American Airlines allow the transfer of tickets?

No, American Airlines does not allow passengers to transfer the ticket to another person. Under the guidelines of TSA, passengers cannot replace the name on the ticket. Airlines only allow name corrections. It does not allow travelers to change their gender and DOB either.

However, if a passenger wants to transfer the ticket to another person, then the best option is to cancel the ticket. After paying the cancelation charges, travelers will receive a credit voucher or an amount. They can use the remaining value to book a flight with a new passenger’s name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various ways to change the name on AA flights?

Travelers can use the official website, the app, the live chat option, call the airline’s executive, or can visit the airport desk to request a name change on AA flight bookings.

What are the rules for AA minor name changes?

Under the American Airlines name change policy, American Prime and American Eagle flights are considered for minor name changes. Travelers don’t have to generate a new PNR. Also, passengers can request a name change up to 24 hours before departure. 

What is the American Airlines infant name change policy?

According to the infant name change policy, adults don’t have to generate a new PNR for changing the name of the infants on codeshare flights. Travelers can change the name on the existing PNR and reissue the ticket at the same price.

What are the AA major name correction rules?

The name changes on codeshare flights between Oneworld Alliance, and American Airlines is considered major name correction.  In case of major name changes, travelers have to generate a new PNR. There is no need for a waiver code.

How much does American Airlines charge for a name change?

American Airlines charges $25 for changing the name of the passenger. These charges are applicable only on major name changes. The minor name changes are free of cost.

How to request a name change through the official website?

Travelers can request name changes via the official website. They can visit the official website and use the manage booking feature to retrieve flight bookings. After that, they should select the “Flight Change” option and choose the name change option to make necessary changes.

Does American Airlines permit legal name changes?

American Airlines allow travelers to make legal name corrections. If a traveler is looking to change the last name due to adoption, marriage, or divorce, then they should submit valid documents.

What are the various name changes American Airlines allows?

American Airlines allows passengers to make changes in

  • Last name.
  • First name.
  • Additional last name.
  • Middle name corrections.
  • Inverted name.
  • Due to marriage, divorce, or adoption.

Can I transfer the AA flight ticket to another person?

The AA does not allow travelers to transfer tickets to another person. It is considered a criminal act. Passengers have to cancel and rebook the ticket with a new name to transfer it to another person.

Does American Airlines Basic Economy Fare allows name change?

American Airlines permits all the fare classes to use the name change facility except the Basic Economy fare. Basic Economy is the cheapest fare and receives the minimum privileges.


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