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Delta Airlines Pet Policy, Fee, Requirement & Reservation Process?

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Are you going on a trip but worried about your pet? Don’t worry! Delta Airlines offers you all the facilities that a passenger with a pet requires. As per the Delta Airlines Pet Policy, passengers can bring their pets as carry-on and checked baggage on the flight. Before going to board, passengers must take care of various things such as the pet’s size, weight, carrier dimension, type of breed, etc. Therefore, check out the information below before adding a pet to your reservation.

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Delta Airlines Pet Policy – Guidelines For Pet Reservation

Delta Airlines Pet policy varies depending on the Domestic and International Flights. Some destinations allow you to carry 2 or more pets on the same flight. On the other hand, some locations don’t permit you to have more than 2 pets. Here is Delta Airlines’ onboard pet policy you need to take care of:

Pet Policy For International Flights

  •  Delta Airlines does not allow pets on any international routes if you have Business, First, or Business Elite fares.          
  • Your pet must be 16 or more weeks older if you carry them on an international flight.     
  • Dogs and cats, except for banned breeds, are allowed on international flights.
  • On traveling internationally, Delta Airlines provides you with an agent to book transport for your pet.       
  • Your dog should be at most 25kg on traveling internationally.          
  • Flat-bed seats are not allowed for pets on any route and fares, including International Delta One, Delta Premium Select, and International Business Class.

Pet Policy For Domestic Flights

  • Passengers can bring pets on all Delta Airlines domestic flights, including Basic Economy Fare.  
  • You may not require to provide a health certificate on domestic flights.       
  • Your pet must be 10 weeks older for travel on domestic routes. Also, the pet’s weight should not be more than 8 kg.
  • The maximum size of the kennel should be 18” x 11” x 11”.
  • Birds are allowed only on domestic flights.  

Delta Cargo Pet Policy

●     Delta Airlines allows pets in Cargo and select flights.  

●     If your pet is large in size and cannot fit in the pet’s carrier, then you can transport them in Cargo.      
●     Passengers should carry an extra container so that if one container is rejected, you can send the other one for approval.         

●     After you send your pet to be transported in Cargo, the airline will provide you with 24 hours emergency phone number.      

●     Delta Airlines does not transport hunted animals such as leopards, Buffalo, elephants, lions, and rhinos.            

Pet Policy For Military

●     US Military members can carry their pets on board as checked baggage.  

●     A Military member who is traveling on active transfer order can check their pet, but they need to pay the fee.           

●     Military members or their wife must add their pets to the reservation 48hrs prior to the departure.  

Policy For Pets Requires Emotional Support

●     As per the U.S. Department of  Transportation, Delta Airlines will not accept new reservations for pets that require emotional support.       

●     If you want to travel with your pet who needs emotional support, you can make a reservation as soon as possible until the airline declares the new rule.   

Delta Airlines Rules & Charges For Pet’s Crate

●     Pet’s Crate should be of wood, rigid plastic, or metal.          

●     Crates with wheels are not allowed. If the pet’s Crate has wheels, you must remove them, or else you will require to bring the other container.       

●     Pet’s crate must have three ventilation openings and a handle.       

●     Towels and shredded paper should be available in the container for your pet’s safety.     

Size & Cost of Crates Provided By Delta Airlines

Crate Type    Crate Size                        Crate Weight                        Crate Cost                        
Small with hundred series                        21x15x16                        6 pounds                        75 USD                        
Medium with three hundred series                        32x22x23                        18 pounds                        125 USD                        
Medium with two hundred series                        27x20x19                        12 pounds                        90 USD                        
Large with four hundred series                        36x24x26                        24 pounds                        145 USD                        
Extra Large                        40x27x30                        31 pounds                        160 USD                        
Giant                        48x32x35                        51 pounds                        250 USD                        
Size & Cost of Crates

Temperature Restrictions For Shipment of Pets

As per Delta Airlines Pet Policy, you can carry only dogs and cats at any temperature. If the temperature is between 45°F (7°C) and 20°F (-7°C), you will be required to provide an Accustom Certificate. You can carry your pet without any confirmation documents if the temperature is between 20°F (-7°C) and 80° (27°C).

Banned Breeds of Pets As Per Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines restricted the following pets:

Banned Dog Breeds

●     Affenpinscher

●     Staffordshire Bull Terrier        

●     Lhasa Apso

●     Tibetan Spaniel        

●     Brussels Griffin          

●     Dutch Pug          

●     Shih Tzu          

●     Boston Terrier        

●     Mastiff       

●     Boxer       

●     American Bulldog          

●     Chow Chow        

●     Bulldog       

●     American Pit Bull Terrier        

●     Shar Pei        

●     King Charles Spaniel       

●     American Staffordshire Terrier          

●     Pit Bull          

●     Japanese Spaniel                 

●     French Bulldog         

●     Japanese Boxer         

●     Pug           

●     Chinese Pug          

●     American Bully         

●     Pekinese          

●     English Toy Spaniel        

●     English Bulldog          

●     Japanese Pug

Banned Cat Breeds

●     Burmese          

●     Himalayan         

●     Exotic Shorthair          

●     British Shorthair         

●     Scottish Fold           

●     Persian

Documentation Required for Traveling with Pet on Delta Airlines

For traveling with a pet, you will require to carry the following documents:

●     Health certificate.      

●     Vaccination certificate.           

●     Tag with working contact number and contact details.                 

●     Pet passport.  

Required Documents for Service Pet

If you are going to travel with Service pets, you need to go through these things:

●     Fill out and submit U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Travel Form.           

●     If you arrive late, submit the   U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Travel Form at the departure gate.              

●     Provide Delta Airlines with the DOT Relief Attestation Form if your flight is late for 8 hours.          

How To Book Pets with Delta Airlines?

You will require documents, such as a Vaccination certificate, health certificate, etc., to book pets with Delta Airlines. After getting all the required documents, follow the points given below:

●     You need to contact Delta Airlines directly via a toll-free number, official website, mobile app, or directly at the airport to book a flight with your pet.          

●     Before proceeding with the flight booking process, go through the Pet Policy of Delta Airlines first, which will help you know the requirements for your pets.  

●     Before proceeding with the flight booking process, check out the availability of seats or space in Delta Cargo for your pet.              

●     After completing the booking a-flight process, you will receive the confirmation mail.

What is Delta Airlines Pet Fee?

Delta Airlines charges a pet fee for travelers who wish to bring their pets on board. The fee varies depending on the type of flight and destination. For flights within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the pet fee is $95 each way when traveling in the cabin. For international flights outside of these areas, the fee increases to $200 each way. It’s important to note that service animals are exempt from this fee. Additionally, there are specific allowances and restrictions for pet travel, such as the number of kennels permitted per aircraft and the types of animals allowed on different flights.

Delta Airlines Cabin & Cargo Pet Fee

Destinations                        Pet Fee                                
On Traveling to or from the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, or U.S. Virgin Islands for a ticket purchased after February 28, 2022.                       $95                                
On Traveling to or from the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, or U.S. Virgin Islands for a ticket purchased before February 28, 2022. $125                                
Traveling to or from any international routes.                        $200                                
Traveling to or from Brazil$75                                
Delta Airlines Cabin and Cargo Pet Fee

Pet Charges for Military

Destinations                        Pet Fee                        
United States, Virgin Islands,                                     Puerto Rico                        $200                        
Brazil                        $150                        
Caribbean or Canada                        $200                        
Delta Airlines Pet Charges for Military

Note: You will be required to pay Delta Airlines Pet Fee on each way.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Delta strict about its pet policy?

Yes. Before proceeding with the booking process, you must go through the Delta Airlines Pet Policy. Also, as per the rules for pets at Delta Airlines, you can bring only one pet from 06 to 10 weeks older in one carrier.

What is Delta’s pet fee?

Delta Airlines charges from $95 to $125 for each pet. Therefore, the Delta Airlines Pet Fee depends on the domestic and international routes.

Can my dog sit on my lap on Delta?

As per Delta Airlines Pet Policy, you can bring your pet on the flight by spending some charges. But you can carry the pet on your lap or place the carrier under the seat if the pet is small.

Can I buy a seat for my pet Delta?

No. Delta Airlines does not allow passengers to purchase seats for their pets, including flat-bed seats. Hence, if you have a small pet, you can put them on your lap or keep them in a small carrier.

Can large dogs fly on Delta?

You can bring small dogs in the cabin, but if the dog is larger than the requirement, you can transport them in Delta Cargo. Also, Delta Airlines will keep your dog in the carrier provided by the airline, and you must pay the carrier’s charges.

Is it safe for dogs to fly in cargo?

Yes. It’s safe for your dog to fly in cargo because the airline takes care of your pet’s needs. Also, it would be best to keep your dog in a carrier of solid plastic, metal, or wood. Use towels to make the inside area of the carrier most comfortable for your dog and keep your pet away from injuries.

Is Delta strict on pet carrier size?

Yes. The size of your pet’s carrier should match 21x15x16 if you want to bring it to the cabin. Hence, you can bring a pet carrier of size 48x32x35 if your pet is going to be transported in Delta Cargo.

Does Delta require pet documentation?

If you travel with your pet, you must provide the pet’s health certificate, vaccination certificate, etc., to the airline.

Will pets in the Delta cabin count as a carry-on?

Yes, the pets inside the cabin will count as carry-on items. Therefore travelers can bring only one personal item in that case on Delta Airlines.

Can I fly with my dog on Delta international flights?

You can take your pet along on Delta flights: In-cabin and Cargo Shipping. Although, you must go through the fee structure Delta Pet Policy offers for international and domestic flights for pet travel.

Can I bring my pet to the first class on the international flight?

No, Delta Airlines does not allow passengers to bring pets with them if they are traveling in the first class, business class, or business elite fares on the international flight.

Is there any age limit for the pets on the international flight?

Yes, if you are willing to carry a pet with you on an international flight, make sure that he is 16 or more weeks older. Delta Airlines follows some rules and restrictions in the matter of pets.

What paperwork do I need to fly with my dog on Delta?

When you want to travel with your pet on Delta Airlines, you must be ready with some documents. You will have to fill out a form with your destination country and attach these necessary documents.

  • A health certificate 
  • Rabies vaccination proof.

What is the best seat on a plane with a dog?

If you want to travel comfortably with the pet, you must know that which seat would be good. You must select the middle seat. This will help to stray over into the next traveler’s space.   

Does Delta require health certificate dogs?

If your pet is traveling in the cabin class then you will need to submit the health certificate. Your certificate should be 10 days older from the date of the flight departure.          

How much dog weight is allowed on the international flight?

When you are traveling on the Delta Airlines international flight, your dog should be at most 25kg. Besides this, your dog should be 16 or more weeks older.  

Can I book the flatbed seats on Delta Airlines?

You can not book Flat-bed seats for pets on any route and fares, including International Delta One, Delta Premium Select, and International Business Class.

Do I need to provide the health certificate for my pet on a domestic flight?

No, according to the Delta Airlines pet policy, you do not need to provide the health certificate of your dog when you are traveling on domestic flights.   

What should I do if my pet does not fit in the pet’s carrier?

If your pet is larger in size and does not fit the pet’s carrier, you do not need to get puzzled. You can easily request the airlines to transport them in the cargo.  

What is the Delta Airlines pet policy for US military members?   

Delta Airlines allows US military persons to carry their pets on board. They can carry them as checked baggage. Every airline provides some relief to the military persons.


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