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How to Contact All Nippon Airways? – Phone, Email & Chat

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Contacting airlines for our day-to-day inquiries related to our flight boarding and other issues is of paramount importance. These needs should be fulfilled immediately so that we can prepare accordingly for our travel plans. Passengers enjoy traveling with ANA as it provides various communication features that support travelers’ interests and needs in a noteworthy way. If you are looking to grab the info to contact ANA, then this guide is for you. Read this blog on how to contact ANA and resolve your queries in a snap.

ANA Phone Number USA: 1-800-235-9262

ANA Phone Number (Domestic): 800-262-2230

Live Chat Assistance

How to Contact ANA by Phone in the USA?

The flight ticket queries can be infinite. It can arise during travel or post-travel. Furthermore the excitement, rush, and movement, kind of want us to be in the perfect zone and make our travel plan organized beautifully. Therefore, for that, we need the best and swift contact information for flight ticket queries. Hence ANA gives immediate satisfaction by giving their speedy services through phone.

For reservation and information, you can inquire in Japanese or English at 1-800-235-9262(toll-free).

Timings: 5:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. PST, 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. PDT (7 days/week)

When your call does not get connected you can call this number-310-782-3011 (charged)

Timings: 5:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. PST, 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. PDT (7 days/week)

Callers from outside the United States should dial +1-310-782-3011

If you want to inquire in English

Contact 1-833-794-2238 (toll-free)

Timings :

5:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m. PST, 6:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. PDT (7 days/week)

If you have inquiries about the ANA Mileage program, Ticket, and upgrade using frequent flyer miles or medical devices such as CPAP machines for use in-flight, please contact 1-800-235-9262.

Contact All Nippon Airways via Live Chat

If automatic responses are preferable to you then you can contact ANA new online chatbot service which is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Step1- The online chatbot is there on the bottom right of the inquiry page which is mentioned here- ANA Chat Assistance

Step 2- There are only two languages available in chatbot assistance – Japanese and English. While typing your questions in English please make sure that you are clear and concise.

Important note while chatting with the online Chatbot

  • You cannot make ticket reservations, change reservations or cancel them, and register and change ANA mileage club information member information.
  • Do not enter any personal information (card number, address, name, telephone number, reservation information, email address)
  • If you do not get a satisfactory response from the chatbot during their telephone operator hours, a questionnaire of your inquiry category will be shown on ANA chat.
  • You can speak with a chat operator, if one is available, once you choose the appropriate question and follow the guidelines.
  • Domestic: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. JST, 7 days/week.
  • International: 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. JST, 7 days/week
  • ANA Mileage Club: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. JST, 7 days/week

Share Your Feedback

Feedback is essential for all airlines to improve their services and give you the utmost priority and a comfortable experience. So that you choose them and have a great exposure with them always.

  • For ANA club mileage members can share their feedback
  • For non-ANA mileage club members can share their feedback

Travelers need to provide

  • Subject
  • Passenger details
  • Contact details
  • Flight details
  • Attachments
  • ANA club mileage number for members

Follow ANA on Social Media for Updates and Support

It is very easy to get in touch with ANA. In particular, all you need to do is follow them on social media for more updates. You can mention your query in the comment section or DM your query.  They are available on

You can use the social media platforms to get recent updates, promotions, and deals on ANA.

Baggage Contact Information on ANA

If the baggage of the traveler is lost, delayed, or damaged, then they can use the following steps to contact ANA.

For Lost Items

For Left-behind baggage, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • After that, You need to fill out the Customs Clearance Application/Authorization Letter.
  • Also, you have to fill out this Inquiry Form if your baggage is left at the airport.
  • If you have any lost items at the airport, the lost items will be kept at the arrival airport. Passengers should contact the relevant arrival airport.
  • Articles that are found within the airport rather than in the aircraft cabin can be kept in the airport building or local police station.

Damaged Baggage

  • If you are at the airport, you can report it to ANA staff immediately.
  • In case you have left the airport- you can contact them by writing on the Damaged Baggage Declaration Form.
  • Notably, you need to declare it within 7 days of your flight arrival.

Delayed Baggage

  • If you are not able to find your delayed baggage, then report your missing baggage to the delayed baggage self-service portal Delayed Baggage Report.
  • Subsequently, a declaration of delayed baggage should be submitted within 21 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I contact ANA International?

You can contact All Nippon Airways International at +1-310-782-3011. You can dial the following number for your queries and quick assistance. The following number will have international charges.

How do I complain to ANA?

You can complain to All Nippon Airways by filling out the feedback form. On the official website of ANA , ANA club mileage members and non-club members can fill out the flight details and share their feedback.

How do I contact ANA customer service?

You can contact ANA customer service by dialing +1-800-235-9262. You can speak to the agent in Japanese and English. They are available from 5:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. PST, 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. PDT (7 days/week).

Is All Nippon Airways a budget airline?

All Nippon Airways offers comfortable seats and friendly services to the passengers. It does not label itself as a budget airline, but the ticket prices are reasonable compared to the services.

How to contact ANA via Chatbot?

The online chatbot is on the bottom right of the inquiry page. Travelers need to click on the icon and enter the question. The ANA chatbot will respond to your question. It is available 24×7.

What is the phone number for ANA customer service from Taiwan?

The phone number to contact the ANA customer service team from Taiwan is +886-2-2521-1989. Travelers can talk to the agent in Chinese. However, on the following number international charges will apply.

How long does ANA take to refund?

The refund from the ANA depends on the payment method used by the passenger. Payment made through credit/debit cards can receive a refund in 7 to 10 days. Cash and cheque payments can take up to 20 days. The refund will be initiated to the original source of payment.

What is the ANA domestic phone number?

Passengers who want to enquire about ANA domestic flights can call 800-262-2230. Travelers can call between 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. PST, seven days a week.


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