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How to Contact Swiss Air – Customer Service, Phone & Chat

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Travelers often like to add facilities to their reservations later after booking their flight. They also like to remove or modify certain facilities. So in that case, they have to contact the particular airline. There are many methods by which a traveler can contact and get their problem solved. Similarly, Swiss Air offers various ways through which flyers can contact the airline. Passengers can use the phone, live chat, and online form options. Now, the second thought that comes to the flyer is how to contact Swiss Air with these options.

Travelers can contact Swiss Air in many ways, yet if they want to get an instant solution the best way to connect with the airline team is by calling the live agent. Although other modes also are easy to use, those modes would take a little more time to respond.

Swiss Air Customer Service by Phone

Travelers can contact Swiss Air through their given phone number on the official website. Swiss Airlines allows passengers to speak to a live agent and receive assistance with flight booking, add-ons, or any other issue. Flyers who want to know how to get in touch with Swiss Air via phone can check out the phone number below.

  • Flyers can visit the official website.
  • Now, one can opt for the Contact Us option.
  • From the numbers mentioned, dial a number according to the country.
  • Then, follow the IVR instructions and choose the preferred key related to the concern.
  • The call will be on hold for some time, and later the agent will connect the call.

Each country has different contact details according to its destinations and languages. The helpline numbers of Swiss Air are available for 24 hours and all seven days.

CountryPhone Number
Canada1 833-951-2504
USA833 626 0737
United Kingdom4434-5601-0956
UAE971 600 59 5556
Turkey90 212 375 5935
Sweden46 858 77 0445
Singapore65 68 23 2010
Russian Federation+7 495 411 84 443
Qatar+97 14 389 8100
Portugal351 800 210 465
Poland48 22 512 3921
Norway+47 81 0000 12
South Africa27 21 672 2319
New Zealand64 9915 3273
Netherlands31 207 00 3707
Mexico41 848 700 700
Japan81 570 089 000
Israel97 239 05 8049
Germany49 69 867 98 000
France33 157 324 652
Cuba41 848 700 700
Denmark45 7010 5064
Swiss Air Contact List

Hence, the airline has a special assistance service for partial hearing aid passengers. They can dial 711 and then dial +1 516-738-4422 for relaying to the TRS, within the United States.

Travelers need to provide the following details.

  • Passenger’s first and last name.
  • Phone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • Postal address.
  • Booking reference number.
  • Flight number and date of travel.

Different Modes to Connect With Swiss Air Customer Service

Apart from speaking to a live agent of Swiss Air via phone number, passengers can also communicate by live chat, email support, or social media handles, else can write on a mobile app.

Connect with Nelly- Swiss Air Live Chat Assistance

Nelly is a live chat assistant of Swiss Air that operates for 24 hours. The assistant will help the passengers with adding their requested services or solving their concerns through chat.

Nelly can assist travelers in making a refund request, filing a damaged or delayed baggage complaint, and even rebooking an alternate flight in case of force majeure cancellation.

  • One can visit the official website
  • And then go to the Contact Us option.
  • To proceed further, at the right side of the page, a box will appear.
  • On that box click Start Chat, to continue the chat.
  • Nelly responds with pre-defined options like a refund, rebooking, baggage, and more.
  • Once you select the option it will guide you about the option chosen.

Contact Through Social Media Platforms

Travelers can also use social media platforms to raise issues related to their itinerary. Swiss Air is active on Twitter and Facebook. Travelers can follow them and stay updated with recent changes and deals on Swiss Air.

Passengers can DM Swiss Air and share their concerns. The Swiss Air team will get in touch with the flyer and will resolve the problem.



Compared to other ways, reaching out to Swiss Air through social media for booking-related problems is less reliable. Passengers should prefer contacting Swiss Air by phone or online contact form.

Sending a Mail to Swiss Air

If you want to know how to reach Swiss Air by sending a mail, then here is the mail address.

Swiss International Air Lines

Attention: Customer Service

625 RXR Plaza

Uniondale, NY 11553

In the mail, you should provide the correct information including

  • Flight number.
  • Travel date.
  • Passenger ticket receipts.
  • Boarding passes.
  • Baggage receipt – in case of baggage issues.
  • Print out of form filled out for additional services.

Reaching out to Swiss Air for assistance via mail can be a slow process. The airline may take weeks to respond to your issue.

Get Assistance Through the Online Contact Form

Travelers who want to know how to reach Swiss Air through an online form must know that passengers within North America can only submit their concerns or feedback by filling out the online contact form. In the form, the traveler has to pick up the relevant subject and state their concern. The relevant department will reach out to the passenger.

Concerns For Using Contact Form

Some other Concerns:-

  • Sports baggage registration.
  • Moreover, providing feedback for previous flights.
  • General inquiries.
  • Also, compensation in the event of flight disruption.

Visit the Swiss Airlines Airport Counter

Travelers should visit the airline counter for various issues that cannot be solved while contacting via online channels or phone calls.

  • When there is a problem with a traveler’s passport or visa.
  • If Swiss Air loses the baggage of the passenger.
  • In case, when the booking is from the Swiss partner airline, passengers should contact that airline.

It can be hectic and time-consuming compared to other ways. However, flyers can be assured of proper assistance.

Why Passengers Contact Swiss Air?

Travelers can contact the airline for inquiries, issues, and modifications to their itinerary. There are many reasons that push the passenger to contact the airline.

Book a Flight

Flyers can call the reservation number of Swiss Air and ask the executive about the details of the flight to the destination they want. Swiss Air’s executive will assist in booking one-way, round-trip, or multi-city.

Flight Status

Swiss Air assistance is not just limited to booking flight tickets. It offers help in the later part of their journey also. Flyers requiring updates about their flight can reach out to Swiss Air directly. The agent will provide real-time updates.

Seat Selection

Passenger can select their seat online, but if they face any challenges in the online process, they can dial the Swiss Air contact number. Passengers can book their seats in advance by calling the Live Agent.

Adding a Pet

Swiss Air allows the addition of a pet to a passenger’s booking, yet the airline provides this service on a first come first serve basis. So, passengers must add their pet in advance by calling the live agent.

Request a Special Assistance

Swiss Airlines allows travelers with special conditions to make assistance requests before departure. Travelers should call soon so that the airline can prepare the staff and space for wheelchairs in the aircraft.

Changes or Cancellation on Flight

Swiss Air permits passengers to make changes or cancellations on their flight booking but must inform in advance. So, flyers can call the helpline number and request the executive to process the changes or cancellations for their booking.

Claim a Refund

Travelers prefer getting in touch with the executive to know their refund conditions and status. Flyers seeking compensation or refund can contact Swiss Air by filling out the online form or calling the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Swiss Air Reservations by phone?

You can dial the Swiss Air helpline number according to your respective country, there are no time limitations as it operates 24/7. If you do not have the phone number of Swiss Air, you can visit the official website, and from the Contact Us section, you can easily get the airline contact number.

How do I contact Swiss Air Customer Service in the UK?

If you want to contact Swiss Airlines from the UK, you can dial 4434-5601-0956 to contact the airline by phone. Else, there are other methods from which you can connect with Swiss Airlines, that includes, live chat, and email.

What is the contact number of Swiss Air Customer Service in the US?

Passengers who want to connect with Swiss Air from the US by phone can dial 1516-738-4422, it works for all 24 hours. Moreover, travelers can also fill out the online form to raise their problems. 

What is the contact number of Swiss Air Customer Service in Canada?

Travelers can call the airline for any assistance in Canada by dialing 1833-951-2504. This is a toll-free number which operates for 24 hours and seven days.

Can I contact Swiss Air for complaints?

Yes, you can contact the airline for any kind of assistance, complaints, and services regarding your flight. The airline has options to connect with them, including phone calls, or live chat. 

What assistance can Swiss Airlines provide by phone?

Swiss Airlines will offer assistance with flight booking, adding a pet, seat selection, baggage allowance, special needs, and much more to its passengers over phone calls. 

How to connect with live chat on Swiss Air?

Swiss Airlines has a live chat assistant by the name of Nelly, who is available 24/7, and one can get assistance by signing in on the official website. Moreover, passengers can request Nelly about any service or changes that they want in their booking.

What are the different ways to contact Swiss Air?

Travelers can connect with Swiss Airlines by many methods, such as phone, email, live chat, and social media. All these modes have access to get in contact with a live agent. However, if passengers want to have instant help, they must contact the airline by phone. The other methods also provide a solution, but that can take a little time.


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