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JetBlue Even More Space – Is It Worth It? Benefits & More

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When you are flying with JetBlue Airlines and you want to enjoy the travel with extra luxury and comfort, then you can purchase JetBlue Even More Space. Yes, traveling with flights, especially on long routes becomes hectic if you do not get a comfortable seat and some facilities in advance. Therefore, travelers are willing to pay extra amounts to get additional perks like early boarding or other priorities. JetBlue completely understands and offers additional perks under its Even More Space facility.

Jet blue even more space includes:

  • Early boarding.
  • 7” more legroom (up to 38”) which will provide extra relaxation and comfort.
  • Get early access to overhead bins.
  • Also, priority security over 60 airports across the country. You do not have to wait so much at the security checkpoint.

What is JetBlue Even More Space?

JetBlue offers the best flight facilities and is popular for its services. You can enjoy the journey with Jet Blue Airlines. Along with that, when you ask for extra comfort you can purchase an Even More Space seat from Jet Blue Airlines.

The Even More Space is an optional purchase available on Jet Blue Airlines. It is open for all fare holders even for JetBlue Blue Basic fare. Purchasing JetBlue Even More Space offers its travelers to enjoy early boarding, large seats, extra legroom, and even more speed as well and they do not need to wait much in the lane for security checking. Thus, passengers can grab the extra luxury and fun on the flight at an additional cost.

Size of Seats Under Even More Space Facility

If we talk about the seat size in Jet Blue Airlines while purchasing the EMS, then remember that it is not the same for every flight. Well, generally, even more space offers multiple benefits along with the extra seat size. You will enjoy the 7” extra legroom for more comfort which will be up to 38”. For example: flight N584JB has 27 row layout and the regular economy or core seat in this plane has 32” of pitch (distance between seatbacks). Moreover, the front five rows are even more space seats which have 35” of pitch. Besides this, the two exit rows are also the EMS seats with 38” of the pitch. So that is why the seat size is different with different flights but the Jet Blue offers EMS seats on most of the flights.

Even More Space Seats Arrangement on JetBlue Aircraft

JetBlue has two arrangements for Airbus A321 and the other one is Airbus A320 which has a different seat system.

Airbus A321

  • The aircraft has three versions.
  • A321 Non-mint has 200 seats. 158 are core seats and 42 seats are Even More Space seats. The Even More Space seats are in rows 1 through 5, 10, and 23. Rows 10 and 23 are emergency exit rows.
  • On the other hand, A321 Mint has a total of 159 seats. 16 are Business Class Seats. 102 are core seats and 41 are EMS seats. Even More Space is available in rows, 6-10 and 18-19 A, B, C, E and F.
  • A321 Neo has 158 core seats and 42 EMS seats.

Airbus A320

  • The aircraft has two versions.
  • A320(32M) has 162 seats. It comprises 120 core seats and 42 Even More Space seats. Even More Space is available in rows 1 through 5 and rows 10 and 11. Rows 10 and 11 are emergency exit rows.
  • On the other hand, the A320 Classic has 108 core seats and 42 EMS seats.
AircraftEMS Seats Pitch
A320 Classic39”
A320 (32M)35”-38”
A321 (Non-Mint) 37”-41”
A321 Mint 37”-41”
A321 Neo35”-38”

What Perks Does JetBlue Even More Space Offer?

When you purchase the JetBlue Even More Space, you get extra room to stretch and relax on the flight. There are multiple perks that you can enjoy with the Even More Space facility of JetBlue. Check out what will you get in it.

Wider Seats and Extra Legroom Space

Even More Space seats are available on all Jet Blue aircraft. The EMS seats offer up to 7” of more legroom space. If you are the one who wants super spacious seats and extra comfort of the legroom, then you should purchase the EMS seats.

Get Early Boarding and a Free Carry-on Bag

Along with the purchase of the JetBlue Even More Space facility, travelers also get the privilege of early boarding. You can be the first one to board the flight and the first one to get off the plane. Also, with early boarding, you get the opportunity to find more room for your hand luggage. Additionally, travelers can bring one free carry-on baggage with Even More Space tickets. You will not have to pay for it.

Faster Security Checks

If you are in a hurry and do not want to wait in the queue, then this facility offers priority security checks to its travelers. With Even More Space, you will get a dedicated security lane. It is equivalent to a TSA precheck.

How to Purchase Even More Space on Jet Blue?

The Even More Space is an optional purchase and is available for all passengers irrespective of the fare class on JetBlue. Travelers can opt for Even More Space at the time of booking and later also.

If you have a question about how to book even more space seats on JetBlue Airways, then here is also the solution for you. Simply read out and solve the confusion.

While Booking Tickets

  • Go to the official website of JetBlue.
  • On the home page, go to the booking option.
  • After that, enter the departure and arrival city, and date.
  • Click on the Search flight option.
  • Select the flight and fare.
  • After that, enter the passenger details.
  • In the next step, you will get the “Extra” options. Choose the “Even More Space” option.
  • Now, on the payment page, you will find the breakdown of your booking. Pay the fees to confirm the booking.

Adding Even More Space to an Existing Reservation

You can follow these simple steps to add Even More Space to your itinerary later.

  • Go to the official website.
  • On the top menu, choose the Manage Trips option.
  • After that, enter the last name and confirmation code.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • After retrieving the trip details, click on the “Extras” option
  • Select “Even More Space.”
  • It will show the fee according to the route. Pay the fees to update your itinerary.

What is the Price of JetBlue Even More Space?

  • The price of jet blue even more space seats varies by route and length of the flight. So when you are searching for how much you will have to pay for even more space then check out the flight type and the route.
  • Choose an even more space seat from the seat map while completing your booking. You can also check it during the check-in process.
  • Generally, its starting price is $10 one way and the refund is only available if the booking is canceled before the departure. The fee for even more space seats on Jet Blue depends on the market and fare options.
  • Travelers cannot redeem True Blue points on JetBlue flights for purchasing the JetBlue Even More Space seats.

Is JetBlue Even More Space Fee Refundable?

  • The Even More Space fee is refundable. It is refundable until any complication occurs. If you use the original form of payment then you will be entitled to a refund in the condition of any change or cancellation of flight.
  • Besides this, if the airline itself cancels the flight because of any operational disruption or is unable to provide you with the EMS seats, it will refund the amount for sure.
  • However, if you select any other seat after paying for EMS seats, then JetBlue will not refund the amount.
  • Also, if you do not show up for your flight, then JetBlue will not initiate the refund.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Is it worth getting even more space on JetBlue?

The Even More Space is one of the best choices while traveling with JetBlue. It is very popular among its customers. While it is completely depends on the personal preference. If you are willing to take advantage of extra legroom, early boarding, and more, then Jetblue’s even more space is worth it.

How do I get Jet Blue even more space for free?

Jet Blue offers its Mosaic Elite Members the facility to enjoy even more space seat upgrades at the airport for free. They can request even more space on the same day. It follows a first come, first served policy and it is also subject to availability.

Do you get early boarding with JetBlue Even More Space?

Yes. One of the privileges of purchasing the Even More Space add-on is that travelers get to board the aircraft early. They will be prioritized during the boarding process. They can board the plane along with the Mosaic and Mint passengers.

What do you get with even more space seats on Jetblue?

When you choose the jet blue even more space seat, you will enjoy many advantages including these.

  • 7 inches of additional legroom on board.
  • Earlier boarding.
  • Quick access to the overhead bin.
  • Priority security lines.


Can I get even more space with Blue Basic?

Yes, if you have a Blue Basic fare, you are eligible to purchase Even More Space facility JetBlue by paying the additional charges. The facility is available for all fares and on multiple routes.

Can you use Jetblue points to upgrade to even more space?

For even more space seat selection points redemption is not allowed, you require a cash payment that varies by route. Only mosaic members are permitted for it.

Do you get free drinks on Jetblue with even more space?

Yes, Jet Blue serves free snacks, drinks, and coffee on all flights. Whether you have Even More Space or any other fare, if you are eligible, then JetBlue will serve the beverages.

Is Even More Space is same as first class?

On JetBlue, there is no first-class cabin. However, it has different fares and the privileges are according to the fare. The Even More Space offers more legroom and perks of fast-track boarding and security checks. But, First class of various airlines provides better facilities like more legroom, flatbed seats, lounge access, meal options, and much more. Even More Space is not the same as first class.

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