10 Best Outdoor Activities in Denver

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Are you one of the enthusiast adventurers? Do you love hiking, riding bikes, trekking, rafting, and other outdoor activities? Then, Denver is the perfect match for you. Are you looking for activities that you can enjoy when visiting Denver on your next trip?

Choose from a variety of tour, trekking, rafting & zip line options. No prior experience is required; courteous and knowledgeable guides would provide safety instruction and outfit you with the equipment needed for your ride.

So, let’s look at the Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Denver.

Explore The Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Denver

Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventure

Enjoy the joy of zipping across the Rocky Mountains on a few of Colorado’s longest ziplines! On a system of wires spanning more than 6,000 ft (1,828 m) in length, whiz through the pure air while appreciating the picture-perfect landscape below. Hike in between tracks & enjoy some of Colorado’s beautiful sunshine.

Mostly in Colorado Rocky Mountains, ziplining is a thrilling experience. In addition, passengers can ride 2 or 3 of Colorado’s longest ziplines. As you glide through the trees, take in breathtaking vistas of the Colorado Rockies. It’s appropriate for people of all skill levels, including beginners.

Moreover, on this exhilarating zip line excursion, leave the hustle and bustle of Denver behind for the day. The zipline course is located in the picturesque Rocky Mountain foothills. Therefore, the 6-zipline excursion, which includes a brief uphill trek, requires good physical condition.

Additional Information:

Cost: $139
Time to spend: 3 hours
Cancelation: within 24 hours

Scenic Photoshoot in Denver’s Foothills

During this personalized, bespoke photoshoot, get close to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain splendor while capturing memories of your trip. Pick a convenient departure time for you and go to scenic sites off the beaten path in the foothills. In addition, your photographer will take a lot of staged and candid images of you, so you can buy the ones you like later (a $50 picture credit is included). Then, with a good photographer in tow, explore spectacular Rocky Mountain splendor.

Therefore, this bespoke tour is designed around your schedule and your group’s preferences. After the trip, you can purchase your preferred photos ($50 picture credit included). Take distinctive souvenirs home with you to remember your sightseeing adventure.

Additional Information:

Cost: $100
Time to spend: 1 Hour
Cancelation: Within 24-hours

Hiking Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park from Denver

See the finest of something like the Rocky Mountain National Park on a full-day tour. The park entrance fee is conveniently included, as is round-trip transit from Denver or Boulder. The trip was set at a slow pace. Thus the journey is ideal for those with some hiking experience and wishes to soak in the views. Stop in for a free packed lunch that can be customized to meet dietary needs.

Moreover, a 4-mile easy/moderate hike with enough opportunities to sit and enjoy the scenery. A full-day tour gives you plenty of time in the Rockies. With the help of an experienced and local guide, explore our backyard. You’ll encounter elk, moose, eagles, and other animals, including elk, moose, and eagles.

Additional Information:

Cost: $159
Time to spend: 8 Hours
Cancelation: Within 24 Hours

Glacier Hiking and Geothermal Cave Pools+ Pictures Day Tour in Idaho Springs

Without the chance of getting lost, spend a whole day hiking and enjoying the natural beauties of Idaho Springs. Then, regardless of the season, ascend to St. Mary’s Glacier to enjoy breathtaking panoramic mountain views. Finally, soak out aches and pains in hot water springs heated by geothermal forces during lunch at a classic pizza place.

Moreover, this enjoyable day out features a good mix of activity and leisure. The use of the thermal baths is included in the price. If needed, sleds and goggles will be given. Transfers are included in the price—ideal for outdoor-loving energetic tourists.

Additional Information:

Cost: $79
Time to spend: 4 hour
Cancelation: Within 24 Hours

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Foothills Explorer Tour From Denver

From Red Rocks Amphitheater to the majestic Lariat Loop to Lookout Mountain, the Denver foothills are home to Colorado’s most beautiful views. Get incredible views of the mountains’ environs and wander through quaint, historic communities on this half-day trip from Denver, exploring the picturesque foothills, before arriving in Evergreen for beverages.

In addition, it’s a fast getaway from the big city hum and a taste of mountain living, and it’s easy to fit into a day when seeing the “Mile High” Town. First, take a lovely drive down Lariat Loop to see the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Then, stop in Evergreen, CO, for a coffee or a glass of wine. The intimacy of a small group tour is ensured. Thus, this tour is ideal for someone looking for a brief escape.

Additional Information:

Cost: $89
Time to spend: 4 Hours
Cancelation: Within 24-hour

The EDGE: Epic Sky Trek

Explore the Epic Sky Trek aerial hurdle course, situated just south of Denver, to push your courage, strength, & agility to the test. Secure your entrance ahead of your travel, and then enjoy complete access to the amenities for the duration of your stay.

The Epic Sky Trek features 120 aerial hurdles, ziplines, and more, up to 50 feet (15 meters). A clever belay mechanism and harnesses ensure that the experience is enjoyable and safe. Epic Sky Trek is one of the most significant aerial hurdle courses. Save time and money by purchasing tickets and getting full-day access. However, The Epic Sky Trek program is intended for children and adults. Thus, choose from 120 obstacles and ziplines to explore at your leisure.

Additional Information:

Cost: $66.67
Time to spend: 3 Hours
Cancelation: Within 24 Hours

Front Range Snowshoeing Adventure in the Rocky Mountains

Wear a pair of snowshoes and take a stroll through Colorado’s Front Range in the winter. Hike through beautiful pine forests & open-air green meadows with glimpses of the Rocky Mountains on top of fresh powder. Throughout this 4-hour adventure, your knowledgeable guide will select appropriate trails for your skill level.

In addition, take the snowshoeing tour for 4 hours to explore the Front Range of Colorado in a fun and exciting way! Your professional guide will select appropriate trails for your level of competence. However, cutting-edge snowshoes are also included.

Additional Information:

Cost: $108
Time to spend: 4 hours
Cancelation: Within 24 Hours

Half-Day Rocky Mountain Escape

On such a half-day afternoon excursion, get out into the Rocky Mountain nature without the stress of renting a car. Meanwhile, meet the guide and small group in downtown Denver, then board a comfortable tour van for a magnificent excursion into the surrounding Rockies. You’ll visit sites alongside your host that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

In just one afternoon, you can travel to the Rocky Mountains. Pickup & drop-off near downtown Denver is also included. Significantly, a small group trip offers individual attention. This is a simple hike that is ideal for persons of all levels.

Additional Information:

Cost: $89
Time to spend: 4 Hours
Cancelation: Within 24 Hours

Half-day River Rafting Trip

A half-day white-water rafting adventure in Colorado covers hotel transportation services in Denver, snacks, and a CD of photos from your day on the river. Join a small group of starting or moderate rafters for a personalized experience, then keep an eye out for animals and historic mining sites while enjoying Colorado clear-water rafting.

Moreover, a 5-hour rafting trip on Clear Creek for a small group tour with a maximum of 6 people per raft is available. Additionally, you can depart in the morning or the afternoon. Terms for beginners and intermediates are provided. Pick-up and drop-off in Denver’s downtown area Light refreshments were provided.

Additional Information:

Cost: $132
Time to spend: 5 hours
Cancelation: Within 24-hour

Denver and  Foothills Mountain 

On a small-group bus tour from Denver, see the majestic Rocky Mountains and learn about Colorado’s Wild West heritage. Then, visit Red Rocks, the world’s most famous natural amphitheater, and see the ancestors of America’s final wild buffalo herd feeding in the foothills.

In addition, on an easy half-day trip, see the beautiful scenery of Denver & the Front Range from above Lookout Mountain and pay homage to one of the early West’s great showpeople somewhere at Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave. From Denver, take a half-day tour of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

Moreover, discover the alpine attractions just outside of Denver. With limited time, this is a great way to see the Rocky Mountain foothills with limited time. Additionally, a small-group tour with a maximum of 14 participants is available.

Additional Information:

Cost: $79
Time to spend: 4 hours
Cancelation: Within 24-hours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there anything fun to do in Denver?

Yes, there are multiple things that you can do in Denver. You can do mountain biking, fishing, camping, and hiking. Also, you can explore the art and culture of the city by visiting the museums and boutique galleries. 

What’s Denver Colorado best known for?

Denver is best known for its premium collection of museums, breweries, and historical landmarks. So, if you ever go to Denver, then don’t forget to explore the museums.

What is the wealthiest part of Denver?

There are multiple wealthiest parts of Denver. These parts include- Washington Park West, University Park, Belcaro,  South Park Hill, and Wellshire. 

Where can I see nature in Denver?

There are so many places in Denver where you’ll see beautiful nature. These places include Rock Alpine Garden, Japanese Garden, and Mordecai Children’s Garden. So, if you are a true nature lover, then don’t miss out on visiting these places.

What is there to do in Denver if you don’t ski?

If you don’t prefer skiing, then no issues. There are several other activities to do in Denver such as visiting the Denver Wine Walk, Denver Aquarium, Clyfford Still Museum, and Downtown Food tour.

What is Denver Colorado known for food?

You’ll see a variety of food in Denver. This place is famous for its Trout, Lobsters, Oysters, Cod, Green Chillies, Cod, and Sopapillas. So, if you are a seafood lover, then Denver will be heaven for you.

Is Denver very expensive?

Denver is expensive due to the high cost of living. In Denver, CO is 11% higher than the national average and 4% higher than the state average.  Moreover, the housing is 31% more expensive in comparison to the US.

Can you explore Denver without a car?

Yes, you can explore Denver without a city as it is a walkable city. Here you’ll get a number of public transport options that will get you around the city. You can explore different places via bus, train, bike, and more.

What is the prettiest part of Denver?

Denver has so many pretty places in different locations. Some of the prettiest parts of this city are South Valley Park, RiNo District, Mount Falcon’s East Trailhead, Denver Art Museum, South Valley Park, and South Pearl Street. 

Are people in Denver friendly?

Yes, the people in Denver are quite friendly. The people of this place are a perfect mixture of chill attitude and friendliness. So, you can easily seek help from them.

What are a fun facts about Denver?

The fun fact about Denver is it is nicknamed the Miles High City because it sits at an elevation of exactly one mile.

Are there areas of Denver to avoid?

The largest area of Denver is Central West Denver. This place contains the city’s cultural life. Moreover, it is also one of the most dangerous cities in Denver. Also, the crime rate of this place is on the higher side.

What is the most photographed place in Colorado?

The most photographed place in Colorado is Maroon Bells. This place has 2 giant, snow-veined peaks also known as Maroon Bells which are breathtaking. So, people click so many pictures of this place in every season.

What is the cheapest month to go to Denver?

The cheapest month to go to Denver is October. So, you can plan your trip to visit Denver in October as well. During this month you’ll get both one-way and round trip travel tickets on an affordable side.

Which is the driest month in Denver?

February is the driest month in Denver with 0.49 inches of precipitation. Moreover, May is the wettest month in Denver.

What is the best month to visit Denver?

The best time to visit Denver is from April to October. So, you can plan your trips during these months as well.


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