How to contact Vueling Airlines with a UK phone number

How To Contact Vueling Airlines With UK Phone Number?

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Are you looking for the Vueling Airlines UK Contact Number because you have any queries like how to book a flight with Vueling Airlines in the UK? Or do you want to know how to upgrade your flight seat? There can be multiple reasons to contact Vueling Airlines. Therefore, the airline provides the option to connect with the airline representative to all its passengers. Where they can put forward their concern or problems in front of the airline representative.

How to contact Vueling Airlines

To connect with the executive from the UK, they can opt for any option whether it’s calling the representative, live chat, or by writing an email to UK Vueling Airlines.

Where To Find The Vueling Airlines Customer Service UK Contact Number?

Calling the airline representative is one of the convenient methods to connect with Vueling Airlines. Travelers can get in touch with a live person by dialing the Vueling Airlines UK Contact Number 02035143971 and the airline representative will get in touch with you soon. To communicate with a UK Vueling Airline’s live agent you must have the right contact number and to get this you can follow the given instructions:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Vueling Airlines.
  • Scroll down and click on the Contact Us option.
  • Now, select the contact number as per your query.
  • Dial the Vueling Airlines Contact Number UK: 02035143971.
  • Now, carefully listen to the IVR steps.
  • You can connect with the Vueling representative, and share your query with them.
  • The airline executive will give you the best solution per your query as soon as possible.

Here is a table given below with all the other contact numbers of some other countries. So, flyers can dial these numbers if they are not from the UK.

Countries Phone NumberTimings 
Germany 018069090900-24 (Mon-Sun)
Austria 012304611050-24 (Mon-Sun)
Belgium0280878120-24 (Mon-Sun)
France01848869480-24 (Mon-Sun)
Holland 2080812950-24 (Mon-Sun)
Italy1992066210-24 (Mon-Sun)
Spain 9006450000-24 (Mon-Sun)
Portugal2100200800-24 (Mon-Sun)
Russia 49520416110-24 (Mon-Sun)
Switzerland09000003400-24 (Mon-Sun)
Rest of the world+349315181580-24 (Mon-Sun)
Vueling Airlines Contact Numbers For Other Countries

IVR Options Available When Dialing Vueling Airlines UK Contact Number

Here are some of the IVR options which you can select as per your need while calling the Vueling Airlines representative.

  • Tap 1 or 2 for the language selection. 
  • Tap 3 for the reservations. 
  • Tap 4 for the flight status. 
  • Tap 5 for the cancelations. 
  • Tap 6 for the flight status. 
  • Tap 7 for the representative. 

You can press any of these IVR options and share your issues with the airline executive. They will guide you and resolve your query quickly.

Other Platforms To Contact Vueling Airlines From the United Kingdom

Calling Vueling Airlines in Uk can be a time-consuming process as many passengers call the airline at the same time. So, the airline can put you on hold for a long duration. Hence, instead of calling on the UK contact number of Vueling Airlines, there are also some other ways to connect with the airline executive. Here are these ways which can be used by travelers to get the answers to their questions.:

Chat With Virtual Vueling Airlines Assistant

If you are looking for the answer to your question related to compensation or refund or you have any general query then you can seek help from the virtual assistant of Vueling Airlines in the UK. Here are the steps that need to be taken for live chat with UK Vueling Airlines.

Live Chat with Vueling
  • Firstly, go to the Vueling Airlines website.
  • Now, scroll down the website, and then you’ll get the ‘Contact Us’ option, click on it.
  • Here you’ll get multiple options such as requesting compensation, asking for a refund, and other matters.
  • Click on any of the options as per your requirement and then you need to enter the code and email.
  • After entering all the details click on the ‘Send’ button and you’ll get the solution.

Write an E-mail to Vueling Airlines UK

If you didn’t get any response from the airline to your problem, then you can send an email to the airline. The airline will revert you with the best solution to your query as soon as possible. Also, you can write an email to the airline not only to get the answer to your query but for sharing experience and feedback as well.

Moreover, make sure that you properly write the email and briefly explain your issue as well. This will help the airline executive easily understand your concern. Hence, they will resolve your problem easily.

Connect through Social Media Handles of Vueling Airlines

If you are unable to contact Vueling Airlines via phone number in the UK, then another way to get in touch is by connecting with the airline through its various social media pages. Vueling Airlines is present on various social media pages including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook too. Thus, travelers can select any of the platforms as per their preference. Once you send the message to the team of Vuyeling Airline UK, they will reply to you back within 1-2 hours.

If Vueling’s UK Contact Number Doesn’t Work, Try Their Contact Form

Follow the given instructions to fill out the contact form of Vueling Airlines to get in touch with the executive.

  • To initiate the process go to the official website of Vueling Airlines.
  • Click on the Contact Us option.
  • A new page will open on your device’s screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Contact Form’ option.
  • Fill out the contact form and briefly explain your concern.
  • Now, submit the form and the airline representative will resolve your problem shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find the contact number of a UK Vueling Airlines representative?

If you want to find the contact number of Vueling Airlines then you can visit the official website of the airlines. Here you’ll easily get the phone number of an airline representative.

Can I contact Vueling Airlines in the UK if I need special Assistance?

Yes. You can contact Vueling Airlines if you need any special assistance during your travel. The airline provides all the special assistance services to its passengers to make their travel experience smooth.

What are the other ways to contact UK Vueling Airline other than phone calls?

If you have already called the airline but couldn’t find the solution to your query, you can try other ways. These options are live chat, texting on social media pages, writing an email, and filling out the contact form.

Can I contact a UK Vueling Airlines Customer Service online?

Yes, you can contact the representative of Vueling Airlines through live chat. You’ll get the live chat option at the official website of the airline.

How can I contact Vueling Airlines if I live in Italy?

If you are living in Italy, but want to connect with Vueling Airlines then, you can call the airline on 199206621. The airline provides its services to all its passengers 24/7.

Does Vueling Airlines provide its customer support 24/7 in the UK?

Yes, Vueling Airlines provides 24/7 customer support to its flyers in the UK. So, travelers can get in touch with the airline executive at any time from Monday to Sunday.

How can someone find the contact form of Vueling Airlines to connect with the airline’s representative?

If someone wants to contact a Vueling Airlines representative then, they can fill out a form where they can write about any particular concern. They can easily find the form in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the official website of the airline.

What should I do if I don’t find any solution for my query on call?

If you don’t find any solution for your query or problem by calling Vueling Airlines, then you also have some other options which you can try to find the solution. You can write an email to the airline or text on any social media page of the airline.

What are the scenarios in which a traveler can contact UK Vueling Airlines?

Usually, passengers contact Vueling Airlines if they have any queries or doubts related to their flight and its policy. But there can be other reasons for which they can contact the airline such as to share their experience, for feedback, and they can also contact the representative if they have any complaint.

What is the contact number of Spain for contacting Vueling Airlines executive?

The contact number for all the flyers of Spain is 900645000. They can contact the airline representative for asking a solution to their query at anytime and on any day.


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