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How To Avail Of Delta Airlines Inflight Wifi Service?

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Are you planning to board a flight with Delta Airlines soon? Are you willing to know about the Wi-Fi services that you can avail of with this airline? Well, you have landed on the right page. Through the detailed guide right here, you will be able to learn about the various Delta Airlines Inflight WiFi services for the flyers. 

Furthermore, you will be able to learn about the process using which you can connect to the Wi-Fi and other associated information with the same. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the guide and make air travel hassle-free and interesting by enjoying the amazing wi-fi services.

What are the Delta inflight wifi plans?

Delta Airlines provides many Wi-Fi options, making it seamless for all Flyers to connect with Wi-Fi services even when they are in the air. 

Learn about the Delta Airlines Inflight Wifi Plans from the information below. 

Hourly pass 

If you are going to board a short flight and need Wi-Fi only for a short period of time, then go ahead to get the hourly pass from the team of Delta Airlines. 

Flight Pass

If you want to use Wi-Fi for the whole duration of your flight, then choose a Flight pass for yourself. You can get this either via the official website of Delta Airlines, by connecting with the team over a phone call, or directly at the airport.

Monthly pass

Individuals who board a Flight with Delta Airlines quite frequently and travel via air then they should rely on the monthly pass. Once you get your hands on the monthly pass, you will be able to avail of the Wi-Fi service for the whole month. 

What is the Wi-Fi service as per aircrafts at Delta? 

Those who are willing to avail of the Wi-Fi services at Delta Airlines need to be aware of the same. There are rules associated with Wi-Fi services as per the aircraft. 

From the pointers given below, you will find detailed information on Delta Airlines Inflight WiFi. Read on!

  • Firstly, Delta Sync Wi-Fi is available on 600 aircraft, and it is available for popular routes. One can use it at all times. 
  • You need to look for the “free Streaming Wi-Fi badge” by heading to Delta’s official website when making the reservation. This will allow you to identify flights with free and fast Wi-Fi services.   
  • Moreover, Flyers receive pre-flight emails and notifications on the Delta Mobile application about the flights where they are eligible for receiving free Wi-Fi services. 
  • In addition, Sky Miles members are eligible for “fast and free Wi-Fi” at the time of boarding the flight. In case you are boarding the flight with the same service, you will be able to avail of the Wi-Fi for free.  

What are the Types of Delta Inflight WiFi?

Individuals who want to use WIFI services with Delta Airlines need to be aware of the types that they offer. Learn about the Viasat, Wi-Fi Onboard services right here.

Below is a tabular representation of the types of Wi-Fi and the aircraft on which one can avail.

Type of Wi-Fi Aircraft Models
Fast, Free Wi-Fi737-800, A319, A320, A321neo, 737-900, A220-300, 757-200H/D, A321ceo
Paid Wi-Fi (Viasat)A330-900*, A350*, A330-300*, 757-300*, 767-300*, A330-200*, 767-400*
Paid Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Onboard)A330-200*, A330-900*, A350*, 757-300*, 767-300*, A330-300*, 767-400*, CRJ900, CRJ700, ERJ170

How to connect the wifi on a Delta flight?

Connecting to Wi-Fi on a Delta flight is seamless. There is no complicated or lengthy process for doing so. 

The steps below are in the same order, and you will be able to use Wi-Fi services even when you are in the air.

  • First and foremost, open the settings on your device. 
  • Once you open it, go ahead to turn on the Airplane mode and then turn on your Wi-Fi. 
  • Furthermore, choose the network. 
  • After this, continue following the instructions, and you will be able to connect to Delta Airlines’ Wi-Fi service. 

Go ahead and choose from the available Wi-Fi plans, Viasat and Wi-Fi Onboard, formerly known as Gogo Inflight WiFi, and stay connected with your loved ones even when you are away from home. 

How much does Delta charge as Wifi charge?

The airline charges a minimal amount for the Wi-Fi services. However, these charges vary depending on the route, your final destination and the flight you board. From the table given below, you will find out about Delta Airlines Inflight WiFi Price and the different services associated with it.

WiFi Pass TypeDescriptionPrice Range
Hourly PassWith the hourly pass, one gets to available Wi-Fi only for a limited time. Varies from $6 – $10 per hour
Flight PassAvail of free services for the whole time you are on the flight with Delta Airlines.Varies from $16 – $30 per flight
Monthly PassEnjoy wi-fi access on all the Delta flights that you catch for the whole month with a monthly pass.Varies from $50 – $60 per month
Complimentary WiFiThis type of Wi-Fi is available on select Flights; to access it, you need to check the “Fast Streaming Wi-Fi badge.” Free 

A few Tips For an amazing Delta Airlines Inflight WiFi Experience 

Once you have all the information associated with the Wi-Fi service plan, etc., the next thing that is important to know are the tips that will make your life experience even better. 

Let’s explore a few tips for making the most of the Wi-Fi services available on Delta flights.

  • The most important tool to keep in mind is that you need to select the Wi-Fi plan that suits your travel needs. Make sure that you pick the right plan that matches the flight duration. 
  • Furthermore, make sure that you keep in mind the bandwidth usage of the Wi-Fi service with Delta. Delta Airlines Inflight WiFi is able to handle only basic browsing and streaming.
  • Moreover, don’t compare Wi-Fi in the air to the one you use at home or on the ground. The Wi-Fi up there can be slower than other Wi-Fi services.
  • In addition to this, one should always download movies or other stuff that they are willing to watch on the flight. Movies, shows, or other large files cannot be downloaded easily using the Wi-Fi up there. 

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can I use Wi-Fi when I book a flight with Delta Airlines?

Ans. By choosing Delta Airlines as their air travel partner, one can avail of Wi-Fi services even when in the air. 

Q. Are there multiple Wi-Fi plans available with Delta Airlines

Ans.  Yes, there are different plans from which you can choose. By the plan that shows your streaming needs the most.

Q. Is there a limit to using Delta Wi-Fi?

Ans. No, the airline has not limited the use of Wi-Fi. However, make sure that you use it for the right purpose.

Q. Is Delta Airlines Inflight WiFi available for international flights?

Ans. Yes, Delta Airlines offers Internet service for international flights. Go ahead and buy it to access Wi-Fi in the air. 

Q. Does Delta Airlines inflight Wi-Fi charges depend on certain factors?

Ans. The Wi-Fi charges vary depending on the route, your final destination and the flight you board.

Q. Is Delta Wi-Fi relive enough for streaming?

Ans. Yes, one can stream and watch shows or movies on various platforms like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Q. How do I purchase the in-flight Wi-Fi with Delta Airlines?

Ans. You can purchase Wi-Fi via Delta Airlines’ official website or ask travel representatives for it over the phone. 

Q. Is it possible to get the wi-fi service directly at the airport?

Ans. If you haven’t bought the Wi-Fi pack yet, then you need to ask for it once you reach the airport simply. The Delta representative will help you with the same. 

Q. Can I download anything using the Delta Wi-Fi?

Ans. No, one cannot go ahead to download big shows, movies, or episodes that require a lot of internet. Thus, make sure that you download this in advance. 

Q. What should I do if I encounter an issue when purchasing a Wi-Fi pack for my flight?

Ans. If you face any issues when purchasing the Wi-Fi pack, go ahead and connect with the travel representatives, who will assist you.


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