David Ross

I'm David Ross, an enthusiastic traveler and writer, deeply passionate about airline travel. My insatiable curiosity for exploring new destinations and my unwavering commitment to assisting fellow travelers in navigating the intricacies of air travel have brought me here to share my knowledge with you. Drawing from my extensive experience in the aviation industry, I've made it my mission to create detailed airline travel guides to ensure your journeys are as hassle-free as possible.

How To Make Seat Selection On Lufthansa Flights?

While traveling on a flight, passengers are very interested in the seat to get a window or a comfortable seat. Therefore, passengers want their preferred seats to enjoy the flight journey when traveling for long-haul flights. Nowadays, airlines offer seat selection while or after booking the tickets. Lufthansa also allows passengers to choose their favorite […]

Everything To Know Before Flying Alaska Airlines First Class – Seats, Cost & Services

In Alaska Airlines’ first class, besides extra legroom and wider seats, you’ll also enjoy complimentary food and alcoholic beverages, priority boarding, two free checked bags, a dedicated flight attendant, and access to the Alaska lounge network. Getting in and out of first class is also more accessible than in economy class, where two other passengers […]

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