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How to Change Seat Assignment on United Airlines Flight

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Do you want to change seat on United Airlines flight? If Yes, then you can purchase a seat assignment during the booking and up until check-in opens. You can change your previous seat assignment on most of the United and United Express-operated flights. United Airlines offers both online and offline options for changing the flight seat.

Sometimes, no seat assignments are available, therefore you must check back closer to your flight’s departure to see if seats become available or not. If you want to change your seat on United Airlines, you should locate your flight on the website and enter your last name and the booking confirmation code.

All the flyers can change their seat on the United Airlines flight until they check in. Moreover, if the passenger has a Basic Economy travel ticket, they must pay some fees for changing their seat. However, other remaining class passengers are allowed to change their seats for free. While changing their flight to a different class or cabin, they can purchase a travel ticket in the premium cabin of United Airlines.

How To Change United Airlines Seat Online After Reservation?

Follow the given instructions to change your seat online after making a reservation, 

  • Visit the United Airlines official website or their mobile app.
  • After that, log into your ‘Manage Booking’ account using your booking reference number and passenger name.
  • Now, select the ‘Change Seat’ option and follow the steps.
  • Choose your preferred seat from the available seat options.
  • Furthermore, review your seat change and pay the seat change fee, if any.

Different Methods To Change United Airlines Seat 

If you don’t want to change your flight seat through the official website, then you don’t have to worry. United Airlines offers several alternatives by which you can change your flight seat easily. These alternatives are mentioned below:

  • Airport Kiosk: You can change your United Airlines flight seat through the self-service kiosk machine. You’ll easily get these kiosk machines at the airport.
  • United Airlines Staff: If you don’t want to use the kiosk machine, then the alternative for this is to approach the United Airlines representatives at the airport to seek help.
  • UA mobile app: Flyers can also change their seat through the mobile app. Both iOS and Android phone users can download the app on their devices and change their flight seats easily.
  • Seat Change Through a Travel Agent: If you have booked your flight seat from a third-party travel agent, then you must contact them to make any changes in your itinerary, even for the seat change as well.
Change seat on United Airlines

United Airlines Seat Change Via Phone Number

Are you wondering how to contact United Airlines representatives over a phone call to change your seat on the flight. All you have to do is dial +1 866-263-7950 and once you get connected with the executive share your booking reference code and your name. With the help of these details, the representatives will change your seat as per your preference.

Note – The United Airlines change seats may be subject to availability, and fees may apply, particularly if upgrading to a choice or premium.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I change my seats after booking on United Airlines?

Yes, You can easily change your flight seat through the official website or the United Airlines app. To change your flight you need to log into your manage booking account, and you’ll get the option for the seat change.

Can I change my United Airlines flight seat once I check in?

Yes, you do have the option once you check in. However, this option is not available for the Basic Economy passengers. The rest of the passengers can change their seat assignments.

Does it cost money to change seats on United Airlines?

Yes, If you are traveling with United Airlines Basic Economy class, then you have to pay the flight change fees. However, all the remaining class flyers can change their flight seat without paying any additional fees or charges for the seat change. 

How do I change my seat on a United flight?

If you have already reserved a travel ticket on United Airlines and want to change your existing seat, then you can change it online through the manage booking feature. You can visit the official website where you’ll get the manage booking option. Here you’ll get all the details of your flight including the seat change option.


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