Is It Better To Call Airlines For Tickets

Is It Better To Call Airlines For Tickets?

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When you are looking to book a flight and are confused over the question of whether is it better to call airlines for tickets? Or what will be the best option to book the cheapest ticket and ask for assistance through call or go to the direct website? Then, don’t worry here we will discuss the answer to your questions and find you a solution that which method will be in your favor and also the cheaper to travel the world with the airlines.

Why Choose Phone Call for Booking?

Calling the airlines to make a booking for your journey and other assistance can sometimes offer you better deals and discounts. You can ask for detailed information from the airline’s representative. Also, if you are not ok with using an online method, calling can help to make a quick booking and help resolve the issue. Along with that, it may save you time because a direct call can help to reach out to that information early which might be available on the website but you may need more time to look into it. So, if you are worried that it is better to call the airline for tickets then the answer is yes.

  • Booking your ticket via phone call may cost you a cheaper ticket and help you grab all the information just at your place like baggage policy, and minor related information.
  • Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the best plan for your journey on the website. So, it might be helpful to talk with a specialist and they can offer you the best advice.
  • Besides this, talking to the airline representative can help you to get special offers as they provide you with insider tips to save your money.
  • It is easier than going to the website and booking your ticket.
  • Additionally, some airlines offer all the important information and details just on your phone, so you do not have to stand in queue and wait there.

Issues That You Might Face During Phone Call Assistance?

  • Although direct calling can solve the issue at once yet, many times we face some trouble with phone calls. At that time, using the official website can help you find a proper solution soon.
  • Long waits on a phone call sometimes irritate a lot. When the airline is dealing with a large number of passengers, busy telephone lines are so frequent. It irritates more when a passenger is in a hurry. 
  • Sometimes, it is hard to communicate properly on a call. Passengers face difficulty in sharing about the issue or the agent is unable to understand and troubleshoot the problem whether it is related to the booking, baggage change, ticket cancellation, extra baggage information, etc.
  • Besides this, the poor phone network can be the reason you are unable to connect with the airline’s executive over a call. So, that time calling the airline fails to fulfill the needs.
  • We feel that calling reduces the time and effort, but because of these issues, it can take more effort and consume time rather than going directly to the airline’s official website or doing it yourself.
  • Many airlines do not offer the phone call assistance. For instance – Frontier Airlines does not have a customer phone service. So, you need to check whether your airline provides a phone number or not.

Is Direct Online Reservations a Better Option?

Is Direct Online Reservations a Better Option

Stuck between the question of whether is it better to call the airline for tickets or go directly to the airline website and make a reservation. Then, stay in touch with this guide.

  • Choosing the online method has its benefits. Finding full assistance from the direct airline website can cost you less because they sell the ticket at the exact price and can show you the offers and perks on the screen related to the baggage, extra baggage as well as any other details. 
  • Additionally, there are fewer chances of making mistakes in the booking because when you book online, you verify the names and destinations and then click on the submit button.
  • Also, before completing your payment, there is another chance to check your ticket and make corrections if there are any. Airlines send you a confirmation email and you can correct any issue then too.

Reasons Why Direct Online Booking Can Help More

  • Airlines prioritize the flyers who connect directly from the website instead of through a third party. You can open the airline’s official site and check out the pages according to you. Some airlines offer cheaper prices and special perks on direct booking from the website.
  • Lesser chances of making any errors because there are many chances when you can check your details and then hit theSubmit option. Also, if any errors occur in your ticket, it is easier to resolve them.
  • Besides this, if there are any mismatches between your flight and ticket, you can claim for it directly because you have proof of your payment.
  • The disputes related to the purchase of tickets on phone calls are more challenging to solve rather than on direct booking, even if there is a recording of the call.
  • Additionally, some airlines also pay back the difference if the rate changes after your booking.
  • Doing all the things directly by going to the airline’s website can help you avoid all the fraud of middlemen and through calls. We all are aware that calling fraud is increasing day by day

Is booking Through a Travel Agent or a Third Party Cheaper & Beneficial?

Is booking Through a Travel Agent Cheaper & Beneficial

Nowadays, it is more likely to book a ticket through a travel agent or a third party. People have become so busy or want to just enjoy the journey on their weekends. They don’t even want to take the hustle of booking a ticket. In that case, the travel agent helps a lot in planning the trip. Also, flyers do not have an idea of the offers, and travel agents do a comparison for them too. Booking a ticket through a third party can save time and if any changes occur, it becomes their responsibility.

  • Booking through an agent can help you grab the better offers and perks that you may not get while booking by yourself.
  • Travel agents are specialists so if you want to make any urgent booking, they might help you to reserve a last-minute seat.
  • They save you time and hustle, you just need to pay them and sit back freely.
  • Also, they compare the different airlines and advise you on the best and cheapest route.

So, if you want to enjoy the journey, you can choose the option to book your flight through a third party or travel agent because many third parties offer the best price. But as we all know, everything has pros and cons. Sometimes booking through a travel agent can cost you more than booking directly through the airline website because travel agents can charge extra to complete your booking at the last moment.

What to Remember When Selecting a Travel Agent?

  • When you are looking for a travel agent, check out if they are a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).
  • Choose a local travel agent instead of going online. You can directly connect with the person at least.
  • Discuss the fee first before booking.
  • Also, pay attention if they are committed to providing you the best deal and comparing your journey from different airlines.
  • Additionally, notice the history of the agent if possible.

It is Completely Up to The Flyer’s Priority

So, the conclusion is that every method has its pros and cons. Yet if you are stuck with the decision of whether is it better to call the airline for tickets then the answer is it completely depends on your requirements. If you want a quick booking and do not have time to go to the website and compare there, then a better option is to call the airlines and ask them about the offers. They will guide you properly and also will complete your reservation.

But, if you are not struggling with such a problem, then go to the airline website and book directly. It may take more time comparatively but can offer you the best deal. Additionally, if you ask to book the ticket through the travel agent then it can bring the best deal for you because of their specialization. However, extra charges can be an issue. So, it is always better to call the airline to book the flight tickets.

Different airlines offer different perks so it is always recommended to compare all the options on your side first and then choose the method.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Can you get a cheap flight ticket by calling?

In some airlines, booking your ticket via phone call can offer you a better deal but not always. Choosing the option to confirm your fare through the official website can help you grab a cheap deal. Also, booking your ticket through the online booking platform can cost you more. So, it is always better to compare and check both options.

What is one way to get a cheap price for an airline ticket?

If you are planning your trip then avoid the weekend booking. It has been seen that travel in the middle of the week is around 12% to 20% cheaper than on the weekends. So, if you want to enjoy getting a better price for your ticket, plan your journey in the middle of the weekend.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets directly from the airline?

It is often better to book your flight directly from the website to avoid extra charges. If you choose to book the flight through a third party or the agent, it may cost you more and can lose the exclusive deals or discounts.

What is the most cost-effective way to book a flight?

Here are the tips you can follow to grab the cheapest flight when you are going to book your trip.

  • Avoid last-minute bookings because that can cost you more.
  • Always try to pay through a credit card.
  • Also, check out the student discounts and deals.
  • When booking your flight, try to be incognito.
  • Buy a connection flight because that can be cheaper.
  • Additionally, do not forget to compare your fare that which booking is cheaper- on-call, on the website, or through the agent.

Is it better to book flights directly with airlines?

When you are booking your ticket directly through the airline, it will always be the better choice. Because there is always a chance to get back the difference in case the price changes after your booking. For instance, Southwest Airlines pays back the difference to your account or may add it to the credit section of your future airfare.

How to get a big discount on flights?

Generally, flights cost less when you book them earlier instead of booking them at the last moment. It is a sweet spot for buying airline tickets.

  • For domestic flights – book it 3-6 weeks before.
  • For international flights- book it 2-4 months in advance.

Along with that, February and November are the off-season months so in these months you can enjoy the cheap fare.

Is it better to book directly with an airline or travel agent?

Travel agents can help you to grab the special discount and the comfort of booking because they often have access to promotional discounts, that you might not get while booking online. Also, they compare the fares from multiple airlines and bring the best deal for you.

How do I select a travel agent?

Finding the correct travel agent can work in your favor and can help you to grab the best deal. So, keep in mind that the travel agent should be a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). Also, look for the certification of the travel agency. Additionally, always try to choose the local travel agent.


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