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How to Prepay for United Airlines Baggage Online

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My recent experience with United Airlines made me aware that passengers can prepay for checked baggage on United and United Express flights. By prepaying for baggage, passengers can also save money for some destinations.

We’ll explain how you can prepay for checked baggage on United through the website, app, or by calling the United number. We’ll also explain what checked baggage is, and what the benefits are.

What is United Checked Baggage?

During a flight, checked baggage is transported in the cargo section. Checked baggage cannot be carried on board. Checked baggage must be to a maximum weight of -50 pounds for economy plus, economy and 70 pounds for first class and business class. The linear dimension of the baggage should be 62 inches.

If you are not sure about your checked baggage size, you can use the united airline’s baggage calculator tool.

How to Pay for United Checked Baggage Online?

You can pay for checked baggage online easily from the united website. To pay for your united checked baggage follow the steps below.

  1. Visit – https://www.united.com/en/us/manageres/mytrips
  2. Now enter your confirmation number and hit the search button.
  3. Click on prepay bags option.
  4. Enter your information and review it.
  5. Click on “continue to payment
  6. Complete the payment.

Now that we know about united prepaid baggage from united.com, let’s learn how to pay for bags using united apps.

Prepay for United Baggage From Apps

You can also prepay for united baggage using the united application. To pay for united checked baggage follow the steps below.

  1. First of all download and install the united app.
  2. Now go to manage trip.
  3. Select prepay bags.
  4. Enter the bag details and review them.
  5. Tap on continue to payment.
  6. Now complete the payment.

You can also call on the toll-free number of united airlines for prepaid baggage and information.

Now that you know how to prepay for united checked baggage, let me tell you the terms and conditions of united prepay baggage.

United Airlines Prepay Baggage Terms and Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions of a service is very important to avoid issues. Below I’ve shared the terms and conditions of united prepaid checked baggage.

  • You can pay for 9 checked baggage 24 hours before the flight check-in time.
  • There is no option for paying extra or oversized baggage before arrival at the airport using prepay baggage.
  • You have to follow the airport baggage check-in time.
  • Prepay baggage facility is available for a passenger traveling with united or united express flights. You cannot use this feature on united subsidiary or codeshare flights.
  • United calculates the bag charges according to standard bag dimensions for a person each way.
  • All prepaid baggage must follow the standard bag size and weight limit.
  • Make sure to check baggage allowance during prepaying for checked bags.

After You Prepay for Checked Bags, What happens?

Complete the payment of checked bags by following the steps from here. After you reach the airport, the united officials will identify your prepaid checked baggage.

You can use the united airlines kiosk available at the airport for check-in. Use the kiosk to print the bag tag, and attach it to your prepaid checked bags. Now you have to hand over the baggage to the agent at the baggage counter.

Benefits of Prepaid Checked Baggage

Below I’ve shared some benefits of prepaying for your checked baggage online on united airlines.

  • Prepaying for your baggage makes the check-in process less time-consuming and hassle-free.
  • You’ll also save money when you prepay for checked baggage.
  • You’ll save time by prepaying for bags online.

So these are the benefits of prepaid checked baggage on united airlines. Below we’ve shared some question that comes to passengers’ minds related to united airlines prepaid checked baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to prepay for baggage on United?

Yes, you can save money by prepaying for united bags online. You can save up to $5 when you pay for checked bags online.

Is it better to pay for checked bags online?

Yes, you can save time and money if you pay for checked bags online on united.com

Can I get a refund for a prepaid checked bag with United?

The prepaid bags amount will be refunded to the passenger’s account if the bags are not checked in.

How can I prepay for my bags?

You can prepay for 9 bags by visiting united.com the click on my trips. Now click on prepay bags the complete the payments.

Can I prepay for bags on call?

You can contact united team for checked bag information, but to complete payment you’ve to visit united.com

Why I’m unable to prepay for my bags after booking united flight?

If you’ve recently booked a flight on united airlines, then try prepaying for checked bags after an hour. Then you’ll be able to prepay for your checked bags.

Can I get free bags if I’m eligible on united airlines?

 Yes, if you are eligible then united system will detect and provide you free bags.

Can I change my flight after paying for bags?

Yes, you can take another same day flight. The prepaid checked bags will transfer to the new flight.

Can I prepay for bags if I booked united ticket through third party?

Yes, you can pay for the bags as long as the flight is run by united airlines and united express.

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