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United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor – Policy, Fees, and More

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Recently, I was booking a ticket for a child on united airlines. Then I came to know about united airlines’ unaccompanied minor policy. As the name suggests, on this flight spouse/parent is sending his/her kid alone on the flight. So, knowing about the united airlines unaccompanied minor policy is important in such cases.

In this post, I’m going to share what is united unaccompanied minor policy. How to book a ticket for a child flying alone on united airlines and what is the process

Book United Flight for a Child Traveling Alone: Read the Essential Steps

To book a flight for a kid flying alone on united airlines you need to follow the steps of booking mentioned. But you need to make sure that you are selecting the right age group. To book a flight for unaccompanied minors follow the steps below.

  1. Visit https://www.united.com/en/us/book-flight/united-reservations
  2. Select the booking type – one-way, round, multi-city.
  3. Now enter the details date destination etc.
  4. Under select adults, seniors and children select the age of your child.
  5. Now go down and select the find flight button.
  6. Click on the continue button after reading the “young flyers traveling alone section or unaccompanied minor policy”.
  7. Select the flight and fill in the traveler’s information.
  8. Now click on continue to book united flight for an unaccompanied minor.

Under unaccompanied minor booking, users can only book united non-stop flights and express flights. Also you need to provide the information about who is going to drop and pick the child at the airport. So now we know that we can book a united flight for an unaccompanied child easily. Let’s understand the other process and policies below.

What is the minimum age for minors?

If you’re not sure whether your kid is a minor or not, then don’t worry we’ve explained below what age is considered minor by united airlines.

Between ages 5-14 it is mandatory to opt-in for united airline’s unaccompanied service whether they are flying alone or with someone.

If the kid is between 15-17, then they can travel alone with or without using the accompanied minor service.

A child below 5 age is not eligible for unaccompanied minor service.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy and Process

Unaccompanied Minor Fees

Below we’ve shared the information about the price you have to pay while booking a unaccompanied minor flight service.

No. of kidsOne-Way FeeRound-Trip Fees
1-2 kids$150$300
3-4 kids$300$600
5-6 kids$450$900

Drop Off Your Child at The Airport: The Process

If you are booking a flight for an unaccompanied child then you need to share the contact information of the person who is going to drop the child at the airport. This is a necessary detail and you’ve to share it with united airlines. If for some reason the person is not available, then you can change the person who’s dropping the child at the airport by contacting united airlines.

Read Why United Airlines Do the Seat Selection For Your Child: Unaccompanied Minor Booking

Under the united unaccompanied minor policy, you cannot select the seat for your child during the booking. The united airlines’ team will provide a seat for your child. The seat is selected and shared with you in the next 72 hours of the booking. United airlines select the seat for the child to provide the child necessary facilities during the flight.

United Unaccompanied Minor Check-in and Boarding Process

Below we’ve explained the check-in process after unaccompanied minor booking. We’ve explained the check-in, security process, and boarding process for a child traveling alone on united airlines.

Arrive 1 hour before for a smooth check-in experience.

The kid needs to go through check-in at the airport counter. The airport team will check all the contact information. The team at the airport will provide a special wristband and an envelope for the traveling document.

In case the kid is going out of the USA, the parent or spouse will be provided a gate pass during check-in so that they can drop the kid at the gate. If the kid is flying from an international airport, then your kid will get an agent at the ticket window/counter.

The spouse can stay at the airport until the kid’s flight takes off. During boarding, the kid is allowed to board the flight early and meet the crew of the flight.

What Your Child is Going to Experience: In-Flight Services

If your kid is flying alone then united airlines will provide the following facilities to the child.

  • The United flight attendants will keep a close eye on the child. The child can contact the flight attendant at the press of a button.
  • United Airlines will provide a free snack to the kids.
  • The kids can watch movies and shows using the united app.

United Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Upon Arrival

Below we’ve explained what happens once the flight is reached the destination.

  1. A united airlines agent will guide the child upon arrival.
  2. The agent will hand over the child to the person at the airport after verification.

The handover process is different depending on the flight – domestic and international flights

  • Domestic flight- Get a gate pass from the ticket counter and go through the security process. Make sure you are available at the airport 30 minutes before the flight’s arrival. You need to show your id and sign a release form for picking up your kid.
  • International flight: After the custom checking you can meet your child at the arrival area. Then show your id and fill out the release form before leaving the airport.
At what age can a minor fly alone on United?

A kid between 5-14 years can fly on united airlines and take advantage of the united unaccompanied minor policy.

Can a minor fly alone on United Airlines?

Yes, if the child is between 15-17 then they can fly alone on united airlines.

What is the united minor service fee?

The fee for 1-2 children is 150$, 2-4 children $300 and 5-6 children 450$. We’ve explained the unaccompanied minor server fee above in a detailed manner.

Can a 13-year-old fly alone on United?

Yes, a 13-year-old child can fly alone on united airlines. The minimum age requirement for unaccompanied minor service is 5 years.

Are united airlines safe for a kid flying alone?

Yes, united airlines are completely safe whether your child is flying alone or with someone

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