Everything To Know Before Flying Alaska Airlines First Class – Seats, Cost & Services

In Alaska Airlines’ first class, besides extra legroom and wider seats, you’ll also enjoy complimentary food and alcoholic beverages, priority boarding, two free checked bags, a dedicated flight attendant, and access to the Alaska lounge network. Getting in and out of first class is also more accessible than in economy class, where two other passengers […]

United First Class – Is it Worth It?

I have traveled extensively with united airlines, and I have experienced all of their classes, but my favorite was the first class. Many people reserve first class with united airlines for domestic flights but do not have the right knowledge about what facilities and what to expect. In this post, I’ve shared my experience with […]

How to Cancel United Flight?

In terms of traveling, I prefer United Airlines most of the time. Recently, after booking a United Airlines flight for a known child I had to cancel that flight. Then I came to know about United Airlines cancellation policy and how to cancel a United flight. Life happens and in some cases, you might want […]

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